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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept 27th Email

Hey FAMDIZZLE!!!!!!!

Whats up? Haha just the same here! I just got Freakin Malaria again!!!! Well at least I think it was. Like it was the same symptoms except I wasn't nauseous. Just really tired and weak...but yeah I'm totally fine now! That was like Wednesday til Sunday! I couldn't go out in the sun. I would get really light headed! So I just listened to Sis Shulz and drank plenty of water and slept it off. Now I feel like 100 Cedis haha not bucks, Cedis hahah So no news on my part really..... Sorry!

Oh but Sunday after church we got back to the house and looked at our thermometer and it said that it was 112 degrees!!! We were dying Ha! It was probably the second hottest day of my mission! The first was up in Suny Town when Alba and I rode those bikes to that University and just died! That was fun thought! I didn't think it really got that hot here but it does! I read it with my own eyes!

I had the Frey stuck in my head while I was sick! I freaking miss them! Have they come out with a new cd or any new songs? I love those guys. I miss music! It's ok because just as you said 4 more months!!!! What the????!!!! I can't believe that! I keep telling my son, Hunt all these sweet stories from early on the mission! When I was with Thompson and it's crazy how long ago that really was! I miss him! I miss Fosu! I miss Suny Town! But I think Mankessim is my favorite place I have been. I don't really know why really it's not much different that Fosu. I just have true honest love for this area! Not that with the others I didn't but it just seems a little more real! I don't know how to explain it!

Mom I want to send some stuff with Thompson or Stats. So whatever? I will just need some money to buy the fabric. I want to get some for you and the girls too! I have ties for all the guys! It's crazy I am getting so ready to come home. But at the same time it kills me to leave here! I absolutely love it here! But we have to come back!

I'm stoked that you are going to Hawaii! I'm jealous! Freak that's awesome! But whatever I guess you deserve it Hahaha! You both do. I love you both so much. I can't begin to say that I wish before my mission I would have spent more time with you and my freaking awesome sisters. I was an arrogant prideful sack of crap! Haha I'm sorry. I love you all!!!! Grammy too!! I miss her Mexican food so much! Bean Burritos!!! And just her teaching me every second of every day how to become the man I should be!!!! And Grandma Ruby her wonderful heart. Always wanting me to learn and not make the same mistakes her Son(pops) made haha jk pops just giving you crap! To my BIL's man I miss kickin it with you getting in to some trouble but nothing serious! Just being brothers, I never had til you married my sisters! But I just want every single one of you to know that if it wasn't for you, my family, I wouldn't be here so thanks! I love you!!!

Yeah I guess that's it for this week! Get Some!!

Your Favorite son/brother/granson/uncle/friend/missionary
Elder Jeffery Brent Speechly

Sept 20th Email

Hey Family!

Thanks for the Birthday packages and the wishes too! I had a great day!!! We went to church and then went to some members place. Then we came home and made the cake! That cake was absolutely delicious! I died of sugar overload! Haha!!! All the candy and everything! But it's ok I loved it!!! I recieved 3 packages!

Saturday we had the baptism! Her name is Faustina! She is about 15 and she is way smart and cool! She has some friends in the church which is good cause now we know she'll really stay! So she was baptized Sat. and then came to church on Sunday! My Birthday and was confirmed so that was really awesome to see and to have happened!

Lets see we ad some interviews down in Moree on the coast! Those were really cool. I was ding the interviews on the beach Haha! It was fun! The families that live around our compound, in our area, really love us! I really love them! I truely hope and pray that I can finish my mission here in Mankessim! I love the branch too! We are just so close that it feels like home! Feels like home to me, feels like home to me. It feels like I'm already home where I come from! Haha remember that song? I think it's from How to lose a guy in 10 days or something haha!

Anyway I don't know who that Spencer kid is. I only know guys from their last names haha of Elder! But for the other one, I think it was Elder Carton. He left about a year ago and I got an email a couple months ago from Hannah Burr, Do you remember her? He was in her guitar class up at BYU Idaho. She said he told her the same thing. I had no idea what he meant. I never did anything out of the ordinary. I love the kid and we were tight. I didn't know I helped him stay! I miss him!

But yeah we are just doin work Hunt and I are just tearin it up! Not much teachin our own people though the mission is blowin up with baptisms. Our district is no different. I'm doing interviews so much that we just teach when we can. But those we are teaching are progressing Great! SOon we should have another baptism with about 4 or 5 so that's something coming!

