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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec 12th Email

A Great and Marvelous Journey!!!!

What's up Family and Friends? This is your boy Elder Speechly reporting live from the beautiful and dusty Sunyani Brag-Ahafo Ghana!!!!

This week was totally hectic but it was a complete success and a whole lot of fun!!!
We started off the week by going to ZL council! Waking up at 5 on Tuesday morning and headed to the Metro Mass station to travel to Kumasi. My comp and I got to Kumasi really early so we just walked through the heart of the city. It's been awhile since I have been there so it was cool to see everything again. Kumasi is just so big . It's tight and super busy! Then we met up at the STC Station with the other ZL's Elder Briggs, Elder Hernandez, Elder Alba, and Elder Halimariam! 4 of the 6 of us are from Utah, the big 801!!!! We got on the bus and traveled down to Cape. Spent the night in the mission home and enjoyed a sweet dinner and sweet air conditioning (very cold) Haha. We had a sweet breakfast and then the meeting started. When the other ZL's got there we learned how to be good leaders and discussed where our mission needs to go and all that good stuff. It was a powerful day! Then after the meeting it was about 12 so we ate lunch and just kind of cleaned up and got ready to head back home to Sunyani! (7 hr bus ride) Haha! But the Ap's told up they were coming to Kumasi so we rode with them which was tight. I rode shotgun and talked with Adams the whole ride home it was EPIC! We drove through Abuasi a place they just opened up. I met Elder Lawton also my really good friend on mish. It's mim and Adams and I now!!!!! Yeah so we got to Kumasi really late so we decided to sleep at the Bantama Apt! So that was just another big sleepover with the Kumasi ZL's and the AP's! Then Thurs morning we woke up, jumped on a bus and rode home to good ol Sunyani!!!!! We were both dead....(running on like 5 hrs sleep in the last 4 days) but we had to catch up on all our investigators so we jumped right on it again!!!!! Did Work!!!!!Then yesterday the AP's and Pres Shulz and Sis Shulz came up to Suny town to do some Branch Training with all the leaders up here. That was right after church and then after that meeting was a meeting with the missionaries and the then after that he interviewed some of us. We were at the church from 8 AM til 9 PM. It was a crazy long day but SWEETO!!!!!! Haha so yeah we still taught 15 lessons and set a baptismal date with 3 people for next Saturday!!!! So even though we were super busy we still did work!!!! I absolutely loved this week. I might have to say it was one of the best weeks of my mission!!! Brown and I are loving life and doing the work .! What can I say more.(Jacob 6:12)

I love you all!!!!
Elder Jeff Speechly

P.S. They said we could skype for Christmas which would be tight but the cafe's up here are not good enough and it totally kills the mood and all the emotions in the call. So I vote on just calling but you can hit me up next week with your input Thanks!!!! Nothin but Love!!!!!

Dec 5th Email The Good Shepard

Hey Family and Friends!!!!

So this is my Christmas card this year. You can go print it and send it to the peeps in the ward and friends and family! Thanks!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!! Christmas is freaking flying up! I'm so stoked!!!

My comp and I are tearing it up! I love being up here. I think I am working the hardest I have my whole mission. It's sweet!!!! It is a different work though. When I was up here last time I was working like crazy but it was more contacting and teaching and no success. No one would come to church. It was hard also in Mankessim. I was just so busy with interviews and splits and meetings and all those things. It was just hectic work!Now we are teaching really powerful people who are coming to church. We have already had 8 baptisms in 3 weeks and we're getting more ready for Christmas, so we can have a White Christmas! Haha that's what we call it here! We also do the other things to keep us busy like splits and interviews for the DL. So yeah we are staying busy and having fun! The members are so fun here because we are small. Not many here in our branch. We are like one Big Family! I absolutely love it here! I will cry when I leave here! i already know it! As for my apt. there is 4. 1 Nigerian who is freaking chill Elder Roberts. 1 Ghanaian and Elder Brown. He is super smart. Every night we gather in his room and we just have super deep doctrine talks. It's so fun but it just blows my mind. All these guys are super smart. It's like I'm the recent convert and they are children of record. But it's all good. I'm learning Haha!

Well I'm super Super stoked for Lillard. That's awesome! Go Weber!!!!!
Tomorrow we are traveling down to Cape Coast to spend the night in the mission home and have ZL council the next day. It should be powerful! We will be there for a couple days getting mail and supplies. All the stuff for our Zone up here so we will be busy! I will let you know how it goes!

Love you all! Take care from the wind!!!! And don't forget WEBER STATE WEBER STATE GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Speechly

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nov 28th Email

Hey Family! What's up?!!!!!

As for me I'm just kickin it here in Suny Town GH!!!!!! Just enjoying life! We are staying busy and just doing work! We had a baptism on Saturday that just happened! Our man was beggin to be baptized and it just worked out. He is a very powerful guy. Just ready to learn more. We have a lot of really great inestigators right now! So yeah it's crazy!

