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Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec 6th Email

Hey Family!!!!! So this week was pretty normal. Just proselyting and working and loving the mish!!!! Thursday we heard about an accident in Praso. The same river we went to that p-day awhile back. There were some members just playing around and took a group of Obruni's that passed through to take pictures and stuff. One of the girls jumped in and the currant took her away. A boy that is our friend jumped in to save her but he couldn't reach her in time and he had to get out or he would have drowned to! They found her body in rocks a few kilometers down the river! Ah it was horrible, I felt terrible!!!!

I'm still training but I love it here and we're working hard! It's a lot harder because I have to choose what happens everyday and where we go and who we see. It's fun because we are best friends!!!We are teaching a lot of students right now. One of my favorites is a lab worker at the hospital. He is very smart!
Last week in Cape when we had the training meeting, they taught us about the doctrine of Christ. Which is a new way of teaching the investigator on the first visit! Do you remember the promise pattern? Well it's now evolved to this, It's sweet! We try to tell the people in the first visit that we are here to help them be baptized! So the first time we see some one we tell them that!Seriously it's so sweet to learn about honestly! I never thought I'd say these things but its true!!!

I bought the credit for the phone call for Christmas! I am so excited I can't wait! This week I will mail off cards and pictures. It was hard to print them but I finally did it! It's super hot and dusty. Nights are beautiful! Clearest skies!!! I can see Galaxies and Galaxies!!!!

I love you and I miss you too!!!

Love Your son
Elder Speechly

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov 29th Email

Hey Family!!!! How are the Holidays coming? Mine are pretty much not... haha! It's just not really holidays when it's hot as heck and eating fufu with cat instead of my favorite TURKEY AND MASHED POTATOES!!!!! I miss that stuff! But it's cool. I have the rest of my life to have a traditional Thanksgiving. I only have 2 here in Ghana! It's Sweet!!! But I'm not gonna lie I do miss it!!!!

Jack and I are still dominating FOSU!!!! We just finished the mission goal which is to baptize a recent convert referral and then prepare a recent convert to go to the temple and do baptisms for their ancestors!!!! It's freaking sweet I'm so excited! Also the Nyimfa's are planning on going to get sealed in like 6 months or so! I seriously will cry the day that happens! We are teaching a lot of people that speak english and work at the hospital and students. So a lot of future leaders!!! It is going sweet!!!! So yeah that's how it's going here!

It's getting really dry here and it's really cold at night! Not cold enough for a blanket! I will send some pictures this week! I miss the ward so much! I'm going to start the Doctrine and Covenant but I got a hold of the Miracle of Forgiveness. Kind of just punches you in the face! haha

Today we went to play football in Takoradi and met Thompson there!!!! That was a huge Surprise! He was emergency transfered to be zone leader there. It was so sweet! I see Adams all the time, we're still buds! I saw Lawton, the one from Aussie today for the first time in 10 months. He is still crazy!! I love that kid! Thompson and I are still just best friends! We will be tight back home I hope! On Wed I go to Cape Coast for training. I think that will be the last time until Christmas. So please make sure I have extra money in my account for the phone call. Thanks!!!

Well I'm here in Africa! It's sweet!!!
Love your son
Elder Speechly

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov 22nd Email

I'm doing great! Just still enjoy'in good ol FOSU!!! We had some of the best FUFU last night. One of our investigators made it! It was seriously the BEST! We know how to make it and it's freaking good!!! But the members make it so good. Maybe it's because they have been making it for 100 yrs or more haha!!!

We have bikes but we don't use them very often because they break Haha! We mostly walk of take a cab. My shoes are slowly getting worn but I still have the whole other pair. I will bust them out when these have had it!!!! But honestly cat is pretty good! I ate sheep this week which was really really good! We just chilled today. We all had to wash and cook so we just chilled! But next week we are going to Takoradie!

We are still just contacting. We are having a hard time getting people to return appointments. But we are working! We are on It!!!!!!! I am more thankful for you! That's the truth! I need some addresses so I can send Christmas cards!

That's all I guess the Internet went off or the power!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov 15th Email

Hi I loved your email today! I am loving the work! We are so tired every night it's crazy! I haven't worked this hard EVER in my whole life I think!!! But it's definitely good for me! We are contacting like crazy and serving the members as much as possible, because that's how they get to trust you and give us referrals! It's sweet! I'm loving the mish right now!!!! We are having fun! Elder Jack loves me, he was scared he was going to get some robot missionary!!! Haha! He speaks great English! I am teaching him Twii! Which is funny!

I love Fufu but I have grown to love eggs!!! I seriously love them! I have eaten Cat, it actually is good! Just rough and chewy haha!!! It's really dry and hot in the days and freezing at night! We just chilled today because it was a free P-Day. We just washed and chilled! It's nice to have a free day every once in a while! In my apt there is Me Elder Grant, Elder Fowole from Nigeria and Elder Jack Jack!!! I love it!!! They love hearing stories of home, and pics of the house and family!!!

How is my dog Nike? I got the pkg it was sweet! I love you Mom! I miss you tons! This part of the year the holidays will be the hardest! I miss home and the fam!
I love you Dad and Mom! Peace out, live it up there in the O!

Love you
Elder Speechly

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov 8th Email

So about my new son!!! His name is Elder Jack, from Zimbabwe! He's 20 yrs old! He is a pretty tall kid, actually is a stud like he's a very nice looking kid! He is a child of record, and his entire family are members which is pretty cool! We clicked the minute he arrived!!! We love each other! I am teaching him Twii wow a white guy teaching a black guy twii! He speaks that clicking language so I will have to have him teach me that! We are starting fresh in a new area that I haven't been around a lot! So we are contacting which is cool too! He will be the best! He loves Kobe Bryant and the NBA! He loves Mc Donalds because there is one there. He loves Obama haha so hes pretty much a American. Oh and Lil Wayne and all those rappers!

We watched General Conference finally which was awesome! I know this town inside and out and backwards! (Jeff has been in the same town and apt for 9 Months. He will probably hit the yr mark in Assin Fosu) We are doing great things! For Christmas I just want some new white shirts cause mine are not so white anymore! Also I weighed myself and I am down to 185! Ha ha I'm losing it!