I love you all and miss you ALL!!!!!! 4 months and counting!!!

Your BOy
Elder Jeffery Brent Speechly

Sept 12th Email

Hey Mom

I totally don't have much time today. We are at the mission home today and spending the night. My comps Name is Elder Hunt. If you can will you put my B-Day money in today. I just wanted to have a fun Birthday week.

I got the big package today because I'm here. It's awesome! Sorry I couldn't help but open it! It's sweet the only thing missing was pictures! Tell Sammy thanks and that I love her and the same to Grammy. Text Pops and tell him I miss his emails and that I love him! Tell him to enjoy Europe! Well I will email tomorrow I promise! I gotta go!!!

Love ya and miss ya more than you will understand!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sept 5th Email

Hey Everybody!!!!

Everything here in the GH is freaking sweet!I'm loving my comp. My second son and the area. We are just doing the work and enjoying it! I'm so excited. I hope and pray I will be able to finish this way! I want to finish strong here with this comp. We are just getting a long so well!

Mankessim is now down to 2 Elders. Which is hard to do but it is just right in the middle where 4 is too crowded but 2 isn't enough. Haha so I guess we are doing it right! The members love us! They feed us all the time. I'm still eating fufu and banku all the time. But when I'm in the house I have been eating eggs. A lot of egg sandwiches and egg omelets and indo mie of course. I love that stuff. In case I haven't told you about it, it's exactly like top ramen, but better flavor. But I eat bread and hot milo every morning! It's the best! Amy said she found it back home. That's sweet! You should all try it! Eat what I'm eating! Funny thing I think I have some kind of worm or something cause I eat more now that I have my whole mission. I'm still losing weight. I'm down to 202. I just weighed on Thursday . It's so crazy but it's sweet!

Not really a lot to tell except that we're working with a girl by the name of Fausty. She will be baptized on the Saturday before my Birthday. That is the 17th. So I'm excited for that. She is like 16 and just way sweet and excited to be in the church. She just wants to always learn and learn and learn..... So I told her I'm still learning and I have been in the church my whole life! Haha

I have been reading the Doctrine and Covenants. I'm trying to read a section a day and study it and learn. It's really cool cause I have never really sat down and read the D&C from cover to cover. So yeah I'm learning!!!

I bore my testimony in Full STRAIGHT FANTE/TWII yesterday! It was legit. It was like the first time I didn't have to stall, think, and pause, look down or any of that! I was proud of myself. I can't wait to come home and do it there. Haha people will think it's fake! But it's sweeto!!!!

Well Fam I love you! I will talk to ya next week! I'm excited for my birthday. Thanks for the love and support! Stay sweet!

Luke 9:62 New favorite scripture!!!! Get Some!!!

Elder Speechly

August 30th Email

Hey Family!!!!!!

So I loaded new pics! It's me just doing me!!!Haha But yeah this week was sweet. Just been showing my son Hunt around the area and meeting all the members! Sunday was the branches primary program. We enjoyed that a lot. It was sweet to see our recent convert family being a part in it and to be honest they did probably the best! Memorized their parts and everything! We still go to see them and watch church movies with them every week!

Today was District meeting. We did a little get to know you game for the elders in the zone/district. We asked some questions and heard their testimonies. It went really well. The special guest was the new office couple the Asay's. They are really nice people! They surprised us by telling us their story and stuff but they are really young. He is 50 and she just turned 48. I was shocked! I thought to myself my parents are older than them. Haha They are sweet people!

Tomorrow is zone conference. I'm excited a lot of new changes happening within the mission. So I am excited to hear about it. They just told us that much. Sorry I don't have much to talk about. I'm excited for pops and his trip. I'm excited for all that kind of stuff. I'm ready to hear and see all about it. Mom the wedding sounded epic. I'm sad I missed it but it's cool! Next week I will tell you a lot about our investigators and stuff so no P!

Love you and miss you!

Elder Baby Jet Speechly

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aug 25th Email

Hey Familly!!!!!

So I got a lot of things to say today! It's been a hectic 10 days or so.....

First off I am not coming home on the 20th haha. It's back to the normal February 5th! Long Thursday night Pres. calls me and says Speech I know we said everything was great and all we had to do was the paper work. But I have lost sleep and I woke up this morning thinking that I will need you here and our Heavenly Father needs you here at the time the most. So I said ok no problem I'm fine with that! Then he said I also want you to know that I will need you because I want you to train a new missionary again! I have a second son haha! So yeah transfer news was not til Monday so he said I was to keep it quiet til then. It tore me up inside haha jk. So yeah Bond went out train in Sekondi, Stats old area. So the other two in my apt left as well so it's just me and my greenie from now on!

