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Elder Jeffery Speechly
Ghana, Cape Coast Mission
Cape Coast, Ghana

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sept 13th

Hi I'm here! The net is really bad today!!!! I'm doing great!!! I'm still as happy as can be and excited for my birthday!!!! We just got finished having a fufu party. I'm going to puke!!! I ate so much!
I'm going to Cape Coast tomorrow for a mission tour to see Elder Sitati! It will be sweet! He is the area presidency and general a general authority. I'm excited he is so sweet! This week was sweet we had a lot of baptismal interviews cause my comp is the DL. So I have to go with him, that's always pretty cool! I have a sweet picture with all the primary kids! It's funny! We taught some sweet lessons and there are people ready for baptism soon!!!
I have been with my comp for almost 6 wks! Transfers are this upcoming Monday. So I will let you know how it goes!
My time is up. I miss you and love you! More next week!!!
Love you Dad sooooooo much I miss you seriously a lot!!!! Bye
Your son
Elder Speechly

Sept 6th

Hi Mom and Pop's!!!! Happy 31st anniversary!!!! That's crazy!!!! I miss pools!!! I'm doing freaking great!!! I love my mission! We have suffered today! Lights have been off all day again. It just came back on but I freaking love it and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!
My comp is sweet!!!! He is 24 and he is super sarcastic which is really really, funny because Ghanaians are not sarcastic at all!!!!! But it's awesome!!!! I really do love him. He is the only member of his family. We are teaching well together. I kind of took over when he first got here but now he is getting in and even the members love him now too!!!! We should be having a baptism in a month or so!
I can't wit to celebrate my 20th birthday here in Ghana! We are going to kill a chicken!!!!
My time is almost up so if you don't get a response I'm off. I love you and thanks for everything! I miss you all so much!!!! Bye Bye!!
Your son
Elder Speechly

Aug 30th

Today we went to Takoradie to play football and have a small meeting with the Mission President! He gave it to us!!! He pretty much gave us more rules and stuff..... We can't have i-Pods because he said they have been misused and we shouldn't have them. So no I-Pod for my birthday! I guess there are some disobedient Elders calling girlfriends and watching movies! He just wants to bump up the level of obedience which is totally understandable.
We have to head back but I want to leave you with one thing I have learned out here. That is how to Love and care! I just want you to know that growing up and even in the last couple months before I left I didn't want to spend a lot of time with the family. I want to say sorry for that now!!!! Because looking back I regret that! I miss you guys the most! So I'm sorry just know that I love you all!!! Make sure you forward this to everyone! I Love you and Thanks for everything!!!!
Your Son Elder Speechly

Aug 23rd

I'm way tired today! We played football (soccer) all day today!!!! We worked hard all week! I had my 20th baptism yesterday! It's really sweet!!! It really show how our work here pays off. We are moving forward! Saturday we had the West Africa Service Project where all the members in West Africa do a service project! As if that didn't explain itself already Ha Ha !!! Anyway we dug trenches and cut grass with machete's and had a great time and worked very hard! Today we played football and lost in the championship game in a penalty shoot out! Yeah that's somehow what's going on here in Fosu!!!
I need a 4G flash drive mine got a virus it had a lot of pictures and other stuff on it. It is really convenient. My comp and I want CTR rings. It would be real cool if we could have the same one! He said he would pay for it!
My comp is way cool! He is awesome, we have man talk and stuff now that he has warmed up to me! I even have him talking like me!!!HaHa I will send pics this week and a letter!
Ok I am going home to sleep Bye Bye I Love you!
Your son Elder Jeffery Speechly

Thursday, September 9, 2010