I love you dad! Thanks for the love and support. I will hold the Speechly name up high and honor it! I love you Mom!

Your Son Elder Speechly

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov 1st

Well I just got off the phone with Pres Sabey. He asked me to Train!!!!! ME I'M TRAINING!!!!! I don't know who it is yet and I won't until he comes on Wed. I will let you know everything next week. I'm so blessed for this opportunity. I think I will learn more than he will!!!! I'm excited I'm still in the same area but just training!!!! It will be so sweet!!!!

No other news...... I guess he lost power or internet was real bad today!!!

Love your Son
Elder Speechly

Oct 25th

We only ended up with 3 baptisms. We couldn't get the others interviewed in time so this week hopefully. The 3 were Albert Benin Yaw 27, he is very intelligent and will be a leader one day! Emanuel Okyere 12, he is just a small boy but he is funny!!! William Asamwa 28, he is a hard worker and he wants us to start teaching his wife, so that will be another family!!!!!
Saturday we had a fireside and I gave a great talk!!!! I spoke on the Book of Mormon and how it proves our church right and shared a sweet drawing and just had fun with the members!
My clothes a fine thanks so much for everything! I'm enjoying everything! Transfers are next week. I think I might go but if I do that's fine!!!!!I am ready for whatever comes my way!
Thats all nothing else this week. Sorry just same old. The internet is real bad today!!!!
Thanks for everything! Sorry so short!!! I'm trying!

I love you Mom! I love you Dad!
Love your son
Elder Speechly

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Halloween Creepy

A Ghana Wedding

Oct 17th

Hey everybody back in O-town (Ogden). HAHA Everything in my good old village Assin Fosu is awesome! Just still truckin!!!! We are planning on baptizing 8 people this Sunday! I'm really excited. I'm being like John the Baptist!!!
On Sunday I taught the primary. It was so fun!!! It was probably the funnest class I've ever been in!!!! I was teaching them how we can become like Jesus! So to start the class, I told them some things we should do everyday to become more like him. One of the little boys stood up and said "I am already Jesus!!!!" HaHa I was laughing so hard! I seriously had to play hangman with them cuz it was so cute!
I know the scriptures really good except the Old Testament. I just finished reading Jesus the Christ! That book was sweet! I really like to read! I know you don't believe it but I do!!!
The office Elder, Elder Saunders gave me my line of authority and said that Keith Wilcox was his Mission Pres. Small world.
That's about it for this week. Sorry it's a little boring! But I love it here!!! I miss you all so freaking much!!! I love you all and know every little principle I teach everyday is true!!! Thanks again for everything you have done in my life! I love you, talk to you next week!!!
Your Son
Elder Speechly

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oct 11th

Hey Mom and Dad!!!
The funeral sounds like it went well. I'm sorry I missed it!!! It's ok he is doing the same work as me, just on the other side! It's cool! Man I loved that man, he was so funny!!!!
But dang pops your 55! Your an old man! but it's cool cuz your my old man!!! I love that the pkg got there that's awesome!!! I also got my pkg and just in time! I was almost out of the floss picks. I am addicted to those things!
So some news. In my area, the Area 70 came to our district conference this week. Pres Sitati and the mission Pres. and all the jazz to tell the district some news. Fosu is becoming a STAKE!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. These people have been waiting for this for so long!!!!
We have 10 people with a baptismal date for the 24th. So we will see how many turn up, but for the most part it's gonna be sweet!!!!
Well that about it for this week. Not much happened. Know that I miss you all and Love you all so much!!!

Your son
Elder Speechly

Oct 4th

I'm so sad! I loved Grandpa so much! I miss him already! (Jeff's grandpa passed away on Oct 3rd. He was 93 yrs old. Jeff's only grandpa)
This week I bore my testimony in twii. The whole branch was freaking out! They loved it!!! We don't get to hear conference for about a month.
I got 16 out of the 20 cards so far. We were going to the temple this week but it got cancelled. Now we are just having sweet temple training.
The internet is so bad. Tell dad I love him too. Of course you know mom I love you! Sorry the net has been so bad these last few weeks. Just know I am healthy and I'm still working real hard. We are having a BIG Baptism on the 24th with about 10 people! Just from me and Elder Grant! SWEETO!!!!

Love your son
Elder Speechly

Sept 27th

Mom I'm doing great but the email is not seriously!!!! I almost have to get off now!!!! But just to let you know that I'm doing great! I'm working very hard! I want you to know that we are teaching very sweet families, like I said last week. They are the families that you see on church videos. They are just perfect! I love this mission, it's so fun and the families are the best, they help me not miss you all that much! They are like my family even though I miss the whole family like crazy every night!!!!

What's up pops? Man I have a sweet story!!! So Friday it started out way slow and for some reason it was way hotter than usual in the morning!!!! We weren't getting any appointments and it was a crappy day! Then it started to rain really bad at about 5 or so, like insanely bad! Like the most epic rain fall ever!!!! So we went back to the house, put on our mafti and went help everyone that needed it because it was starting to flood! It was crazy but so much fun!!!!

I just sent your birthday thing today so you should get it soon I hope!!!
Just know I love you all very much! I can't wait til Christmas haha long time but it's crazy how long I've been here! I love Fosu!!!! I'm working my hardest!

I love you so much!!!
Your son
Elder Speechly

Sept 22nd Lights out!!!!

