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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec 12th Email

A Great and Marvelous Journey!!!!

What's up Family and Friends? This is your boy Elder Speechly reporting live from the beautiful and dusty Sunyani Brag-Ahafo Ghana!!!!

This week was totally hectic but it was a complete success and a whole lot of fun!!!
We started off the week by going to ZL council! Waking up at 5 on Tuesday morning and headed to the Metro Mass station to travel to Kumasi. My comp and I got to Kumasi really early so we just walked through the heart of the city. It's been awhile since I have been there so it was cool to see everything again. Kumasi is just so big . It's tight and super busy! Then we met up at the STC Station with the other ZL's Elder Briggs, Elder Hernandez, Elder Alba, and Elder Halimariam! 4 of the 6 of us are from Utah, the big 801!!!! We got on the bus and traveled down to Cape. Spent the night in the mission home and enjoyed a sweet dinner and sweet air conditioning (very cold) Haha. We had a sweet breakfast and then the meeting started. When the other ZL's got there we learned how to be good leaders and discussed where our mission needs to go and all that good stuff. It was a powerful day! Then after the meeting it was about 12 so we ate lunch and just kind of cleaned up and got ready to head back home to Sunyani! (7 hr bus ride) Haha! But the Ap's told up they were coming to Kumasi so we rode with them which was tight. I rode shotgun and talked with Adams the whole ride home it was EPIC! We drove through Abuasi a place they just opened up. I met Elder Lawton also my really good friend on mish. It's mim and Adams and I now!!!!! Yeah so we got to Kumasi really late so we decided to sleep at the Bantama Apt! So that was just another big sleepover with the Kumasi ZL's and the AP's! Then Thurs morning we woke up, jumped on a bus and rode home to good ol Sunyani!!!!! We were both dead....(running on like 5 hrs sleep in the last 4 days) but we had to catch up on all our investigators so we jumped right on it again!!!!! Did Work!!!!!Then yesterday the AP's and Pres Shulz and Sis Shulz came up to Suny town to do some Branch Training with all the leaders up here. That was right after church and then after that meeting was a meeting with the missionaries and the then after that he interviewed some of us. We were at the church from 8 AM til 9 PM. It was a crazy long day but SWEETO!!!!!! Haha so yeah we still taught 15 lessons and set a baptismal date with 3 people for next Saturday!!!! So even though we were super busy we still did work!!!! I absolutely loved this week. I might have to say it was one of the best weeks of my mission!!! Brown and I are loving life and doing the work .! What can I say more.(Jacob 6:12)

I love you all!!!!
Elder Jeff Speechly

P.S. They said we could skype for Christmas which would be tight but the cafe's up here are not good enough and it totally kills the mood and all the emotions in the call. So I vote on just calling but you can hit me up next week with your input Thanks!!!! Nothin but Love!!!!!

Dec 5th Email The Good Shepard

Hey Family and Friends!!!!

So this is my Christmas card this year. You can go print it and send it to the peeps in the ward and friends and family! Thanks!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!! Christmas is freaking flying up! I'm so stoked!!!

My comp and I are tearing it up! I love being up here. I think I am working the hardest I have my whole mission. It's sweet!!!! It is a different work though. When I was up here last time I was working like crazy but it was more contacting and teaching and no success. No one would come to church. It was hard also in Mankessim. I was just so busy with interviews and splits and meetings and all those things. It was just hectic work!Now we are teaching really powerful people who are coming to church. We have already had 8 baptisms in 3 weeks and we're getting more ready for Christmas, so we can have a White Christmas! Haha that's what we call it here! We also do the other things to keep us busy like splits and interviews for the DL. So yeah we are staying busy and having fun! The members are so fun here because we are small. Not many here in our branch. We are like one Big Family! I absolutely love it here! I will cry when I leave here! i already know it! As for my apt. there is 4. 1 Nigerian who is freaking chill Elder Roberts. 1 Ghanaian and Elder Brown. He is super smart. Every night we gather in his room and we just have super deep doctrine talks. It's so fun but it just blows my mind. All these guys are super smart. It's like I'm the recent convert and they are children of record. But it's all good. I'm learning Haha!

