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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mar 28th Email

This week was sweet! We had our first Unit Conference yesterday with all the units in Sunyani and Pres Sabey. It was real powerful! Then last night we had a fireside which was also very powerful! Things here in Sunyani are just POWERFUL!!!! Haha Also we taught 19 lessons and gave Dora, one of my favorite girls ever, a baptismal date. It is the 16Th of April. So we are shooting for those two on the 16Th. This Baptism will make me cry like a baby! I already know! The thing that honestly is the difference, is that getting member referrals in Fosu were awesome and easy, But when we contact and start fresh with someone it's not EASY At ALL!!!!

I think I've grown a little bit taller and weigh the same. We have been to market a couple times. I have a lot of Sweet stuff, but I need to buy a drum and wood carvings now then I'm finished with all that stuff!!! It's fun!

We played B Ball with the Catholic University today and Whooped them!!!! Haha Vanchiere and I were throwing alley oops and dunkin all over the place! The hoops are like 9 ft. but it's so fun! We had a good time! I'm sunburned! So yeah! I miss fufu a lot! We haven't had it since I have come here. It's just not really big up north I guess but I miss it!

Anyway I Love you all. Keep up Zion in the family and do work!

Love Elder Speechly

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22nd Email

To whom it may concern haha JK!!!!!
But what up to the best freaking family in the whole world!!!!! I had Malaria AGAIN this week!!! Yay ME!!!!!haha but I was down for about 4 days and this time it was probably the worst on in the weakness category...... I wasn't sick and runny tummy or anything like that. I just felt like I was 147 years old and really cold. Like really cold!!!!!! But yeah just weird this time around. It's all good now don't worry about me!

Oh yeah, we found out small about our new mission president. His name is Pres Shulz. He was born in Ogden. I don't know if anyone knows him, but I guess he is a powerful guy. He already served a couple missions here in Ghana, so he knows a lot about it! It's Sweet!

We when we did finally did get out of the house, we got our sweet new bikes. They are fresh off the chain haha!!!! We are teaching, dropping and contacting. Basically Pres Sabey said if they are not serious in the first 4 lessons drop them and move on! So we have done a lot of dropping. Getting new ones and teaching the good ones! We actually are teaching this guy named Meshack, yes like meshack and shadrack ect. haha!!! Anyway he is basically the most powerful nonmember i have ever met! He just acts like he has heard all of this and it is just making sense to him. It's so awesome !!! He is a very great kid. He is 24 and is just a guy chillin around basically waiting for us to come find him and now we have. Probably the best news I can send you this week is that he is getting BAPTIZED!!!!! I can't believe it! I have had lots of baptisms that have been so great and amazing but for some reason I just can't stop lovin this guy! I feel like he is gonna be the next black 70 or something. He is awesome!!! Sorry I can't shut up about him! I hope Pres doesn't take me out of here for a long time! At least til he leaves!

But we are also teaching a lot of college students which is nice cause they are smart, but they are immature. Which I cant blame them cuz I was and somehow still am!!! Haha They are cool! Our area is very close to the University up here so it's sweet! We had 14 people at church. I gave a talk and felt the spirit stronger again. More than I have on the mission so far. I I don't know what is is up here, but it's just a completely different mission. i Love It!!! I don't want to be anywhere else! Well yeah (big gulps)!

I love you. i wish I could give you a video update. I am sending pics soon. It's hard to find stuff up here. It's just so big!!!! Love Ya and I'm keeping the SPEECHLY name Proud! I Love you and miss you all with all my heart. Your in my prayers every morning and night! Can't wait to talk to you on Mothers Day!!!