Wow it's been light off for about 4 days! It went off Sunday morning right after my birthday! It has been off until just now!!!!! I'm sorry!!! I got the packages and the letters! They were freaking awesome, the nachos were great!!!! The cake turned out so well it's not even funny!!! We also killed two chickens and made fried rice. We feasted it was amazing!!!! I took pleanty of videos and pics!
But about teaching and those things. We just got a referal from our Zone Leader to go and see this guy Rico! Yes Rico, all I can think of is Hot Rodwhen I say his name haha! But he and his wife, they have two kids and a mom and dad. This family is the family that you dream about teaching!!!! The lessons are super epic! They ask tons of questions!!!! They are interested and even like we all knee down and pray as a family at the end of the lesson. It's like the best feelings I've ever had! Everytime I leave their home I just have this hug smile on my face the rest of the evening! I Love this work seriously! Especially the family parts it's so sweet!!!!!
So Mom and Dad tell everyone thanks for the bday cards and that I love and miss them!!!! Also Mom and Dad you two freaking spoil me and I'm half way around the worl! HAHA But I love it!!! and I love you so much!!!! So thanks!!!! I will talk to you on Monday!
Oh!!!! I almost forgot Tranfers!!!! My Apt stayed the same. Thompson is going to be a Zone Leader in Kumasi!!!! It's sweet for him. But yep me and my guys in good ol Fosu!!!! I love it here seriously the best area in the mish!!!! Anyways ok I love you Mom and Dad!!!!
Your Son Elder Speechly

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sept 13th

Hi I'm here! The net is really bad today!!!! I'm doing great!!! I'm still as happy as can be and excited for my birthday!!!! We just got finished having a fufu party. I'm going to puke!!! I ate so much!
I'm going to Cape Coast tomorrow for a mission tour to see Elder Sitati! It will be sweet! He is the area presidency and general a general authority. I'm excited he is so sweet! This week was sweet we had a lot of baptismal interviews cause my comp is the DL. So I have to go with him, that's always pretty cool! I have a sweet picture with all the primary kids! It's funny! We taught some sweet lessons and there are people ready for baptism soon!!!
I have been with my comp for almost 6 wks! Transfers are this upcoming Monday. So I will let you know how it goes!
My time is up. I miss you and love you! More next week!!!
Love you Dad sooooooo much I miss you seriously a lot!!!! Bye
Your son
Elder Speechly

Sept 6th

Hi Mom and Pop's!!!! Happy 31st anniversary!!!! That's crazy!!!! I miss pools!!! I'm doing freaking great!!! I love my mission! We have suffered today! Lights have been off all day again. It just came back on but I freaking love it and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!
My comp is sweet!!!! He is 24 and he is super sarcastic which is really really, funny because Ghanaians are not sarcastic at all!!!!! But it's awesome!!!! I really do love him. He is the only member of his family. We are teaching well together. I kind of took over when he first got here but now he is getting in and even the members love him now too!!!! We should be having a baptism in a month or so!
I can't wit to celebrate my 20th birthday here in Ghana! We are going to kill a chicken!!!!
My time is almost up so if you don't get a response I'm off. I love you and thanks for everything! I miss you all so much!!!! Bye Bye!!
Your son
Elder Speechly

Aug 30th

Today we went to Takoradie to play football and have a small meeting with the Mission President! He gave it to us!!! He pretty much gave us more rules and stuff..... We can't have i-Pods because he said they have been misused and we shouldn't have them. So no I-Pod for my birthday! I guess there are some disobedient Elders calling girlfriends and watching movies! He just wants to bump up the level of obedience which is totally understandable.
We have to head back but I want to leave you with one thing I have learned out here. That is how to Love and care! I just want you to know that growing up and even in the last couple months before I left I didn't want to spend a lot of time with the family. I want to say sorry for that now!!!! Because looking back I regret that! I miss you guys the most! So I'm sorry just know that I love you all!!! Make sure you forward this to everyone! I Love you and Thanks for everything!!!!
Your Son Elder Speechly

Aug 23rd

I'm way tired today! We played football (soccer) all day today!!!! We worked hard all week! I had my 20th baptism yesterday! It's really sweet!!! It really show how our work here pays off. We are moving forward! Saturday we had the West Africa Service Project where all the members in West Africa do a service project! As if that didn't explain itself already Ha Ha !!! Anyway we dug trenches and cut grass with machete's and had a great time and worked very hard! Today we played football and lost in the championship game in a penalty shoot out! Yeah that's somehow what's going on here in Fosu!!!
I need a 4G flash drive mine got a virus it had a lot of pictures and other stuff on it. It is really convenient. My comp and I want CTR rings. It would be real cool if we could have the same one! He said he would pay for it!
My comp is way cool! He is awesome, we have man talk and stuff now that he has warmed up to me! I even have him talking like me!!!HaHa I will send pics this week and a letter!
Ok I am going home to sleep Bye Bye I Love you!
Your son Elder Jeffery Speechly

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

More fun pictures!

Aug 16th Email

Well this week has been good! My new comp is cool. We started the week by sending off Thompson which was sad, but fun! Then my comp came and we got to know each other. He is from Ghana. A little village just about an hour away. It's called Akim Oda. I like him, he will teach me TWII which is good. The area is doubled so we are working twice as hard so that's been a treat. I think I have a new record of falling asleep praying. I think 4 days in a row!!!!! I just have been exhausted!
We went to Praso today and checked out the river. We hopped along rocks and stuff it was a blast!!! If your sending a pkg this week I need Cheese packets. They really save my life! I fasted yesterday and I broke my fast with mac n cheese! It's really my favorite!!! Oh we also went to a members wedding. That was cool to see how they do that here! Also some duct tape and deodorant.
Yeah the pictures were sweet! You will love the next ones too they will be way sweet too!!!
The baptisms on Sunday the 22nd will be sweet! It's down to 4. I'm excited! Zone Conference is tomorrow which is cool. I always love Zone Conference!
I have been eating a lot of Eba it's made from gari and I am actually addicted to it! Also Banku, it's also very good. You eat them with stew!
Well we gotta go! We have to sleep cuz we have to travel tomorrow! I will be good and safe! I love you and thank you for everything! I miss you like crazy!!!
Love you and miss you! Next week!
Elder Speechly