I'm still somehow shocked that Sammy is having another baby and moving! It's just crazy! I'm super stoked for them right now! I'm excited for Christmas! I'm excited for my package! I could use money it's always good! I ate my Thanksgiving meal in one day! We are planning our Christmas party for the branches and it will be sweet!

I guess you didn't get the pics. I sent them so I don't know? I wait a little longer and if you don't get them I'll send them again after Christmas! This keyboard really sucks! I'm sorry but I'm on it! I gave the material to Stats so he has it!

I love you all! I'm out of time so sorry but next week I will write a better one I promise!

Elder Speechly

Nov 21st Email

Hey Mom and Pop!!!!

Sounds like the second half of your trip went a lot better! I think that you deserve it! Sounds awesome!!!! I'm just totally jealous! But it's all good. We'll go back one day!

Well Wednesday I left Cape Coast and didn't get up to Kumasi till about 7. So I ended up sleeping over in the ZL's apt. in Kumasi. Then woke up and got on another bus on my way to Suny Town! I got there around 10 in the morning. So I got to the house unpacked and went straight to work. We had have a baptism this Saturday and Sunday so the DL up here had to come on splits. He had to do interviews so it was super hectic! I got to go on splits into my old area. I saw all my old investigators and stuff. It was sweet! I saw Meshack, the guy who almost got baptized. Still a stud and one day one day he will be! So it's all good!

Thursday we went around and met all the members in the area and taught some sweet lessons. It's so sweet to be back here! They all speak such great English! So then Friday we just taught a lot again and went to see the rest of the members and investigators!!! Saturday morning was the first baptism. It went really well! It was nice really nice! Then Sunday was Freaking SWEET!!!!!! The branch is powerful. It's awesome to see how it's grown in the last six months! We had the primary program and watched General Conference in English!!!! I loved the members. They just were so excited that I came back! I didn't know all of them from last time but I knew and recognized quite a bit. I love it here! I'm excited to finish up here working hard! I will definitely finish hard being here with Brown as a ZL! Yes his name is Griffin. He is sweet! We are working really hard and walking really fast!!!!!! He is a cool guy! As for ZL we will be traveling a lot! Like when stuff needs to be up there we go all the way down to Cape Coast to get it Haha We will go down and stay in the Mission home for the night with the other ZL's so it's going to be fun!

I love you and miss you all so much! Just one month til Christmas!!!!

Bye Bye
Your son
Elder Speechly

Neat Story

We just went to Hawaii for our first time and this story happened while we were there. I told Jeff and I wanted to share it on here. We were in Oahu and it was crazy because APEC was going on the exact time we were there. Pres Obama came and left on the same day we did! He was staying across the street from our hotel! Well we got out of Waikiki and went up to go to the Polynesian Cultural center and the Temple. After the temple we went to lunch. We were checking our emails and there was a email from my MM website frm a woman in Hawaii whose son was going to West Africa Benin on his mission. I said to Brent I wonder if that's the town we're in? I wasn't sure. We got in the car to go to the PCC and realized we didn't bring our sunscreen! We pulled into a store and I ran in. I got in line and the woman behind me said to the woman in front of me Hi son just got his call to Africa! I wasn't sure if that's what she said but I waited then said Did you just say your son was going to Africa? She said yes! I said My son's in Africa! She said hers was going to Benin. I said mine was in Ghana. I told her I just read on the website that someone from Hawaii just got his call and she said that was me. She asked my sons name. I told her she said I just read your blog this morning!!!! I couldn't believe it! She said yeah and he said have fun in Hawaii and here you are in foodtown! Oh my what a small world!!!!! I went out to the car and told Brent he said your lying! Then her daughter walked by the car and waved! He said really that just happened. Then she walked by and waved! Wow the church is true!!! Haha but really it was amazing!!! To travel that far from home and just be in the right place at the right time. Tender mercy's of the Lord!

Nov 15th Email

Hey Mom and Pops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like the trip is not going according to plan! But isn't that how life kinda is? Well at least how my life has been! Haha Just like the transfer news I just received..... I'm going back to Suny Town to be a Zone Leader this time! Haha It's crazy. I'm somehow sad. I kind of wanted to finish my mission without being in leadership, but I guess this will help me finish strong! I am excited! I will leave tomorrow morning and travel all the way back up!!!!!! My branch this time is bigger and better though. So it should be sweet! My comp Hunt is going to stay here and train! My new comp in Suny Town will be Elder Brown. He's from Dallas TX. He is a hard worker so it will be good to finish working and sprinting! I'm excited!!!!

So yeah that's crazy news! Ben and Israel both sent me emails and they are real good! I miss the boys! I miss you too! I'm excited for my time. I like where I am right now! I will do the Speechly name proud here in Ghana! Haha Hawaii sounds fun! Give Obama a hug for me Haha Sounds like you can't even get a look at him! That story is way sweet! I will have to share it in Church next week! Thanks I love you two so much. I'm sad to leave here but I think if I stayed I might get a little trunky, just because it's easy and simple here now!!!!

I love you and will talk to you next week. I have to go I have a lot of packing to do!!!!

Elder Speechly