Well I'm super Super stoked for Lillard. That's awesome! Go Weber!!!!!
Tomorrow we are traveling down to Cape Coast to spend the night in the mission home and have ZL council the next day. It should be powerful! We will be there for a couple days getting mail and supplies. All the stuff for our Zone up here so we will be busy! I will let you know how it goes!

Love you all! Take care from the wind!!!! And don't forget WEBER STATE WEBER STATE GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Speechly

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nov 28th Email

Hey Family! What's up?!!!!!

As for me I'm just kickin it here in Suny Town GH!!!!!! Just enjoying life! We are staying busy and just doing work! We had a baptism on Saturday that just happened! Our man was beggin to be baptized and it just worked out. He is a very powerful guy. Just ready to learn more. We have a lot of really great inestigators right now! So yeah it's crazy!

I'm still somehow shocked that Sammy is having another baby and moving! It's just crazy! I'm super stoked for them right now! I'm excited for Christmas! I'm excited for my package! I could use money it's always good! I ate my Thanksgiving meal in one day! We are planning our Christmas party for the branches and it will be sweet!

I guess you didn't get the pics. I sent them so I don't know? I wait a little longer and if you don't get them I'll send them again after Christmas! This keyboard really sucks! I'm sorry but I'm on it! I gave the material to Stats so he has it!

I love you all! I'm out of time so sorry but next week I will write a better one I promise!

Elder Speechly

Nov 21st Email

Hey Mom and Pop!!!!

Sounds like the second half of your trip went a lot better! I think that you deserve it! Sounds awesome!!!! I'm just totally jealous! But it's all good. We'll go back one day!

Well Wednesday I left Cape Coast and didn't get up to Kumasi till about 7. So I ended up sleeping over in the ZL's apt. in Kumasi. Then woke up and got on another bus on my way to Suny Town! I got there around 10 in the morning. So I got to the house unpacked and went straight to work. We had have a baptism this Saturday and Sunday so the DL up here had to come on splits. He had to do interviews so it was super hectic! I got to go on splits into my old area. I saw all my old investigators and stuff. It was sweet! I saw Meshack, the guy who almost got baptized. Still a stud and one day one day he will be! So it's all good!

Thursday we went around and met all the members in the area and taught some sweet lessons. It's so sweet to be back here! They all speak such great English! So then Friday we just taught a lot again and went to see the rest of the members and investigators!!! Saturday morning was the first baptism. It went really well! It was nice really nice! Then Sunday was Freaking SWEET!!!!!! The branch is powerful. It's awesome to see how it's grown in the last six months! We had the primary program and watched General Conference in English!!!! I loved the members. They just were so excited that I came back! I didn't know all of them from last time but I knew and recognized quite a bit. I love it here! I'm excited to finish up here working hard! I will definitely finish hard being here with Brown as a ZL! Yes his name is Griffin. He is sweet! We are working really hard and walking really fast!!!!!! He is a cool guy! As for ZL we will be traveling a lot! Like when stuff needs to be up there we go all the way down to Cape Coast to get it Haha We will go down and stay in the Mission home for the night with the other ZL's so it's going to be fun!

I love you and miss you all so much! Just one month til Christmas!!!!

