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Cape Coast, Ghana

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov 29th Email

Hey Family!!!! How are the Holidays coming? Mine are pretty much not... haha! It's just not really holidays when it's hot as heck and eating fufu with cat instead of my favorite TURKEY AND MASHED POTATOES!!!!! I miss that stuff! But it's cool. I have the rest of my life to have a traditional Thanksgiving. I only have 2 here in Ghana! It's Sweet!!! But I'm not gonna lie I do miss it!!!!

Jack and I are still dominating FOSU!!!! We just finished the mission goal which is to baptize a recent convert referral and then prepare a recent convert to go to the temple and do baptisms for their ancestors!!!! It's freaking sweet I'm so excited! Also the Nyimfa's are planning on going to get sealed in like 6 months or so! I seriously will cry the day that happens! We are teaching a lot of people that speak english and work at the hospital and students. So a lot of future leaders!!! It is going sweet!!!! So yeah that's how it's going here!

It's getting really dry here and it's really cold at night! Not cold enough for a blanket! I will send some pictures this week! I miss the ward so much! I'm going to start the Doctrine and Covenant but I got a hold of the Miracle of Forgiveness. Kind of just punches you in the face! haha

Today we went to play football in Takoradi and met Thompson there!!!! That was a huge Surprise! He was emergency transfered to be zone leader there. It was so sweet! I see Adams all the time, we're still buds! I saw Lawton, the one from Aussie today for the first time in 10 months. He is still crazy!! I love that kid! Thompson and I are still just best friends! We will be tight back home I hope! On Wed I go to Cape Coast for training. I think that will be the last time until Christmas. So please make sure I have extra money in my account for the phone call. Thanks!!!

Well I'm here in Africa! It's sweet!!!
Love your son
Elder Speechly

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov 22nd Email

I'm doing great! Just still enjoy'in good ol FOSU!!! We had some of the best FUFU last night. One of our investigators made it! It was seriously the BEST! We know how to make it and it's freaking good!!! But the members make it so good. Maybe it's because they have been making it for 100 yrs or more haha!!!

We have bikes but we don't use them very often because they break Haha! We mostly walk of take a cab. My shoes are slowly getting worn but I still have the whole other pair. I will bust them out when these have had it!!!! But honestly cat is pretty good! I ate sheep this week which was really really good! We just chilled today. We all had to wash and cook so we just chilled! But next week we are going to Takoradie!

We are still just contacting. We are having a hard time getting people to return appointments. But we are working! We are on It!!!!!!! I am more thankful for you! That's the truth! I need some addresses so I can send Christmas cards!

That's all I guess the Internet went off or the power!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov 15th Email

Hi I loved your email today! I am loving the work! We are so tired every night it's crazy! I haven't worked this hard EVER in my whole life I think!!! But it's definitely good for me! We are contacting like crazy and serving the members as much as possible, because that's how they get to trust you and give us referrals! It's sweet! I'm loving the mish right now!!!! We are having fun! Elder Jack loves me, he was scared he was going to get some robot missionary!!! Haha! He speaks great English! I am teaching him Twii! Which is funny!

I love Fufu but I have grown to love eggs!!! I seriously love them! I have eaten Cat, it actually is good! Just rough and chewy haha!!! It's really dry and hot in the days and freezing at night! We just chilled today because it was a free P-Day. We just washed and chilled! It's nice to have a free day every once in a while! In my apt there is Me Elder Grant, Elder Fowole from Nigeria and Elder Jack Jack!!! I love it!!! They love hearing stories of home, and pics of the house and family!!!

How is my dog Nike? I got the pkg it was sweet! I love you Mom! I miss you tons! This part of the year the holidays will be the hardest! I miss home and the fam!
I love you Dad and Mom! Peace out, live it up there in the O!

Love you
Elder Speechly

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov 8th Email

So about my new son!!! His name is Elder Jack, from Zimbabwe! He's 20 yrs old! He is a pretty tall kid, actually is a stud like he's a very nice looking kid! He is a child of record, and his entire family are members which is pretty cool! We clicked the minute he arrived!!! We love each other! I am teaching him Twii wow a white guy teaching a black guy twii! He speaks that clicking language so I will have to have him teach me that! We are starting fresh in a new area that I haven't been around a lot! So we are contacting which is cool too! He will be the best! He loves Kobe Bryant and the NBA! He loves Mc Donalds because there is one there. He loves Obama haha so hes pretty much a American. Oh and Lil Wayne and all those rappers!

We watched General Conference finally which was awesome! I know this town inside and out and backwards! (Jeff has been in the same town and apt for 9 Months. He will probably hit the yr mark in Assin Fosu) We are doing great things! For Christmas I just want some new white shirts cause mine are not so white anymore! Also I weighed myself and I am down to 185! Ha ha I'm losing it!

I love you dad! Thanks for the love and support. I will hold the Speechly name up high and honor it! I love you Mom!

Your Son Elder Speechly

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov 1st

Well I just got off the phone with Pres Sabey. He asked me to Train!!!!! ME I'M TRAINING!!!!! I don't know who it is yet and I won't until he comes on Wed. I will let you know everything next week. I'm so blessed for this opportunity. I think I will learn more than he will!!!! I'm excited I'm still in the same area but just training!!!! It will be so sweet!!!!

No other news...... I guess he lost power or internet was real bad today!!!

Love your Son
Elder Speechly

Oct 25th

We only ended up with 3 baptisms. We couldn't get the others interviewed in time so this week hopefully. The 3 were Albert Benin Yaw 27, he is very intelligent and will be a leader one day! Emanuel Okyere 12, he is just a small boy but he is funny!!! William Asamwa 28, he is a hard worker and he wants us to start teaching his wife, so that will be another family!!!!!
Saturday we had a fireside and I gave a great talk!!!! I spoke on the Book of Mormon and how it proves our church right and shared a sweet drawing and just had fun with the members!
My clothes a fine thanks so much for everything! I'm enjoying everything! Transfers are next week. I think I might go but if I do that's fine!!!!!I am ready for whatever comes my way!
Thats all nothing else this week. Sorry just same old. The internet is real bad today!!!!
Thanks for everything! Sorry so short!!! I'm trying!

I love you Mom! I love you Dad!
Love your son
Elder Speechly