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Elder Jeffery Speechly
Ghana, Cape Coast Mission
Cape Coast, Ghana

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30th Email

This week was very very interesting!!! To start with the people we had for baptism FAILED!!!! For both of them their parents told them that as long as they are living under their roof and under their rules that they can't be baptized. At first this made me really mad! I was for some time but then Pres Sabey called us and said that Elder Sitati from the Seventy was coming to our baptism and Then I got more mad! Saturday when they all came up, it actually was a really good baptism. Elder Hair and Omini totally killed it! They got 3 powerful people to get dunked! So this is what I'm coming to....... After the baptism Elder Sitati came and sat down next to me and just kept asking some questions about the area and stuff. I told him about how upset I was for those 2 peeps we had! He said yeah it's sad but go out there and work harder and get more serious people! It was totally sweeter than that, i don't remember the exact words! But that's the basics!

So we started to work and Sunday was a normal day and them today we went to Kumasi to get our Sub and to eat fufu with our Zone. I got a phone call from President Sabey!!!!!!!! He says I want you to accept a leadership assignment!!!!! I said ok thinking that I would be the new DL because Sunyani is becoming a Zone!!!!! He says I'm going to be the DL.........down in Mankeeseem!!!!! That's back down near Cape Coast!!!!! I'm so shocked still!!!! I don't even know what to do!! But I'm excited! It will be fun. I will be companions withe Elder Bond from Texas!!! He is my MTC mate so I know him well!!! I'm sad but happy just mixed feelings!!!!

I'm out of time. I have to wash my clothes and pack. I have a very long trip!!!!! It's what the Lord wants that matters and I will Heed his call. So peace out Suny Town!!!!

I love you so much and thank you for your love and support. I couldn't do this without you!!!!

Elder Speechly

May 22nd Email

Hey Speechly's Whats Up!?!?!?!?!?

Haha just the same here in old GH! Sunny Town!!! We are just working hard trying our hardest to get this family goal finished! But we're on it!!!! No P!!! Grams party sounds totally awesome! I miss those little family get togethers!!!

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday and that was really fun! We learned some sweet doctrines from Pres Sabey! We just enjoyed! Also Elder Jack (my son) called me and said that he want me to ask if you could send him some G's? I told him no problem! He said he would pay but I know you would like to do it for a gift! Plus maybe you could put some treats in too! Just send it to the same address but to him. It would be really nice! I know he would freak out! So I hope you can do it!

We are just teaching our peeps and two people are still on for the baptism this Saturday! It should be sweet! I'm so excited! It should be a great week! Other than that just the same old same old. It's sweet and I'm lovin It!!!! Also this comin Monday is transfers so we will see what happens in Sunyani!!!

I will talk to you in a week! I love you and Keep the faith!!

Your Bro/Son/Uncle
Elder Speechly

May 15th Email

Hey Mom

I'm sorry I didn't email last week. I did read your emails though. This week has gone by really slow!!! It feels like forever since I have emailed!!! Well we got a phone call from Pres Sabey which always freaks you out even though I knew nothing was wrong! He said he wanted the AP's to come up and do splits with us, So we said no problem. Adams came up with us on Sunday. He came to church with us and then went around and met our families, our best investigators! Meshack has commited to being baptized on the 28th! Also another girl named Loryn. We have been teaching her and her sister for sometime. They are so interested! Her sister is just still praying, so I'm sure she will baptized soon. The girl Akua that gave us the sweet taxi story and one other guy named Evans!!!! They are all sweet and powerful peeps! We had an awesome time!!! I enjoyed it!!!

Today we played some sweet games of basketball! I totally threw it down like Dwayne Wade today pop's you'd be proud! I'm getting a lot better and jumping a lot higher. I love it up here I really do. It's just been a rough 3-4 months!!!! It's fum but no one said it was easy though. So no P!!!!!

Tell Gram I love her more than she will ever know and thanks for every little thing she does for me!!!! Also the rest of the family I loved talking to you all. Thanks for the advice and questions and just everything! I love you all and pray for you all!!! Peace out til next week!!!!

Love Elder Speechly

Mothers Day Phone Call

It was great to talk to Jeff!!! He sounded so happy and his accent is so cool! He really sounds the same and still says funny things that he has picked up. When he doesn't hear you he'll say "you say?" and for a little he says "small small" He was really cute with his nieces and nephews. They are 3 months -7yrs old. They don't really know what to say to Jeff but we talk about him a lot and they ask when he is coming home! He is a great Uncle and 3 new babies have been born since he left. They always bless that Jeff won't bump into any tigers and wonder what animals he sees. That's what Africa is to them. They can't wait for Christmas cuz that means it's close that he will be home.

He spoke in TWII and bore his testimony to us. He says he doesn't think his personality has changed but he has grown so much and learned so much about the Gospel! He loves his mission and all the Elders so much! He teased that when it comes to knowing the scriptures he is James E Talmage!!!! Haha Not really he said but he feels pretty good about them and is going to study the Doctrine and Covenants a lot this last year!

He misses home but wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world! It was a great phone call and only one more phone call to go! Wow now it's going fast!!!!

May 2nd Email

Hey FAM!!!!

I'm freaking stoked to talk to you this Saturday and Sunday!!!! Like seriously I can't wait! I bought credit already and just so ready!!!! I'm excited to hear from the kidss the most, sorry everyone!!!! We have had a better week this past week. I don't really have much to say! I want to save it for the phone call! Sorry! But it's cool we'll talk a lot on Sunday! I have a lot to talk about so it will be sweet! I love you all and miss you all!!!! I want you to know that even though it has been really really really hard up here I wouldn't change it for the world!!!! I love this mission! I love the people! I love this place Sunny Town even though it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I will continue to keep the family proud!!! I promise!!!

Talk to you Saturday!!!
Elder Speechly