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aug 9th Transfers

Ok so first Transfer news.... Elder Thompson is going to be District Leader in Kumasi. It is really cool cuz he has convenient stores, banks, and those things!!! Now to me! I am staying in the village FOSU!!!! I am getting Elder Grant/Obeng he is a Ghanaian. He is coming to be district leader. He is 6 months ahead of me! I hear he is a really cool guy! I am so excited but it's still kind of a shock. We just got the call about an hour ago HaHa! Oh and our Apt is going from 6 elders to 4 elders. So my area picks up the elders area that are leaving. It will be rough!!!!
The baptism's are on the 22nd and Thompson is bummed! He wanted to hit a year here. I think I will stay for a bit longer but who knows! I'm just excited to see how everything turns out. But my area is really huge now Dad like two villages and we have to travel to one of them like in a tro tro haha. So it will be an adventure!!!! I'm excited!!!! I am the only whitey!
We had a great week and just worked really hard almost like we knew the transfer was coming! I'm all better! That's the thing about Malaria. It comes in like a bat out of Hell haha and then leaves just as fast!!!! So yeah I'm good! It's going to be hard to say goodbye to Thompson!!! Also Elder Carton left today and I miss him already!!! I think you and Dad should go up to his homecoming!!! Washington St. I guess that is too far! He is just one of my best friends in this mission!!!
We ate a hamburger today with Adams! We found legit hamburgers! I took pics so I will send them soon! But we are peace'n out Pops so just know I love and thank you everyday! I couldn't have asked for a better father! I love you thanks Dad! Peace out talk to you next week! Yeah I love you too Mom I will tell you how my comp is next week!!!
Love your son, Elder Speechly


I have Malaria again! It is real BAD!!!Friday afternoon I started feeling it coming on but wasn't sure. Then Saturday morning it hit me like a brick wall!!!! So for Thompson's Birthday we were inside while I was dying! I started the meds yesterday (Sun) I'm slowly recovering but it sucks!!! I missed the baptism yesterday. We only baptised 5 of the 12 because we wanted to split it into 2. But I still missed it and the coolest part of it was that our recent convert, my boy keyboard did the baptizing!!!
So yeah I'm really excited to be a Uncle Again!!!! Amy told me first HaHaHaHa!!!!!!! It's my job to spread the word! I really am doing better today but the headache was the worst part. It was the worst thing you could possibly stand! UGH! Oh well it's on the downside now!
Today we went to Hans Cottage, the place with the crocodiles it was SWEET!!!! I'm sending home pictures tomorrow with a Jersey for Trents Bday. It is a hotel/par/resturaunt. But they were huge! We got to walk around them, touch them, and I got some sweet pics!
Next week are transfers. Right now Elder Anucha (Nigeria) who is a really cool guy, he is with Elder Leko(Uganda), and Elder Kwapong (Ghana) he is training Elder Fowole (Nigeria)Are in the Apt. with Elder Thompson and I. It is a pretty sweet apt. I love it! I love the Africans!!!!
My shirts are doing good all my clothes are doing great! The weather is gonna start getting really hot in October!!!! I'm scared! Jk it don't phase J Speech haha !!!
Don't worry about me I am doing better and I will be fine I promise! I love you!!!
Elder Speechly your son!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July 26th Email

Hey Mom and Pops! I missed the fam this week! This week was pretty normal. But sweet! We are having a huge baptism this Sunday! 12 people! So we are preparing then for that! Thompson being the District Leader has to go on splits so I have been taking a lot of different Elders into my area. Which is sweet cuz it shows me I know my area well enough! We went to farm with the Mensahs again which was insane! We worked so hard in the middle of the jungle like really it was the hardest work I've ever done! I scored in football that was SWEET!!!

Some of the kids are siblings that we are baptising. Here are some of their names and ages.Rose 17, Micheal 26, Abraham 10, Debra 9, Emanuel 12, Joyce 10, Rose 11, Evans 9, Cicillia 16, Thomas 21, Vivian 14, Kevin 10.

Elder Anucha from Nigeria really does want to stay with us and go to Weber! We ate a hamburger today with Elder Adams. We found legit hamburgers! They were sweet! I took a picture so I will send it soon. I couldn't have served a mission 10 yrs ago. I know that technology is on my side! But we are about to go so thanks mom I love you so much and miss you so so much too! But right now I can't miss this here in GHANA. I love it! Tell everyone I love them! Bye Bye Pops just know that I love and thank you everyday! I couldn't have asked for a better father! I love you thanks dad! Peace out talk to you next week!
Love your son Elder Speechly

July 19th

Hi how is everyone? Transfers are on Aug 9th. We find out that day and then leave 2 days later. I don't know if one or both of us will be transferred. My Health is good! We are still working real hard our district is going to baptise 45 people on the 1st of Aug. Thompson and I have 13-15 depending on who is prepared!!!! SWEET!!!
It's been really nice the past couple days in Fosu. Today in Cape Coast we went to play football and I got burned it was so hot!!! 100!!!!!! Sorry but it is still worse here with the humidity!
I have gained all my weight back. I weighed myself today. So I'm still the same. The Babies are very cute. It sucks I can't hold them til their almost 2! If you see Mason tell him I love him and miss him. I can't wait to talk to him when he gets out in the field.
Mom seriously I love you so much! I went on splits the other day with an elder from Liberia and he was telling me his story...... He has 6 older sisters and 2 younger sisters. His parents both died 6 months apart from each other like 5 yrs ago. He is the only member in his family. I know that I couldn't be doing this without you. i love you and thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do!!!
Well we gotta go! I love you!!!
Bye Thanks!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

July 12th

Hi Mom I'm on!!!! Are you around? (We usually get to email back and forth on Monday's. We are usually on at the same time! Technology is great!!!) I can't pull up the pictures of the baby! I haven't seen her yet! (Sammy Jeff's sister had a baby the day before. Violet Liberty Oberg) Tell them Hi and Mo Woyadaye that means congrats! I love them! My headache had gone away I told you not to worry! I am taking this nose inhaler thing so it's a good. I got the 2 pkg. The fanta shirt is sweet! They were awesome! I got a pkg from Megan too and it was epic!!! I got a picture! She is a chunk haha What's up goonies haha jk she is darling! I want to hold her, oh well!

The work is great. We are going to have a baptism the first of Aug with like 11 people! It will be our best one so far probably. One of them Rose, she was totally on the road to getting baptised and then she travelled and we hadn't seen her for like 2 months. Then last week she came back and was just asking us a ton of questions about baptism so we knew. Then I had the urge to ask if she wanted to be among the ones in August and she said of course! It was awesome!!!

