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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oct 25th email

Hey Family!!!!!

Ha so this week it was my comps turn to have Malaria! It's not funny but for once it wasn't me!!!! I felt bad and helped him! But still I was happy it wasn't me for the first time in a long time!!!! It started Sunday at church. So earlier in the week we had splits with the AP's and that was tight. They brought up our mail and my 2 glorious packages haha!!!!! Thank you so much! All of it is very needed! We got to be with Adams so we enjoyed that! We taught some investigators that we are preparing for baptism. Adams helped them jump a big step. So thats fine! In the next few weeks we will have 4 to 5 baptisms. They will be really powerful people. How do I know that? Because they were so stubborn to get into the church in the first place! Haha Then Friday we had to travel down early in the morning to the Aubura stake center for the Mission Tour with Elder Gaverette from he seventy. He is a powerful man but just kinda crasy haha. Nobody really understood his Spanish accent. All my boys could have though. Haha Ben Izzy Ethan and Mason! Freak those guys and their Spanish! I love them! It's crazy how much I miss those cats! I'm stoked for Ben and Izzy too! Crazy how fast it's gone!

But anyway at the tour I got my travel plan paper. It like asked about the airport name and all that jazz. So I sent it in and last night Adams called me up and said that our flight plans are already in! He said we are sitting next to each other the whole way to SLC. He will fly into Salt Lake with me. I'm super excited!!!! It's gonna go by so fast! Finish Strong!!!! I will leave half my heart in the Field!

When exactly when are you going to Hawaii? I'm jealous! But you deserve it! I will buy the material this week and give it to Stats, if it will fit in his bag! haha I hope so!!!!
Don't worry though! I have been reading the Doctrine and Covenants a section a day thing. I think I told you about it. Anyway it's crazy how much Christ just straight gave it to the early church members! Straight chastisement! It's tight! In a way our prophet does it too! Just quiet and simple though!

I Love you. My comp is still not feeling well today! We are having Apt checks and interviews on Friday so I will tell you about that!
Love you and talk to you next week!

Elder Speechly

Oct 18th email

Hey Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freaking long time!!!!!!!!I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't worry nothing is wrong. I've been healthy and workin hard. So hard that I just have had no time to email. I'm sorry! I tried last week but the net was down so we couldn't . But yeah doing lots and lots of interviews because the mission has got a new goal. 500 baptisms before the end of the year! The mission has had about 800 so far so it's like we almost have to do a 3rd of what we already have. It's only for wards and stakes and I'm in a branch , run under the mission so were not among
the goal but I feel like I am cause I'm doing so many interviews! It's fine though! I love it! Even today I can't talk long. Just about to go on splits with the AP's that's Adams so I'm stoked! We just got back from District meeting which went well. Now we are heading to the Apt to meet them there!

I'm jealous you got to see all those guys at Thompsons Homecoming! Can't wait to come home. The office couple today said I should be getting my travel requests soon. It kind of freaks me out, but excited at the same time!

Friday we are having a mission tour with one of the 70. Elder Gaverette. I think is his name! I guess a really powerful speaker so I'm excited for that! I'll let you know about it next week!

Yesterday was a a really sweet p-day. We went to Kakum the national park where you climb the Canopy walk in the trees. It was awesome!!!!I took some really sweet pictures! I love it here! I have been getting so much food haha. FM ares the best! I just always feel bad after I eat so much! But they wouldn't have it any other way and neither would I!

Well sorry it was short, but we are running a little late. I promise I will email a big one next week.

Love you all and thanks for all the love and support!!!!!

Bye Bye!!!!!
Elder Speechly