Bye Bye
Your son
Elder Speechly

Neat Story

We just went to Hawaii for our first time and this story happened while we were there. I told Jeff and I wanted to share it on here. We were in Oahu and it was crazy because APEC was going on the exact time we were there. Pres Obama came and left on the same day we did! He was staying across the street from our hotel! Well we got out of Waikiki and went up to go to the Polynesian Cultural center and the Temple. After the temple we went to lunch. We were checking our emails and there was a email from my MM website frm a woman in Hawaii whose son was going to West Africa Benin on his mission. I said to Brent I wonder if that's the town we're in? I wasn't sure. We got in the car to go to the PCC and realized we didn't bring our sunscreen! We pulled into a store and I ran in. I got in line and the woman behind me said to the woman in front of me Hi son just got his call to Africa! I wasn't sure if that's what she said but I waited then said Did you just say your son was going to Africa? She said yes! I said My son's in Africa! She said hers was going to Benin. I said mine was in Ghana. I told her I just read on the website that someone from Hawaii just got his call and she said that was me. She asked my sons name. I told her she said I just read your blog this morning!!!! I couldn't believe it! She said yeah and he said have fun in Hawaii and here you are in foodtown! Oh my what a small world!!!!! I went out to the car and told Brent he said your lying! Then her daughter walked by the car and waved! He said really that just happened. Then she walked by and waved! Wow the church is true!!! Haha but really it was amazing!!! To travel that far from home and just be in the right place at the right time. Tender mercy's of the Lord!

Nov 15th Email

Hey Mom and Pops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like the trip is not going according to plan! But isn't that how life kinda is? Well at least how my life has been! Haha Just like the transfer news I just received..... I'm going back to Suny Town to be a Zone Leader this time! Haha It's crazy. I'm somehow sad. I kind of wanted to finish my mission without being in leadership, but I guess this will help me finish strong! I am excited! I will leave tomorrow morning and travel all the way back up!!!!!! My branch this time is bigger and better though. So it should be sweet! My comp Hunt is going to stay here and train! My new comp in Suny Town will be Elder Brown. He's from Dallas TX. He is a hard worker so it will be good to finish working and sprinting! I'm excited!!!!

So yeah that's crazy news! Ben and Israel both sent me emails and they are real good! I miss the boys! I miss you too! I'm excited for my time. I like where I am right now! I will do the Speechly name proud here in Ghana! Haha Hawaii sounds fun! Give Obama a hug for me Haha Sounds like you can't even get a look at him! That story is way sweet! I will have to share it in Church next week! Thanks I love you two so much. I'm sad to leave here but I think if I stayed I might get a little trunky, just because it's easy and simple here now!!!!

I love you and will talk to you next week. I have to go I have a lot of packing to do!!!!

Elder Speechly

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 8th Email

3 months from today Elder Jeffery Speechly will be home!!!!

Hey you guys!!!!!

What's up? I'm so stoked for you all! You all got to see Ben and Izrael! I'm so jealous! I miss my boys so much. Those guys are my hero's! They made me who I am today. I love them and miss them! I'm stoked to come home and do work ans school and just everything with them. Vancheirie is engaged! I heard from Thompson.Hahaha I just hope he waits for me to get home but it will probably be at the end of December I'm guessing. You should go haha. I wish I could be there. It's all good. The time is coming but not yet I still have work enough to do!!!! I will know probably Sat about transfers. I will let you know!

We have done a ton of interviews and even this week I have interviews everyday. I don't even think I will be teaching my own investigators. Unless on Sunday at church. Which is sweet! Oh speaking of church we watched the General Conference, but the whole thing was in Fante so it was hard , but I could hear quite a bit. It was sweet, but there was not enough to really understand the talks. It was really deep Fante like the leaders didn't even understand all! But we're on it and I will read it soon!

I hope you have fun in Hawaii! You will go and enjoy!!! Sweet it's good though and you deserve it! I'm sad about Sammy and Erik though! It's sweet because I have a reason to go to Denver! I have never been so it's cool in that way but other than that totally lame! haha I miss Erik and Sammy and freak Brody and Amy and of course my big Sis Apes!!! An d Trenton Mcguire!!!! Haha it's been awhile. I'm excited to hear from you all on Christmas! I miss you all so much! It's all good MI Wo Ho!!!! Haha well I gotta split. I have 4 interviews in Abakrampa! So peace out and remember to keep the faith and to get some!!!!

Love you all bye bye!!!
Elder Speechly

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nov 1st Email

Hey what's up best coolest family in the world?