I doing fine where I'm at. Just still study and learning lots! I miss laughing at you. I tell Thompson stories all the time! HAHA I have made a ton of friends. Even African friends seriously one from our apt. wants to come and go to Weber State and live with us! Mo I'm getting off tell Sammy I love her and wish I could have been there for her but yeah it's all good! I Love you all. Tell Erik(a) that I love him and Miss him! I miss the whole family!!! Bye Bye Thanks for the pkg I really appreciate them!!!! I'm keeping you proud I Promise!!!
Elder Jeff Speechly

July 5th

Today we went to Cape Coast and played football with the Zone down there. Pres Sabey came and ref. It was funny! His son is here, he just got off a mission in Argentina. Sorry the power was off but now it's back on. I was somehow sick this week. After transfers I got this headache. I didn't want to tell you and mom about it, but it's getting to the point where I'm going to call Sis Sabey tonight and talk to her. Like it's real bad and I've had it for like 3 wks. Don't worry I will call Sis Sabey when we get back to the apt. tonight. It's real hot and humid like always! We were teaching only short lessons this week cause I hurt worse in the sun. Please don't worry! I will be ok. I love you and I'm working hard still!
Love Elder Speechly

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

June 28th

We just got transfer news. Thompson and I are staying together!!! HaHa yeah!!!! Stats is going to Kumasi to train and Adams is training in his area in Cape Coast. That's sweet but we are so HAPPY!!! Six more weeks and then we will probably be split up, but you never know! The pictures are on the way. I sent them but haven't had a chance to get mail for a week or two but I ill get it soon. My hair trimmers are broken. Sorry the internet was down for like 20 min. I'm still here. Do you have the watch I sent home? It's just special to me cuz my first baptism gave it to me. I am learning so much. I know the scriptures good enough to teach and the lessons very well. I really never thought I would like to learn but I love reading and having deep discussions! It's awesome!!! (We asked what the hardest thing for the people he teaches to learn) The hardest thing is nothing. It's either Yes or no for them. It's just a matter of changing their minds! HAHA (We asked if they smoke and drink a lot) There isn't much smoking actually, but drinking is HUGE!!! The funerals are insane, like they last for days and they all drink till they die and then they have a funeral for them. HaHa JK but they do drink a lot!!! (What animals have you seen?) Bull cows, lizards, goats, sheep, snakes, and really big spiders!
One cool experience we had this week. The other night we were going back to the apt. and we were tired so we got in a taxi. Then we realized we needed mac for the cheese pkg haha. Thanks Mom it's the best. Any ways we got out and then Thompson realized he left his scriptures in the taxi and it drove off. We both looked at each other and said well bye. HAHA Then as we were walking back and forth I said "Bro we are missionaries, lets pray!" so we prayed and like ten min. later the taxi stopped and said we had left our bag in there. Then gave us a free ride back to the apt. We contacted the guy for a lesson!!! HAHA yeah pretty sweet!
Well my time is about up so thanks. I can't wait for next week! Love You!!!
Your son Elder Speechly

June 21st.

I'm Great! Like really, I am so happy, I don't even know why. I Just Am!!! Happy!!!We baptised Green on Sunday. It was Awesome!!! We taught the Africans how to play phase 10. It has been great! I seriously love the packages!! It's raining like crazy! Go Ghana and US in the world cup!! Transfers are next Wed. We find out on Monday what will happen. We have like 6 baptisms lined up so I hope I don't get transferred. That song by Ryan Shupe is always playing. It's on everyones MP3 players and a bunch of CD's. I guess it's also on the village radio channel 88.1, but it's like village status haha.
Well I'm getting off. I love you and I promise more pictures are coming this week. Thanks for the Pkgs they really help a lot! I miss you! I'm doing my best out here!!!
Love Elder Speechly

Monday, July 26, 2010

June 14th

It's really really crazy around here with the World Cup and everything. Ghana beat the U.S. 111 It's fun but our mission goal is to not watch one game and to contact during the games. Then to baptize one of those contacts by Sept. The cars on the roads swerve and honk just seriously crazy things everywhere. people and like everyone is yelling!!! It is hectic!!! Do you remember Ryan Shupe? Do we know him? They are HUGE over here. There is a song called Dream Big!!! That is huge here listen to it it's really good. I've decided I'm growing dreads when I get home! Stats is great ha ha like he is really fine!!! It''s crazy! I need somethings, like my black Nike shorts, Ibu, floss picks, toothpaste, and I lost my CTR ring.:( Grape koolaid and the lemon berry squeeze, it's glorious! Cheese pkg yes!!! Mepacho (means i beg you) haha
We are gong to baptise Green (Eric). He is the last oldest brother of the big family. It will be sweet. We just taught him about the WOW Word of Wisdom. He is kind of a drunk we thought it was gonna be kind of sketchy telling him, but he just put his head down and then at the end he looked up like almost crying and just said thanks Tom and Speech (Our nicknames)so much for everything!!!!! So we are going to have his interview this week and then baptize him in two weeks probably!!!
I swear I'm more hygienic here than I have ever been my whole life. I floss and brush 2 times a day haha crazy!!! But I'm addicted!We had a weird drink that we thought might actually be alcoholic but or branch Pres. said it wasn't. It was called Pito! It was sour and strong and weird haha!!
Well we are going. I hope I get the pkg this week. Thanks for everything Mom I Love You!!!
Love Elder Speechly

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

June 7th

Elder Stats got hit by a car this week! It was crazy!!! He got clipped by a car while riding a bike and it threw him off. He actually can't remember any of it. His comp told us about it. He is ok just stayed in the hospital overnight. He asked me to give him a blessing. My first one. He is doing good though! Teaching is going great! Having lots of fun! I think Thompson and I will go another transfer! Here is some TWI-Obruni chewing gum tauto-white man you have chewing gum on your butt!!!
Saa-is that so? Boko-cool enyeshree-no problem enyet kra-not good at all
We are teaching a lot of future leaders and kids that would maybe go on missions like recent converts. This one guy Castro, he is a really awesome guy. He always has a ton of questions for us and he seems very interested especially after we taught him about the plan of salvation!!! He loved hearing that, which was cool to see him totally change. But now he has to come to church. A lot of the members are starting to call me Speech instead of Obruni which is cool!!!
I got the pkg with drink mixes and shower gel Glorious!!!! but from now on in every pkg I want cheese mix an drink mix. Just cuz their real convenient!
Stats and I are becoming real good friends which is sweet!! The blessing I gave him was really amazing. I don't even remember what I said. The Branch Pres. said that it was amazing , it was truly like receiving revelation. It was sweet, I thank him for asking me. I read a quote by Joseph B Wirthlin it is :" Come what may and Love it!!!" I am going to live my life by this forever!!! It made me think of a scripture D&C 122:7 go read it with dad tonight!!!
I Love the baby he is so cute!!! I love you and we're heading back to market to buy a couple things and then go home to sleep!!! so Thanks and I will talk to you next week! Tell everyone I miss and Love them more than they think!!! But come what may!! I love you! Your son Jeff