Your Favorite son, brother, friend, Uncle ect....
Elder Speechly

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14th Email

Hey so it's email time Again!!!!! This week was sweet! We got another 25 lessons and contacted a bunch of new people! We are working very hard. Honestly the hardest I think I've ever worked in my entire life! (besides moving my dearest sister like 100 times move from house to house) Every night when I get into bed and wake up, I feel like it's only been 20 minutes. I am very tired! The sun up here is almost 100% hotter! No Humidity. It's just very hot. Today we played basketball for a couple hrs and I got fried! My district is awesome! I love the Bennett's they are fun to be around! My new favorite elder/best friend is Elder Vanchieire. He is from Lindon and he went to school with the Savage's! He is a really sweet kid. He and Thompson were good friends back home, same mutual friends and stuff. So yeah we will all hang out back home!

I'm stoked to be here! This week we had 10 people again to church on Sunday. It is just amazing powerful stuff. i love this opportunity that I have to be here in Sunyani! It's an amazing experience!

Next P-Day we are going back to the market so if you put some money in my account then I can buy a bunch of souvenirs. kentai ties, wood carvings, drums, all that stuff! Every Elder I have talked to says buy it when you see it because it might not be there the next time. In Kumasi all that stuff we take home is a lot cheaper than in Cape Coast! Also I'm not sure how long I'll be here. I cold go next transfer who knows..... But yeah anybody wants anything let me know. Oh yeah we are getting bikes this week! I'm super stoked!

But yeah I love you all very much and I don't ever want to leave this place! I have been thinking a lot if you should come pick me up. We all have mixed feelings. But yeah we can talk about that later. it's just I think a lot hahahaha! But I'm freaking hungry so I will talk to ya all next week!

Your favorite and best son/brother
Elder Speechly!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8th Email

Hey Mom....I want to tell you that Elder Hair is my HERO!!!! I honestly love this kid and my Comp Elder Alba we're freaking Boss! We are killin' it up here! We had 26 lessons in 4 days! So pretty much tearing it up! But it's so fun up here! We had only 10 people at church and I gave a talk. I felt the spirit more powerful in that small room, with those 10 people than I did for a year in Fosu with 250 people. It was an amazing experience! I still can't believe I'm here and I am this blessed to be in this type of work. I can't explain it!

But today was probably the best day on the mission I will have to say! We started out taking the 2 hour bus ride to Kumasi. We played some football and met with a bunch of the Elders up here and then went to Central Kumasi Market! I guess it is the BIGGEST market in West Africa. I honestly can't even describe it. It's just so tight! It's like as big as Ogden. I'm not kidding it took us like 30 minutes to get to the place we wanted to buy Kentei and stuff, which i got sweet stuff.

But sorry this email is just super crazy. I'm just emailing and my mind is going crazy. There is just not any words to describe how many people and how big this place was! I'm sorry I'm so busy! I love you! I got my pkgs! Now can you send me twist able Crayola's for scripture marking?

I love you and miss you. I will write more about the things and area next week, when I have more time!!!

Your Son
Elder Speechly

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feb 28th Transferred!!!!

Hey so I got emergency transferred up here to Sunyani!!! After 4 taxis and two buses I finally arrived in Fiapre Sunyani! It is AMAZING!!!!!! Honestly it doesn't look like Ghana at all! It is very developed! Everyone speaks English and I mean everyone!!! There is Hotels, Banks, Stores, and Cars and TRAFFIC!!!!!It's a crazy city. It's awesome here \. I'm so excited for this call! It's going to be hard but FUN! The reason it will be hard is because we are starting the church up here fresh! When I say fresh I mean no one has heard it. We have church in our apartment. Elder Hair and Elder Omini have been doing great but they said last week 15 people came to church so we do the talks, the sacrament, the teaching EVERYTHING! We are the branch presidents pretty much! It's going to be sweet! The Bennett's are the couple missionaries up here with us they are so sweet and fun to b around! There are 10 Elders all together and 3 apt. All have their own chapel inside so it's pretty sweet. It's just like the early Saints. Honestly I couldn't have asked to be anywhere else. Elder Alba my new comp is Jack's MTC comp. So he is still young but ready to work hard! There isn't much about people or anything like that because we have just been so busy learning how everything works up here. It's a completely different mission up here! I'm just so happy and excited!!!! It's going to be an amazing experience! So just know that I love you and miss you!!!

Your Son
Elder J Speech