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Elder Jeffery Speechly
Ghana, Cape Coast Mission
Cape Coast, Ghana

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 18th Email


Sounds like you went all out with that picture! Haha!!! I guess I didn't realize how cool it really is! I guess it's pretty epic Haha! I don't know why everyone said I look so good! But for that one I won't argue! Ha no P! THANKS!!!

This week was pretty chill just dropped a bunch of lessons. Did a couple od/fd interviews in Cape Coast and Cape is like an hour away so that takes out a big chunk of our day when we go there! But it's fine! I will be going on splits and do interviews on Thursday in Moree which will be fun! I am sick of traveling! It's not that far, it's just that the tro tro's are so terrible! They're not meant for 6 foot 2 inch 190lbs OBRUNIS haha! It's not easy! But it's all part of the experience! RIGHT?! Yeah it is and we have some pretty sweet p-days scheduled out this transfer. For today we just played basketball which was fun! Next week we are killing three pigs and roasting them for a big feast just for no reason haha! Then Swedru that means I get to see my son JACK!!!!! They are coming to the beach where we had the baptism and we will play volleyball and football and just play around at the beach! Then the last p-day this transfer Bhame wanted to play NFL on the beach for his last p-day so we all said no P! We're down! So yeah it's going to be epic!

Other than that no zone conference no nothin special. I haven't seen Pres. since that first day. I want to see them again! Just know we are working hard and doing work!!!! I love you all!!!! Miss ya like crazy! I'm totally bummed I missed the fireworks again but it's all good in the neighborhood. I will just see them in a year! So yeah, I got one of the pkgs and the other I will get tomorrow at District meeting. As for my Birthday haha I totally forgot about it! Until I read your email! I will think and let you know soon!

Love you and Miss you! Get Some!

Love your favorite Missionary/friend/Uncle/Brother/Son/Grandson,
Elder Jeffery Baby Jets Speechly

July 12th Email


What it do???? Haha JK! I'm totally high on life right now! Everything is perfect! First things first! The baptism went absolutely amazing! Funny story actually. Our Branch President called us Friday morning and said that a member called and told him that the ocean was too choppy and we said haha well, we'll see about that. So we went out to the beach and it was way calm! So we said it's totally on like Donkey Kong! Haha!!! So the Zone leaders came up and did our interviews and everything went fine. Then we get out to the beach Saturday morning with all the members and candidates and everyone and the water is crazy!!!!Super high waves and they were breaking really close to the shore! We just laughed and said oh well!!! So we continued and it was sweet! We baptized the whole family and the other companionship had two kids and we had a child of record from the branch also. I dunked them all! It was crazy! I would have to carry out the kids and then just throw them under the water as the wave came and then carry them back out! It was funny! Sweet Pics! This week we just got them prepared and also did a couple more interviews so not much but the baptism was the highlight definitely!!!!

Yesterday was sweet we played basketball and tackle football on the beach. It was totally crazy, cause the water was also really high in Cape so we just would get hit and the water would soften the fall Haha! It was so tight!

But yeah transfer news came and the entire Cape Coast Zone is staying the same! SWEET!!!! We are all super excited! Bad news Thompson and Stats both are going back up to Kumasi. So I won't see either of them till my homecoming! So that sucks but oh well! It's Kush haha!

This week we'll be working a lot with the members so that we can get some more referrals and find some new peeps to teach! So it should be cool! Also I will go on splits this week to do some interviews. So I will probably sleep over and kick it in the Cape Apt. and have some more epic man talk with Bahme haha. That kid is tight! It's crazy he is leaving at the end of this transfer! There are a ton! I will miss them! It's gone so fast! Our time is coming too!!! What the FREAK That's INSANE!!!!

Well I love you and miss you all like crazy!!! So keep the faith and remember to always be HAPPY! and SMILE!!!

Elder Jeffery Baby Jet Speechly

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 5th Email


First off my knee is fine! I think I just bruised the bone of the cap! But I'm fine now! My week was pretty lame because I honestly couldn't walk. One of our neighbors came over and was putting hot water on it and some weird herbs. At the time I thought she was smokin them because she was whack, but it worked apparently because I'm cool!