Sounds like a bad week. It kind of was here. Just real slow and not much going on. We didn't have any splits or interviews this week so it's like we had a lot of catching up to do. It's hard to do a lot when one week it will be crazy hectic and have like a half a day of proselyting in my area the whole week and the next we will be in our area the entire week. It's hard cuz you don't want a huge pool of investigators, but at the same time you need a few for those slow weeks!

It all good! We are working with 4 investigators getting them ready for baptism within the next two weeks. That will be sweet and exciting! We had Apt. checks/interviews and they went really real. Pres asked a lot about my comp like if he thinks he is ready to train and stuff. So I'm pretty sure he is going to train. He also hinted that I would be going and finishing somewhere I have already served. Haha Lucky for me that can only be one of two places Fosu or Sunny Town. I don't know which but whatever happens happens. I guess I'm stoked but sad that I will have to leave here. i think this place is by far the best areas I have had! The members are just so powerful!

It's crazy Ben and Izzy are coming home this week. It's tight but I'm missing them more now haha! It's all good! 14 weeks haha

I will finish strong sprinting and on top! I will send pictures this week I promise. I will have to burn them so I will first have to find a guy here that can do that. I got the material so I will send it with Stats! I will go see him in the mission home before he goes home! I think you will like it. I hope you do! I love it haha! But I have been here and around it for along freaking time!

Ok well I gotta go! Sorry not too much to talk about. It's just the same here in too! Love you and just surprise me in the package! Love you all and thanks for the love and support!!! Peace!!!

Elder J Speech!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oct 25th email

Hey Family!!!!!

Ha so this week it was my comps turn to have Malaria! It's not funny but for once it wasn't me!!!! I felt bad and helped him! But still I was happy it wasn't me for the first time in a long time!!!! It started Sunday at church. So earlier in the week we had splits with the AP's and that was tight. They brought up our mail and my 2 glorious packages haha!!!!! Thank you so much! All of it is very needed! We got to be with Adams so we enjoyed that! We taught some investigators that we are preparing for baptism. Adams helped them jump a big step. So thats fine! In the next few weeks we will have 4 to 5 baptisms. They will be really powerful people. How do I know that? Because they were so stubborn to get into the church in the first place! Haha Then Friday we had to travel down early in the morning to the Aubura stake center for the Mission Tour with Elder Gaverette from he seventy. He is a powerful man but just kinda crasy haha. Nobody really understood his Spanish accent. All my boys could have though. Haha Ben Izzy Ethan and Mason! Freak those guys and their Spanish! I love them! It's crazy how much I miss those cats! I'm stoked for Ben and Izzy too! Crazy how fast it's gone!

But anyway at the tour I got my travel plan paper. It like asked about the airport name and all that jazz. So I sent it in and last night Adams called me up and said that our flight plans are already in! He said we are sitting next to each other the whole way to SLC. He will fly into Salt Lake with me. I'm super excited!!!! It's gonna go by so fast! Finish Strong!!!! I will leave half my heart in the Field!

When exactly when are you going to Hawaii? I'm jealous! But you deserve it! I will buy the material this week and give it to Stats, if it will fit in his bag! haha I hope so!!!!
Don't worry though! I have been reading the Doctrine and Covenants a section a day thing. I think I told you about it. Anyway it's crazy how much Christ just straight gave it to the early church members! Straight chastisement! It's tight! In a way our prophet does it too! Just quiet and simple though!

I Love you. My comp is still not feeling well today! We are having Apt checks and interviews on Friday so I will tell you about that!
Love you and talk to you next week!

Elder Speechly

Oct 18th email

Hey Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freaking long time!!!!!!!!I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't worry nothing is wrong. I've been healthy and workin hard. So hard that I just have had no time to email. I'm sorry! I tried last week but the net was down so we couldn't . But yeah doing lots and lots of interviews because the mission has got a new goal. 500 baptisms before the end of the year! The mission has had about 800 so far so it's like we almost have to do a 3rd of what we already have. It's only for wards and stakes and I'm in a branch , run under the mission so were not among
the goal but I feel like I am cause I'm doing so many interviews! It's fine though! I love it! Even today I can't talk long. Just about to go on splits with the AP's that's Adams so I'm stoked! We just got back from District meeting which went well. Now we are heading to the Apt to meet them there!