My son is from Auburn Washington! He is a straight redneck but I love him. He is way funny and out going which is great. We are getting along great! He is young just barely turned 19 and is sweet kid! He has a pretty serious girlfriend so he doesn't stop talking about her! But I will work him so hard he'll forget about her haha! No we really are gonna enjoy each other. He reminds me of one of the Halverson's except just a slight more HICK!

I'm really excited to train again. I think I will be with him til the end of my mission and "Die" here in good old Mankessim!!!! I Love the members here and just the people in general. I love this town. We are about 10 minutes in land so we can go to the Coast whenever we want!!! Hahaha But yeah we are busy and he will enjoy being a DL'S comp haha he will think it's crazy especially because it's so hectic already! But we're on it!

So we played basketball on Monday and sent Bahme home and then got the call and we were just busy on Monday. Then Tuesday after district meeting I was planning on emailing like usual but we had random transfers and I had to wait in Cape to pick up my son and see my first son Jack up to Kumasi. I probably wont see him before I go home! I will miss that kid!

So Yeah even right now I don't have time to talk so much. I'm in a hurry. Just wanted to let you know the new crazy news. Hahah So I love you! Thanks for everything! Can't wait for my Bday pkg. I'm excited and the money is really in need! I love you and Thank you I will make sure and talk to you Monday with better details on everything!

Elder Speechly "Baby Jet" Speechly

Aug 16th Email

Hello Everybody!!!!!

I miss Nike!!!! (the Dog) Every time I hear his name I just wanna fall to my knees and cry haha jk but seriously I miss him,. Dogs here are so small and annoying! So give him a big hug for me and tell him I miss him and I'm comin home soon!

So I did talk to Pres Shultz about coming home and he is fine with it. Just like you said , so that was Tues and everything just felt right. I have been praying and fasting and it just seems like the right thing for me... Then on Saturday morning I got a phone call from President saying that he thought it would be this simple just change flight and all the travel stuff. then go home but now I'm supposed to talk to you and send this today and you need to reply today so that I can come back tomorrow to see it and then call him with more feedback and my final verdict. So yeah I'm here..... for me like I said I just don't want to come home and fall behind. When I'm busy I am fine. It's a long time to wait for school. Also I've been praying and fasting and it just feels right to me. So yeah I need you to talk about it and get back to me today!!!

Monday we went to Takoradi to play football. It was fun just a really long traveling day. I hate traveling!!!! We won and I was the keeper. I'm getting pretty good!

Tuesday District meeting REMIX!!!! haha Pres Shultz came to our district meeting to see how things are going and I instructed on the Doctrine of Christ. The the AP's gave small instruction then Pres said some things. It was nice after we talked about going home and it was sweet talking to him. He loves me and I love him! He really really likes me haha!!!

Wednesday-Normal day. I'm in my area Do Work SON~!!!

Thursday-I went to do interviews in ABAKRAMPA a small village and did work there!

Friday Normal day!

Saturday went to Cape Coast to play a football match with some school team. The ZL's hooked up for us. It was fun! Then Pres called.

Sunday was a great Sabbath Day. I fasted and it felt good! Visited some members and Got Some FUFU!!!HAHA

Monday-we went down to Cape to play basketball and tear it up. I played so good! I always do when Adams is there! We just play with chemistry! It's sweet!!!

Today-District meeting. We had goodbye testimonies from Elder Bahme and Elder Hancey. They are both sweet guys!

This mission is about to be flipped upside down! 20 missionaries are going home on Monday and 18 are coming in!!!! It's going to be insane! Transfers are Monday . I will let you know about those!

So Yeah I guess I will write you again tomorrow. Peace out! I need details and feedback thanks!

Love you and Miss you!!!

Your favorite son/missionary!
Elder Speechly

Hey Mom!!!

Thanks that really helps me out a lot! It was basically what I know you were gonna say but is needed! I think I am the only one from my group. Everyone else went to a little bit of school before! I would leave the 20th of Dec. So just start looking into getting school started and register and all the jazz!

Other than that my debt card expires Oct. so I don't know what you need to do but just warning you.

Thanks for your support and I will let you know soon on the final verdict! Love you ll and miss you!

Elder Speechly