May 31st

How is the Baby? (New nephew born May 27th Griffin Lane Maw) He is so cute!!! Way small though. We went to Takoradi it's on the coast. Just west of Cape Coast. We played the Elders there in football it was the best game of football I've ever played. We won 3-2 it was so fun. President was there to ref and everything. Thompson and I were sick this week. He had Malaria and I had a funny headache and cough! Still here! As grandpa would say. I talked to Evans and told him we were family! He already knew. Sweeto!!! How's Nike? I miss that dog! I've been thinking and this is not final but I think I want to be a sports announcer or something like that. Sick huh? It was somehow rainy but really great weather and it was right on the coast so we could see the ocean. It was Amazing! (Where they played football this day) My cough is really deep and hurts my chest like that time we went to the hospital late that one nght. I don't know what it is but don't worry. I'm still working my butt off. Don't worry. Ghana is freakin sick and I love this work. Really I work so hard everyday!!!! The other day Thompson and I fell asleep praying. Yeah I'm getting off sorry I ran out of time! So yeah I love you all and I'm so glad the baby came safely! 1 down and 1 to go. (Another baby due in 6 wks.) I am getting better don't worry I'm just in Africa. So no P!!!! Haha I love you thanks for everything. Talk to you next week. Love Elder Speechly

May 24th

Our football team is terrible now that we had tranfers. That's great about Ethan. That's exactly where he wanted to go. I'm so stoked for him! I'm the only one not speaking spanish. I got TWI!!!Thompson was sick this week so it was really slow and long, but I'm healthy. No baptisms lined up. Soon maybe like 3 weeks. We have Zone Conference tomorrow and I will send pictures and videos like this week. Or I will try. I Love you Mom! I know without you I wouldn't be here right now. I miss you more bye!!!

May 17th

We had transfers today. We are still together and Elder Thompson is the new District Leader. I baptized Francisca! It was awesome! Elder Stats is getting a new comp. and Lecko as well. There were 8 baptisms yesterday. Two were ours. I baptised both. Here they confirm the next week and the Elders do it not the missionaries. The other one is Ishmael. He is 10. He is very smart , and very small. I felt the spirit probably the strongest on my mission so far! It was seriously awesome. The apt. is going to be different somehow. 6 more weeks together for sure!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

B-Ball Missionary style

Tro Tro Station

Bye Bye Baby

Jeff loves the little kids. Especially the babies!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Haven't posted in a while.

Thought you might miss Jeff so here's another video.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lunch in Ghana

Mothers Day Phone Call

Wow it was the best Mothers Day ever. Jeff called on Sat night about 6:00. He called to tell us when he'd call on Sunday. He sounded great. He said he'd call about 11:00 a.m. Everyone was there. We used speaker phone which worked pretty good. We got disconnected about 7 times. He has an accent. it's kind of British sounding. He talks slow and pronounces every letter. He says the Ghanaian don't understand his Utah accent. He says funny things like when he doesn't hear you he said "You Say?" instead of what? He spoke a little TWI. He pronounces it chwee. He is real happy and loves his comp., the people, and FUFU! We had a list of questions. He says church is hard because it's all in TWI and although he's getting better at the language he says it's hard.
Some of the questions and answers:
We have only cold water, we cut each others hair, favorite food is Jolas it's a fried rice, he's getting used to the heat, animals we have seen-chickens (bright pink), goats, dogs, cats, lots of lizards, snakes, spiders and plenty of mosquito's!!!
Everyone got one on one time. Then he ended the call with bearing his testimony and expressing his gratitude for all of us. It was emotional and very sweet. I can't wait until Christmas!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This is Jeff cooking in his apron he got for Christmas.

May 3rd Email

We just got back from Swedru. We traveled there to play soccer. Man I almost scored like 3 goals. I'm improving so much! It's awesome!!! We were playing the Elders up there. We had a great week. We are teaching about 30-50 lessons. Teaching is sweet, I like it but my comp does a lot of the talking. Lately I have been talking quite a bit! The spirit is so different here. I talked to Pres Sabey in my interview last week. I said "Is it bad that I can't really feel the spirit?" and he said you just can't really feel the difference because we are always feeling it. Back home we only felt it like once a week at church or so. He said you have it you just don't know it!

Francisca is getting baptized the week after Mother's Day. She is doing great!!!

I can't believe it's already Mothers Day! I'm so stoked! I'm so excited to call. I will call at 12:00 Midnight on Sat (6:00 p.m.) And let you know when I'm calling on Sun. I'm ready to answer all the questions in your letter. It will make more since if I tell you in person.

Sorry the power just went out so we couldn't email. Well we are going home so......Pops I Love You!!! Have a good hopefully fast week and I will talk to you on Sat Night!!!

I bought credit to talk thanks for the extra money. Have a good week! Hopefully a fast one!!I Love you thanks again for everything Mom I Love You!!!
Elder Speechly

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jeff and his Comp

2nd Video with Jeff and Elder Thompson in the compound. They are speaking TWI. They just have to learn it on the fly. It's not a English speaking mission. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

April 26th Email

I'm doing well! This week was kinda crappy. Like teaching wise, no one was home, no one came to church! It just wasn't a good week that way!!! But today we were making our way to play football or soccer ha ha and it started raining like seriously the hardest rain I have ever seen. We just played in the rain for like three hours. It was insanely fun!!!
Definitely a day I will never forget!!! I love Ghana!!!
Today in the rain it was just so peaceful and amazing it couldn't have happened anywhere else. I don't know how to explain it.

Apom etesen ha ha that means how is your health? TWI Gotta love it!

I will call a midnight the night before and tell you when I'm calling. (My time cuz then it's Mothers Day) I don't know if Francisca is going to be baptized on Mothers Day anymore. She didn't come to church Sunday so we might have to kick it back one week unless she proves us wrong.

