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Friday, July 30, 2010

July 12th

Hi Mom I'm on!!!! Are you around? (We usually get to email back and forth on Monday's. We are usually on at the same time! Technology is great!!!) I can't pull up the pictures of the baby! I haven't seen her yet! (Sammy Jeff's sister had a baby the day before. Violet Liberty Oberg) Tell them Hi and Mo Woyadaye that means congrats! I love them! My headache had gone away I told you not to worry! I am taking this nose inhaler thing so it's a good. I got the 2 pkg. The fanta shirt is sweet! They were awesome! I got a pkg from Megan too and it was epic!!! I got a picture! She is a chunk haha What's up goonies haha jk she is darling! I want to hold her, oh well!

The work is great. We are going to have a baptism the first of Aug with like 11 people! It will be our best one so far probably. One of them Rose, she was totally on the road to getting baptised and then she travelled and we hadn't seen her for like 2 months. Then last week she came back and was just asking us a ton of questions about baptism so we knew. Then I had the urge to ask if she wanted to be among the ones in August and she said of course! It was awesome!!!

I doing fine where I'm at. Just still study and learning lots! I miss laughing at you. I tell Thompson stories all the time! HAHA I have made a ton of friends. Even African friends seriously one from our apt. wants to come and go to Weber State and live with us! Mo I'm getting off tell Sammy I love her and wish I could have been there for her but yeah it's all good! I Love you all. Tell Erik(a) that I love him and Miss him! I miss the whole family!!! Bye Bye Thanks for the pkg I really appreciate them!!!! I'm keeping you proud I Promise!!!
Elder Jeff Speechly

July 5th

Today we went to Cape Coast and played football with the Zone down there. Pres Sabey came and ref. It was funny! His son is here, he just got off a mission in Argentina. Sorry the power was off but now it's back on. I was somehow sick this week. After transfers I got this headache. I didn't want to tell you and mom about it, but it's getting to the point where I'm going to call Sis Sabey tonight and talk to her. Like it's real bad and I've had it for like 3 wks. Don't worry I will call Sis Sabey when we get back to the apt. tonight. It's real hot and humid like always! We were teaching only short lessons this week cause I hurt worse in the sun. Please don't worry! I will be ok. I love you and I'm working hard still!
Love Elder Speechly

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

June 28th

We just got transfer news. Thompson and I are staying together!!! HaHa yeah!!!! Stats is going to Kumasi to train and Adams is training in his area in Cape Coast. That's sweet but we are so HAPPY!!! Six more weeks and then we will probably be split up, but you never know! The pictures are on the way. I sent them but haven't had a chance to get mail for a week or two but I ill get it soon. My hair trimmers are broken. Sorry the internet was down for like 20 min. I'm still here. Do you have the watch I sent home? It's just special to me cuz my first baptism gave it to me. I am learning so much. I know the scriptures good enough to teach and the lessons very well. I really never thought I would like to learn but I love reading and having deep discussions! It's awesome!!! (We asked what the hardest thing for the people he teaches to learn) The hardest thing is nothing. It's either Yes or no for them. It's just a matter of changing their minds! HAHA (We asked if they smoke and drink a lot) There isn't much smoking actually, but drinking is HUGE!!! The funerals are insane, like they last for days and they all drink till they die and then they have a funeral for them. HaHa JK but they do drink a lot!!! (What animals have you seen?) Bull cows, lizards, goats, sheep, snakes, and really big spiders!
One cool experience we had this week. The other night we were going back to the apt. and we were tired so we got in a taxi. Then we realized we needed mac for the cheese pkg haha. Thanks Mom it's the best. Any ways we got out and then Thompson realized he left his scriptures in the taxi and it drove off. We both looked at each other and said well bye. HAHA Then as we were walking back and forth I said "Bro we are missionaries, lets pray!" so we prayed and like ten min. later the taxi stopped and said we had left our bag in there. Then gave us a free ride back to the apt. We contacted the guy for a lesson!!! HAHA yeah pretty sweet!
Well my time is about up so thanks. I can't wait for next week! Love You!!!
Your son Elder Speechly

June 21st.

I'm Great! Like really, I am so happy, I don't even know why. I Just Am!!! Happy!!!We baptised Green on Sunday. It was Awesome!!! We taught the Africans how to play phase 10. It has been great! I seriously love the packages!! It's raining like crazy! Go Ghana and US in the world cup!! Transfers are next Wed. We find out on Monday what will happen. We have like 6 baptisms lined up so I hope I don't get transferred. That song by Ryan Shupe is always playing. It's on everyones MP3 players and a bunch of CD's. I guess it's also on the village radio channel 88.1, but it's like village status haha.
Well I'm getting off. I love you and I promise more pictures are coming this week. Thanks for the Pkgs they really help a lot! I miss you! I'm doing my best out here!!!
Love Elder Speechly

