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Elder Jeffery Speechly
Ghana, Cape Coast Mission
Cape Coast, Ghana

Saturday, February 11, 2012

He's Home

Elder Speechly arrived at 10:25 AM Feb 8th! He looks so good! We are so happy to have him home. He looks the same just older and wiser. He is still fun and happy but we can tell he is more mature and spiritual! We love him! Welcome home Jeff!!!! His homecoming is on Feb 19th at 2:20 in Ogden Utah. We are looking forward to hearing stories of Ghana for years to come!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Last Email!!! Jan 30th

Hey so this is it! My Last email!

Thursday the 26th was the best day of my mission!!!! We started out by having interviews with Pres,. Shulz and that was just normal. My interview was really lame because I will have one on Monday at the mission home! So it was cool we had some little meeting for us missionaries and then closed! Then we all kinda split up. I went with Elder Hair to get the baptismal font to take it to Fiapre. Then met back up with my comp Brown and Adams and went to town and ate some seriously HUGE FUFU!!!! It was awesome! Then onto Odumasi for some appointments. I stayed with Elder Hair and taught a few lessons and Elder Brown and Adams went and taught also. We decided to meet back in town at the truck to all go together to the last appointment with Ivy! But before that Hair and I got there super early and I saw some guys playing Basketball on the nice court in town. So I decided to shoot around with them and that turned into a game. Haha it was so fun. We just balled it up for an hour or so. Adams and Brown showed up and we all played 2 on 2 for like another 30-45 min. As you see in the picture! Then Ivy called and asked where we were and so we left and when we got there she brought us all out some Fanta and sprite and mango juice. It just made us enjoy! She is so sweet! Then Elder Brown got a phone call that he needed to go and help one of our investigators with one or two things. I told him that Adams and I would stay and teach Ivy and her family. He and Hair could go and do that stuff. The lesson started out really bad. With the kids turning on and off the TV and screaming. Out of nowhere Ivy stood up and sent all the kids from the room so it was quiet. It was sweet. Adams and I taught the Restoration lesson and it was the most powerful lesson ever. It's a really long story but all I can say is that it was the only lesson I have cried in and Adams cried too! She loved it and the Spirit was so strong! The crazy part about it was she is a deaconess in the Pentecostal Church. Just when we gave her this lesson she dropped everything and said she knows it's right and true! So Awesome! Also the pic is her and her daughter, me and Adams! Boys from the beginning to the End!!!!

Love you! See you in a Week!!!!!
I'm Happy and sad but ready!!!
Bye Bye!!!
Elder Speechly (for the last time)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 23rd Email

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!

I really can't believe that this is happening. I really honestly don't know what to say. Just that we are planning a baptism on the 4th of Feb to finish with a bang! There should be 6 hopefully, but we will see! Other than that I'm just working hard and finishing the way I wanted too! I have all my shopping done. All my everything finished. We went on splits this week. I'm wanting to go with all the Elders in our zone before I go! I did half this week and the week flew so I will be doing the same this week as well to make it fly! Then my last week just chillin in my own area., doing the work and then get on that plane! I'm stoked! I won't email that last Monday so yeah next week will be the last email! Sorry I just so confused, mixed feelings and just to much going thru my dome right now! But I'm good, I'm ready and not trunky, I promise! So yeah get some!

Love You all !!!!
Peace out!
Elder Speechly

P.S. Happy B Day to Paisli, even though I haven't met you! To my sister Samantha Suester, haha I will see you both soon so don't even trip! Do you remember when you dropped the Harry Potter book on my head? Yeah that was freakin funny!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan 16th Email Only 2 more emails!

Hey Everybody!!!!

It's just the same here. Just Kickin it and finishing strong! I don't have much time one of our Elders is sick. We have to go to the hospital and get drugs and all that stuff. But here are some pics! The Go Kart one might be the best picture I have ever taken Haha! Funny story I just saw them riding it and I said I want a turn!!!! Haha you know me! Get some!!!!

Love Jeff

Jan 9th Email

Hey What's Up????