We asked him if he wanted us to send his favorite cereal and powdered milk but he said no thanks. It's ok I'm living off of eggs right now and I love them and FUFU. It's so freaking GOOD!!!

I got your letter when I got the pkg but not Dad's letter yet. That's because we haven't got our mail for a week so I'm sure it will be in there the next time. My talk got moved to tomorrow so we'll see how it goes. I'm sure I'll do fine.

We go to the farm about once a week to work. I love it! It is so sick!!! There was a snake that jumped out of a tree last week it was so crazy! I just started my second second transfer 3 wks ago so 3 more weeks. I think I will be with Elder Thompson for 3 more transfers. Hopefully!!! That's what Elder Lewis said our AP. He is my hero! I love the kid!!!

You should be getting my pkg soon. It's dark and so we need to head back. Talk to you next week. Thanks for everything. Have a good week.
Elder Jeffy Speechly! The best son you ever had! Haha the only one!!!

New Game

Jeff sent us a pkg with 2 CD's of pictures. It was the best. Now we know what it looks like where he lives. He actually has a nice appt. His comp is great! I really like him. He thinks Jeff's crazy and a great big ball of JOY!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19th Email

We just got back from Cape Coast. We went to burn pictures on a disc. Then we played soccer so we just got back to our village and the cafe. (internet cafe) I got the package and it was glorious!!! My English is getting terrible because of the TWI!!!!Today was just Elder Thompson and me. We ran into Elder Adams there it was nice to see him! We are doing a lot of work teaching future leaders because Foso needs to be turned into a Stake. It is hard to find people to read and speak English. We are going to baptize Francesca on Mothers Day. She told me today that she didn't want to get baptized before we started teaching her and now she was so excited to get baptized and couldn't wait. I know I came here for a reason. I Love It!!!My area is freaking sick!!!!

Everything was in the package it was sweet! Thanks Mom I loved it! Can you send more cheese packets cuz we can get noodles and I loved the shock tarts! Can you send dads old scriptures? I just want another pair to study with? Also some after shave lotion, AAA batteries, and more tapes to record on. Thanks that would be great!

We are both learning TWI. Thompson knows it a little more TWI than I do but we are both forced to speak it. I love getting pictures. Keep sending those.

He wrote Sammy: What's up sis? How's the babes? I told Thompson the story about the tower of Terror last summer and he was laughing! I'm great Sunday's are hard cuz that's the best day at home. It's fun and tell Erik I freaking love him! And you too! enyetkra (that means not good at all TWI) haha I Love TWI!!!

I have to speak in district meeting tomorrow. Not sure what I'm speaking on. Well I love you all!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

100% Again !!!

Jeff is 100% again! He said his comp. came down with Malaria the next day. They were both down til Thurs. On Sunday they baptised two boys. Keyboard and Francis. Crazy names huh? Keyboards real name is Shadrach. They are the coolest family. One more to be baptised in the family of nine. A twin girl of one of the boys we baptised this week, will be baptised next month for sure. Their dad baptised them. We spent Easter with the family coloring eggs and it was the bomb. We took lots of pictures. I will send them in my Mothers Day Pkg. I can't wait to talk to you all!

We have a washing machine in our apt. I want to buy one so I can take it from apt to apt. We hang them out to dry. Twi is the only language spoken in church. Next month I am going to try to bear my testimony in Twi. It is real hard but I'm doing it. My testimony is strong! the Book of Mormon is true and is the keystone to the church. I can't believe how much I know.

We have fans in our apt. but the power goes out so it doesn't matter. We eat Goat, fish, beef, and lots of chicken. I'm eating my veggy's FuFu HaHa I love it and I crave it! It rains like crazy!

We were on line at the same time that's why the conversation jumps around. It is so fun cuz we can ask a lot of questions and most of the time get answers.

We don't get to listen to conference for about a month! Well I love you so much. Thanks for everything Mom I really love you and miss you a ton!

He might be a little homesick. It might be from being sick this past week.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Monday's email was late. Then we found out why. He emailed us and said I have Malaria! Oh No!!!! He said he didn't know how long he could sit and email. He was burning up and freezing even though it was hotter than garbage. This is the worst sickness in the world. He woke up early with the runs and thought it was just another Ghana Day. But then it hit him like a brick wall. Fever, headache, throwing up and down! He was getting meds at 7:00 from the Mission Pres. Hopefully he caught it fast and he won't end up in the hospital. I guess we just get to worry until next week. Remember him in your prayers.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Down a pair of socks!

This weeks email came a little late. I was worried we weren't going to get one. But when it came this is what it said. Hi family! Got the package! I love it! I am eating the candy. (I had sent his Easter Pkg and it got there early) send more pictures! Lots!!! Elder Thompson has the best sandals. You get them from the Missionary Mall. The drain so they don't get mold and nasty. My Flip flops are disgusting!!! Maybe some Mac and Cheese and Jerky more candy too! We just got back from the Cape Coast Castle. It was awesome! Really sad too. (This is the place that they kept the slaves before shipping them to America) I took tons of pictures and I am sending them on a dick so you can develop them. We have been asking the couple that we just baptized to take us to their farm and they finally said yes. We had been walking in the bush for about 30 min when I got that funny feeling....(the bathroom type) I barely made it but I did. Well I had to sacrifice a sock. Then about an hour later I had to sacrifice another one. So I'm down a pair of socks. All for service! It was a wonderful experience!

We are doing well. Tell grammy Hi and Thanks for the newspaper clippings of Coach Russell and Coach E. Tell her I miss her and love her. Tell Grandma thanks for the letter. I feel the spirit all day everyday. I'm getting the lessons down, it's a lot different her you have to teach the adults like their 10 yrs old or younger. It's just not many speak English and they are not very educated.

Well thanks for everything!!! I'm sending a package. The sandals would be great and the real Mac-n-cheese cuz it's the cheesiest!!! I Love You All!!
Love Jeffy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We heard again!!!