I'm jealous you got to see all those guys at Thompsons Homecoming! Can't wait to come home. The office couple today said I should be getting my travel requests soon. It kind of freaks me out, but excited at the same time!

Friday we are having a mission tour with one of the 70. Elder Gaverette. I think is his name! I guess a really powerful speaker so I'm excited for that! I'll let you know about it next week!

Yesterday was a a really sweet p-day. We went to Kakum the national park where you climb the Canopy walk in the trees. It was awesome!!!!I took some really sweet pictures! I love it here! I have been getting so much food haha. FM ares the best! I just always feel bad after I eat so much! But they wouldn't have it any other way and neither would I!

Well sorry it was short, but we are running a little late. I promise I will email a big one next week.

Love you all and thanks for all the love and support!!!!!

Bye Bye!!!!!
Elder Speechly

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept 27th Email

Hey FAMDIZZLE!!!!!!!

Whats up? Haha just the same here! I just got Freakin Malaria again!!!! Well at least I think it was. Like it was the same symptoms except I wasn't nauseous. Just really tired and weak...but yeah I'm totally fine now! That was like Wednesday til Sunday! I couldn't go out in the sun. I would get really light headed! So I just listened to Sis Shulz and drank plenty of water and slept it off. Now I feel like 100 Cedis haha not bucks, Cedis hahah So no news on my part really..... Sorry!

Oh but Sunday after church we got back to the house and looked at our thermometer and it said that it was 112 degrees!!! We were dying Ha! It was probably the second hottest day of my mission! The first was up in Suny Town when Alba and I rode those bikes to that University and just died! That was fun thought! I didn't think it really got that hot here but it does! I read it with my own eyes!

I had the Frey stuck in my head while I was sick! I freaking miss them! Have they come out with a new cd or any new songs? I love those guys. I miss music! It's ok because just as you said 4 more months!!!! What the????!!!! I can't believe that! I keep telling my son, Hunt all these sweet stories from early on the mission! When I was with Thompson and it's crazy how long ago that really was! I miss him! I miss Fosu! I miss Suny Town! But I think Mankessim is my favorite place I have been. I don't really know why really it's not much different that Fosu. I just have true honest love for this area! Not that with the others I didn't but it just seems a little more real! I don't know how to explain it!

Mom I want to send some stuff with Thompson or Stats. So whatever? I will just need some money to buy the fabric. I want to get some for you and the girls too! I have ties for all the guys! It's crazy I am getting so ready to come home. But at the same time it kills me to leave here! I absolutely love it here! But we have to come back!

I'm stoked that you are going to Hawaii! I'm jealous! Freak that's awesome! But whatever I guess you deserve it Hahaha! You both do. I love you both so much. I can't begin to say that I wish before my mission I would have spent more time with you and my freaking awesome sisters. I was an arrogant prideful sack of crap! Haha I'm sorry. I love you all!!!! Grammy too!! I miss her Mexican food so much! Bean Burritos!!! And just her teaching me every second of every day how to become the man I should be!!!! And Grandma Ruby her wonderful heart. Always wanting me to learn and not make the same mistakes her Son(pops) made haha jk pops just giving you crap! To my BIL's man I miss kickin it with you getting in to some trouble but nothing serious! Just being brothers, I never had til you married my sisters! But I just want every single one of you to know that if it wasn't for you, my family, I wouldn't be here so thanks! I love you!!!

Yeah I guess that's it for this week! Get Some!!

Your Favorite son/brother/granson/uncle/friend/missionary
Elder Jeffery Brent Speechly

Sept 20th Email

Hey Family!