We met Pres and Sis Shulz this morning. We had interviews....... I Absolutely love them!!!!! Sis Shulz, came out of no where and just gave me a huge hug!!!!! She said it was from you mom! She is so sweet! It made me feel like you hugged me. I really like her then when I was talking with Pres. he just kept saying how proud my mom and dad were and that I should keep it that way! I said no "P" haha! Then we talked about Bro Mueller and Uncle Craig and all that good stuff! We talked about my mission so far and how many people he has met that have just said that I'm a great example for the church! A sweet story..... One of his first days here he was talking with the member that goes around fixing the missionaries apts. He went to the mission home and somehow my name came up and Prosper said "hey Speech? I love that kid. The first time I met him I had to travel up to FOSU and take like 3 different taxis and every time I said I was going to LDS Missionaries , every driver said "the tall white man who is always happy!" So I'm known for that! haha Pres just said that he was very impressed that he has heard so much about me in the small amount of time being here and it's all been good in bringing up the church! Then he closed by promising me that I will come home and find a gorgeous young woman and marry her in the temple and will continue my education, and find a great job! So I of course just got straight pumped on life like always!!!! I just told him I will continue to remember who I am !!!! And who I will be!!! Thanks Pops I owe you that one! haha well all in all it was sweet!!!

Now this week I have some interviews to do and even we have to get our family ready for Saturday! I'm so stoked! I will be doing the dunking in the ocean at Salt Pond Beach! It will be sweet. I will take plenty of pics..... speaking of pics, I just burned them on a CD so I will send them home now!!!

I just want you to know that I'm striving to be the missionary you all want and think I am!!! I won't let you down! Love You all!!!! Thanks for all your love and support!!!

Love your Son/Brother/Friend/Uncle/Grandson/favorite missionary,
Elder Jeffery "Baby Jets" Speechly

Pictures from Elder Alba

June 29th Email

Hey.......Family What's UP!!!!!!!??????

So yeah I was sick but now I'm fine! I did like 12 more interviews down in Moree and up in Abakrapa. A village that's like right next to FOSU!!!!! I was so sad. I just wanted to stop by real fast , but there was no time! It was all good. We got them all dunked on Saturday!

As for my area we are baptizing a sweet powerful family, a mom and Dad and two boys, and a girl. They make me miss you though, because like most families here are broken, but these guys are unified. They are just doing things right!!!! It will be on the 9th of July. I am dunking them in the OCEAN!!!!! I'm so stoked!!!! It will be so fun! Also another young guy like 23. He is a stud. Most guys his age are jagged and don't care about life. This guy is humble and just a sweet all around guy. His name is Mutah haha. So I call him Utah haha he doesn't really understand, but it's all good. So we are just moving things along in our area while staying busy in others too!!!!

Some sad news now...... Monday was both good and bad, I guess good first. I got to see Thompson, Grant, Stats, and Jack!!! It was awesome! I was so happy!!!!! We enjoyed! Then also the football tourney was epic! The field was the ape Coast stadium where the pro team plays. It was like 300 cedis the rent or something ridiculous. But the nicest grass!!!!!

Sad news now Pres and Sis Sabey are going :( but it's cool. I'm excited to meet the new ones! Also sad we lost the game. I played keeper and tore it up. Only let one goal in the entire 4 games. It just happened to be the one goal that beat us in the Final!!!!!:( In that last goal I dove for the ball and totally messed up my knee!!!! I don't want you to worry., so that's all I'm saying til next time. Sorry!!!! Anyways I haven't had time to email til today! Sorry to keep you waiting.

In my apt there is 4. Me, Bond, and a Samoan and a Nigerian! Oh my gosh!!!! I almost forgot!!!!! Sunday we found out that we completed the goal!!!! Which is a complete miracle!!!!!!! So then Elder Togagae went out and bought a pig. Like a big real pig and we cooked it Polly Style in the ground and everything! It was so good!!!!! I took some sweet pics so yeah!!! I am sending pics soon! I promise I just have to wait till my card fills then I burn it and send it!So it's coming! Sorry if I'm all over the place. I'm a little high from the meds! haha don't worry. Sis Sabey has my back but soon to be Sis Shulz! The first night they are here they will come visit me for my knee. So that's one way to get your hug Mom!!!

Just know that I'm fine and still working my heart out! I love you all and I'm keeping the Speechly name proud!!!!

Elder Speechly