Monday, July 26, 2010

June 14th

It's really really crazy around here with the World Cup and everything. Ghana beat the U.S. 111 It's fun but our mission goal is to not watch one game and to contact during the games. Then to baptize one of those contacts by Sept. The cars on the roads swerve and honk just seriously crazy things everywhere. people and like everyone is yelling!!! It is hectic!!! Do you remember Ryan Shupe? Do we know him? They are HUGE over here. There is a song called Dream Big!!! That is huge here listen to it it's really good. I've decided I'm growing dreads when I get home! Stats is great ha ha like he is really fine!!! It''s crazy! I need somethings, like my black Nike shorts, Ibu, floss picks, toothpaste, and I lost my CTR ring.:( Grape koolaid and the lemon berry squeeze, it's glorious! Cheese pkg yes!!! Mepacho (means i beg you) haha
We are gong to baptise Green (Eric). He is the last oldest brother of the big family. It will be sweet. We just taught him about the WOW Word of Wisdom. He is kind of a drunk we thought it was gonna be kind of sketchy telling him, but he just put his head down and then at the end he looked up like almost crying and just said thanks Tom and Speech (Our nicknames)so much for everything!!!!! So we are going to have his interview this week and then baptize him in two weeks probably!!!
I swear I'm more hygienic here than I have ever been my whole life. I floss and brush 2 times a day haha crazy!!! But I'm addicted!We had a weird drink that we thought might actually be alcoholic but or branch Pres. said it wasn't. It was called Pito! It was sour and strong and weird haha!!
Well we are going. I hope I get the pkg this week. Thanks for everything Mom I Love You!!!
Love Elder Speechly

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

June 7th

Elder Stats got hit by a car this week! It was crazy!!! He got clipped by a car while riding a bike and it threw him off. He actually can't remember any of it. His comp told us about it. He is ok just stayed in the hospital overnight. He asked me to give him a blessing. My first one. He is doing good though! Teaching is going great! Having lots of fun! I think Thompson and I will go another transfer! Here is some TWI-Obruni chewing gum tauto-white man you have chewing gum on your butt!!!
Saa-is that so? Boko-cool enyeshree-no problem enyet kra-not good at all
We are teaching a lot of future leaders and kids that would maybe go on missions like recent converts. This one guy Castro, he is a really awesome guy. He always has a ton of questions for us and he seems very interested especially after we taught him about the plan of salvation!!! He loved hearing that, which was cool to see him totally change. But now he has to come to church. A lot of the members are starting to call me Speech instead of Obruni which is cool!!!
I got the pkg with drink mixes and shower gel Glorious!!!! but from now on in every pkg I want cheese mix an drink mix. Just cuz their real convenient!
Stats and I are becoming real good friends which is sweet!! The blessing I gave him was really amazing. I don't even remember what I said. The Branch Pres. said that it was amazing , it was truly like receiving revelation. It was sweet, I thank him for asking me. I read a quote by Joseph B Wirthlin it is :" Come what may and Love it!!!" I am going to live my life by this forever!!! It made me think of a scripture D&C 122:7 go read it with dad tonight!!!
I Love the baby he is so cute!!! I love you and we're heading back to market to buy a couple things and then go home to sleep!!! so Thanks and I will talk to you next week! Tell everyone I miss and Love them more than they think!!! But come what may!! I love you! Your son Jeff

May 31st

How is the Baby? (New nephew born May 27th Griffin Lane Maw) He is so cute!!! Way small though. We went to Takoradi it's on the coast. Just west of Cape Coast. We played the Elders there in football it was the best game of football I've ever played. We won 3-2 it was so fun. President was there to ref and everything. Thompson and I were sick this week. He had Malaria and I had a funny headache and cough! Still here! As grandpa would say. I talked to Evans and told him we were family! He already knew. Sweeto!!! How's Nike? I miss that dog! I've been thinking and this is not final but I think I want to be a sports announcer or something like that. Sick huh? It was somehow rainy but really great weather and it was right on the coast so we could see the ocean. It was Amazing! (Where they played football this day) My cough is really deep and hurts my chest like that time we went to the hospital late that one nght. I don't know what it is but don't worry. I'm still working my butt off. Don't worry. Ghana is freakin sick and I love this work. Really I work so hard everyday!!!! The other day Thompson and I fell asleep praying. Yeah I'm getting off sorry I ran out of time! So yeah I love you all and I'm so glad the baby came safely! 1 down and 1 to go. (Another baby due in 6 wks.) I am getting better don't worry I'm just in Africa. So no P!!!! Haha I love you thanks for everything. Talk to you next week. Love Elder Speechly

May 24th

Our football team is terrible now that we had tranfers. That's great about Ethan. That's exactly where he wanted to go. I'm so stoked for him! I'm the only one not speaking spanish. I got TWI!!!Thompson was sick this week so it was really slow and long, but I'm healthy. No baptisms lined up. Soon maybe like 3 weeks. We have Zone Conference tomorrow and I will send pictures and videos like this week. Or I will try. I Love you Mom! I know without you I wouldn't be here right now. I miss you more bye!!!

May 17th

We had transfers today. We are still together and Elder Thompson is the new District Leader. I baptized Francisca! It was awesome! Elder Stats is getting a new comp. and Lecko as well. There were 8 baptisms yesterday. Two were ours. I baptised both. Here they confirm the next week and the Elders do it not the missionaries. The other one is Ishmael. He is 10. He is very smart , and very small. I felt the spirit probably the strongest on my mission so far! It was seriously awesome. The apt. is going to be different somehow. 6 more weeks together for sure!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

B-Ball Missionary style

Tro Tro Station

Bye Bye Baby

Jeff loves the little kids. Especially the babies!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010