Thanks for the Birthday packages and the wishes too! I had a great day!!! We went to church and then went to some members place. Then we came home and made the cake! That cake was absolutely delicious! I died of sugar overload! Haha!!! All the candy and everything! But it's ok I loved it!!! I recieved 3 packages!

Saturday we had the baptism! Her name is Faustina! She is about 15 and she is way smart and cool! She has some friends in the church which is good cause now we know she'll really stay! So she was baptized Sat. and then came to church on Sunday! My Birthday and was confirmed so that was really awesome to see and to have happened!

Lets see we ad some interviews down in Moree on the coast! Those were really cool. I was ding the interviews on the beach Haha! It was fun! The families that live around our compound, in our area, really love us! I really love them! I truely hope and pray that I can finish my mission here in Mankessim! I love the branch too! We are just so close that it feels like home! Feels like home to me, feels like home to me. It feels like I'm already home where I come from! Haha remember that song? I think it's from How to lose a guy in 10 days or something haha!

Anyway I don't know who that Spencer kid is. I only know guys from their last names haha of Elder! But for the other one, I think it was Elder Carton. He left about a year ago and I got an email a couple months ago from Hannah Burr, Do you remember her? He was in her guitar class up at BYU Idaho. She said he told her the same thing. I had no idea what he meant. I never did anything out of the ordinary. I love the kid and we were tight. I didn't know I helped him stay! I miss him!

But yeah we are just doin work Hunt and I are just tearin it up! Not much teachin our own people though the mission is blowin up with baptisms. Our district is no different. I'm doing interviews so much that we just teach when we can. But those we are teaching are progressing Great! SOon we should have another baptism with about 4 or 5 so that's something coming!

I love you all and miss you ALL!!!!!! 4 months and counting!!!

Your BOy
Elder Jeffery Brent Speechly

Sept 12th Email

Hey Mom

I totally don't have much time today. We are at the mission home today and spending the night. My comps Name is Elder Hunt. If you can will you put my B-Day money in today. I just wanted to have a fun Birthday week.

I got the big package today because I'm here. It's awesome! Sorry I couldn't help but open it! It's sweet the only thing missing was pictures! Tell Sammy thanks and that I love her and the same to Grammy. Text Pops and tell him I miss his emails and that I love him! Tell him to enjoy Europe! Well I will email tomorrow I promise! I gotta go!!!

Love ya and miss ya more than you will understand!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sept 5th Email

Hey Everybody!!!!

Everything here in the GH is freaking sweet!I'm loving my comp. My second son and the area. We are just doing the work and enjoying it! I'm so excited. I hope and pray I will be able to finish this way! I want to finish strong here with this comp. We are just getting a long so well!

Mankessim is now down to 2 Elders. Which is hard to do but it is just right in the middle where 4 is too crowded but 2 isn't enough. Haha so I guess we are doing it right! The members love us! They feed us all the time. I'm still eating fufu and banku all the time. But when I'm in the house I have been eating eggs. A lot of egg sandwiches and egg omelets and indo mie of course. I love that stuff. In case I haven't told you about it, it's exactly like top ramen, but better flavor. But I eat bread and hot milo every morning! It's the best! Amy said she found it back home. That's sweet! You should all try it! Eat what I'm eating! Funny thing I think I have some kind of worm or something cause I eat more now that I have my whole mission. I'm still losing weight. I'm down to 202. I just weighed on Thursday . It's so crazy but it's sweet!

Not really a lot to tell except that we're working with a girl by the name of Fausty. She will be baptized on the Saturday before my Birthday. That is the 17th. So I'm excited for that. She is like 16 and just way sweet and excited to be in the church. She just wants to always learn and learn and learn..... So I told her I'm still learning and I have been in the church my whole life! Haha

I have been reading the Doctrine and Covenants. I'm trying to read a section a day and study it and learn. It's really cool cause I have never really sat down and read the D&C from cover to cover. So yeah I'm learning!!!