I'm so happy! I have been on this super high this last week! Just everything is going so well and making me feel like I'm on top of the world!!! Everything that's been happening is just fine and I'm cool with it all!!! Like our water pipe burst so I have been taking bucket showers for the past couple days. So it was like I was back in Fosu. That was normal and I just felt like oh well. I won't have to do this again very soon, So enjoy it haha! Even though it's hard I enjoy something that sucks no matter what! Yeah I'm just happy!

I did get Kente ties for the older guys. Dad should have one and I got one for each of the 3 bro's. But I have a lot so if Dad needs another one no wahala!!! I got his back! Let's see, Elder Lunt I didn't know super great but he used to be in the army and stuff like that but what I know of him he was a cool cat!

We traveled down to Cape for ZL council and just enjoyed! It was way fun. That was Tuesday and Wednesday. Left real early Tues morning and came back super late like 11:30 Wednesday night.It's so tight driving at night like it's totally scary but so fun! I had a "I love Ghana/mission moment" on the bus ride home. Super late, super dark, and the super cold jungle air blowing through the window right in my face. Just having man talk with my Comp the whole 3 hrs to Suny Town. Man I loved it!!!

It's crazy how it has flown by. Like I know it's not over til the fat lady sings but she's getting ready to perform here pretty soon. I think I'm finally getting the picture. But at the same time it's still a big blur and so surreal. But it's all Kush!!!! No P! The rest of the week was just normal. Friday we taught some sweet lessons and Saturday we helped a investigator move so that was different. But really fun and powerful. Before she was like not serious with the teachings, but sine we did that she totally is interested and came to church and stuff. So we will see where it goes! We also are preparing some really great people for baptism. I will have a baptism right before I come home. So it should be awesome. Maybe like 6-8 people. We'll see that kinda rushes a few of them.

Well I got some new pants that I'm going to travel home in. They are freaking awesome, and the tie I am wearing home is sick too! Elder Brown's parent's sent it to me for Christmas. It's one of the most beautiful ties I've ever seen!!! I've changed my diet til I come home..... I'm eating a head of lettuce for dinner like salad and egg sandwiches for breakfast. It's powerful!!!!! I'm getting all my last shopping finished! I'm still not ready to come home it's just like I said so surreal! I can't believe it's really happening! But it is and I can't stop time or even slow it down!

Just wondering what are the plans for my first week home. I don't know if there are any but just curious. I love you all miss you soooo much! I'll talk to you next week! Peace out

Your favorite Missionary/brother/son/Uncle/friend/Grandson,
Elder Speechly

Jan 2nd Email

OH My!!!!! I'm going to kill the Internet here!!! And this Computer!!!! The board is terrible!!!!Just everything about it! I'm so frustrated! I just spent like a hour trying to get it to work so now I don't have any time at all.

Just know that I love you all and thank you for all the love and support!!! This week was just great with the Christmas and New years parties!!!! We enjoyed! This week we have ZL council so it should be fun. I like the trip down to Cape Coast. We have fun and learn a lot. I'm stoked! So yeah love you and sorry I don't have anymore time. Could I get some money in my account? I need to buy pants to travel home in.

I'm fine strong healthy and finishing the way you would want me to. I love you all!!! I can't wait to hug you only 5 more weeks!!!!! I'm so excited!!! I love you Mother!!!! I'm coming home!!!!

Your favorite son
Jeff Elder Speechly

Christmas Phone call

This is our last phone call from Jeff. It is bitter sweet. He sounded so mature and happy! He loves Africa and Sunyani and his Comp Elder Brown. He is excited to come home but sad to leave Africa. They loved the packages and candy and treats! They are really busy being Zone leaders and traveling and still working hard. It will help Jeff so he doesn't get too Trunky! Only 6 wks left! It was hard to not talk about him coming home. We didn't want to freak him out. He bore his testimony and it was powerful (as Jeff would say). Our little boy has really grown up! We talked for about 1 1/2 hrs. All the family was there and the kids are pretty shy and don't know what to say to him. They just want him home! Great Christmas!!!!