Today we got this email. "Hey Dad!!! We are just in Cape Coast for a mission zone conference and we just listened to Elder Dickson of the Seventy which was really neat! write back as soon as possible so we can chat. (We both emailed back and forth about 4 tiimes. It was fun cuz we got to ask a lot of questions.) His power is back on and they have propane but still no water. He says they bathe with buckets. I'm sending pictures as soon as I can. There are 6 missionaries in his apt. They all have a great time together. 2 from Accra 1 from Ivory Coast and the other from Centerville, Elder Stats. Ok we are leaving so talk to you Monday! I Love all of you and my sisters and my brothers!!!BYE!!!
It was great to know that they have some of their luxuries back!!!

Life in Ghana without power and water!

This weeks email was alittle scary. "We have been without power for the past 2 wks and propane and water for one too. We have been fetching it out of a well but now our well is dry! HaHa that's fine we're ballers and it doesn't phase us. Actually we are kind of struggleing but it should get back to normal this week. There are a lot of lizards and they all do push ups!!! Lots of chickens and goats all over the place. The baptism was amazing! I didn't get to baptize them because Pres. Sabey was there because Elder Thompson and I are the first to complete the goal of baptizing a family so he wanted a member to do it. But we have another baptism set for Easter Sunday. Two young boys like 18 and 19 brothers. They are so tight. I Love these boys! It was really fun just seeing John and Comfort Maensah get dunked yesterday as my first baptism. It was so neat just to know that I was apart of their new life and starting such a great thing in their life. Don't worry about us seriously! I Love You all and your in my prayers as well!!!! Miss You!!! Talk to you next week.
Love Jeff

Monday, March 8, 2010

Email Monday

I love Monday's! We got a new email (acctually several) from Jeff. He sounds so GOOD. He says they taught 50 lessons this week. They are seriously tearing it up. He gets up at 6:00 every morning and they make oats, which are his favorite. Then they read or do whatever for personal time. Then Comp study and then they leave the apt about 9 or 10 depends on appointments. They are out all day. They stop and buy bread and water or sprite or Fanta and eat on the move. They get back to the appt. by six because they can't teach after dark. The power goes off every night. The sun is killing them. He can only wear his gray or charcol pants because they sweat so much you can see rings all over his black pants. He is really tan already. He doesn't dare put his USB cord in the computer there so he will send home his picture card soon so we have some pictures of him. He has several Soccer Jerseys. They are super cheap. They contact a lot on the street because there isn't really doors on the houses. But they have a lot of appointments. He speaks TWI!!!!! He speaks it all the time. He says they don't understand his english because of his Utah accent. He says it's hard but it is a fun language. He says they lied when they said it is english speaking. It's mostly TWI. We were on the computer at the same time and had a few other short emails. He is happy and healthy!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Emails

So Sun night I didn't sleep very well. It was like Christmas. I thought we would be getting a email from Jeff. At 7:00 a.m. I checked email and it was there! He used his gmail account because he was having a hard time setting up his new one through the church. He got my package and said he loved it and all the other missionaries took everything! HaHa glad I sent a lot. He said it had been a crazy week. He and Elder Thompson (from Orem) taught 30 lessons in 4 days!!!! He says he is so tight he loves him. He is teaching me so much. We have a baptism set for the 14th of March. A family the Mensah's. Their daughter is the cutest little girl besides Ruby that ever walked this earth! He's doing lots of work and loving it. I Love yo all write back cuz I get to check email tomorrow. Love Elder Speechly!!!

Then we noticed another email. Hey this is my ldsmail email we figured it out like seriously right after I sent the other one. Respond to this one tomorrow. I am going to Cape Coast and will email again. Love ya

Tues Email I got up and ran to the computer Brent said he already checked and there wasn't one. When I was a work one came through. He said; "It's really HOT!!! Very Humid I have lost 10 lbs. and still losing like crazy. The food is really actually good! FUFU is still growing on me I just can't get past the gag reflex HAHA oh well.....Elder Thompson and I are so close I love him he is amazing!!! We are having so much fun together. We stay up till like 12 every night talking man talk. HaHa it's really fun.
We are in a Village called ASSIN FOSU. It's about a 1 1/2 hrs from Cape COast. It's pretty ghetto but really cool. We have nice things in our apt. and we live really well for being in Africa!!! They say OBRUNI like crazy! (That means White person)We just got out of zone conference and the new goal is to baptise a husband and wife and family by July 4 which will be completed on 14th March. Ha I am so stoked!!!! It's really amazing!!! I'm so busy everyday I only think about home when I get into bed. Send more picks for my teeth. We eat pretty well rice and stew everyday and oals for breakfast! The fruit is amazing! I love Fanta and the water sachet!!!! They really do save my life. It's a straight village and were doin work! I Love you all an miss you too! Your all in my prayers!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ghana MTC

He's in Ghana since Feb. 5th. Brent and I took Jeff to the airport on Feb 4th at 4:30 in the morning. He was supposed to be there 3 hrs. early. We got there at 5:15 and checked him in then we had about 2 1/2 hrs. It was kind of nice. Jeff was real nervous and couldn't really eat. After saying goodbye we watched as he went through security. Crying the whole time. He traveled to NY alone. We got a phone call about 3:00. He made it to NY but threw up when they landed. He didn't feel very good but met up with two other missioniaries, from Arizona and Texas. That made me feel better. The next phone call came at 2:45 am Fri. He made it but was sick and threw up the whole plane ride. He felt better since landing. We got a email from the MTC Pres. wife with a picture.It said that Jeff was doing great. He is delightful. You can be very proud of him. There is 51 missionaries in his group. 23 are French speaking. 28 are from Australia, Tonga, the states, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierrea Leone and Ethiopia. Jeffs comp is from Ethiopia. So he is having an amazing cultural experience. We got a letter from Jeff on Feb 17th. He said he loves it! The humidity is killing him. The food is different. He has a best friend. Elder Adams from NV. They are just a like in every aspect. He says that's good! He has gone to the Temple. He loves Pres and Sis Froerer! Can't wait to get our first email from him probably on Mar 1st! He leaves the MTC on Feb 23rd. Elder Holland is going to be in Africa to speak to the whole Cape Coast Mission. He thinks he gets to go to that.Less than a week to go! It's not hard to pick out Jeff. If you make it larger you can see he is posing on the back row. He's one of 4 white missionaries.