I bore my testimony in Full STRAIGHT FANTE/TWII yesterday! It was legit. It was like the first time I didn't have to stall, think, and pause, look down or any of that! I was proud of myself. I can't wait to come home and do it there. Haha people will think it's fake! But it's sweeto!!!!

Well Fam I love you! I will talk to ya next week! I'm excited for my birthday. Thanks for the love and support! Stay sweet!

Luke 9:62 New favorite scripture!!!! Get Some!!!

Elder Speechly

August 30th Email

Hey Family!!!!!!

So I loaded new pics! It's me just doing me!!!Haha But yeah this week was sweet. Just been showing my son Hunt around the area and meeting all the members! Sunday was the branches primary program. We enjoyed that a lot. It was sweet to see our recent convert family being a part in it and to be honest they did probably the best! Memorized their parts and everything! We still go to see them and watch church movies with them every week!

Today was District meeting. We did a little get to know you game for the elders in the zone/district. We asked some questions and heard their testimonies. It went really well. The special guest was the new office couple the Asay's. They are really nice people! They surprised us by telling us their story and stuff but they are really young. He is 50 and she just turned 48. I was shocked! I thought to myself my parents are older than them. Haha They are sweet people!

Tomorrow is zone conference. I'm excited a lot of new changes happening within the mission. So I am excited to hear about it. They just told us that much. Sorry I don't have much to talk about. I'm excited for pops and his trip. I'm excited for all that kind of stuff. I'm ready to hear and see all about it. Mom the wedding sounded epic. I'm sad I missed it but it's cool! Next week I will tell you a lot about our investigators and stuff so no P!

Love you and miss you!

Elder Baby Jet Speechly

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aug 25th Email

Hey Familly!!!!!

So I got a lot of things to say today! It's been a hectic 10 days or so.....

First off I am not coming home on the 20th haha. It's back to the normal February 5th! Long Thursday night Pres. calls me and says Speech I know we said everything was great and all we had to do was the paper work. But I have lost sleep and I woke up this morning thinking that I will need you here and our Heavenly Father needs you here at the time the most. So I said ok no problem I'm fine with that! Then he said I also want you to know that I will need you because I want you to train a new missionary again! I have a second son haha! So yeah transfer news was not til Monday so he said I was to keep it quiet til then. It tore me up inside haha jk. So yeah Bond went out train in Sekondi, Stats old area. So the other two in my apt left as well so it's just me and my greenie from now on!

My son is from Auburn Washington! He is a straight redneck but I love him. He is way funny and out going which is great. We are getting along great! He is young just barely turned 19 and is sweet kid! He has a pretty serious girlfriend so he doesn't stop talking about her! But I will work him so hard he'll forget about her haha! No we really are gonna enjoy each other. He reminds me of one of the Halverson's except just a slight more HICK!

I'm really excited to train again. I think I will be with him til the end of my mission and "Die" here in good old Mankessim!!!! I Love the members here and just the people in general. I love this town. We are about 10 minutes in land so we can go to the Coast whenever we want!!! Hahaha But yeah we are busy and he will enjoy being a DL'S comp haha he will think it's crazy especially because it's so hectic already! But we're on it!

So we played basketball on Monday and sent Bahme home and then got the call and we were just busy on Monday. Then Tuesday after district meeting I was planning on emailing like usual but we had random transfers and I had to wait in Cape to pick up my son and see my first son Jack up to Kumasi. I probably wont see him before I go home! I will miss that kid!

So Yeah even right now I don't have time to talk so much. I'm in a hurry. Just wanted to let you know the new crazy news. Hahah So I love you! Thanks for everything! Can't wait for my Bday pkg. I'm excited and the money is really in need! I love you and Thank you I will make sure and talk to you Monday with better details on everything!

Elder Speechly "Baby Jet" Speechly

Aug 16th Email

Hello Everybody!!!!!

I miss Nike!!!! (the Dog) Every time I hear his name I just wanna fall to my knees and cry haha jk but seriously I miss him,. Dogs here are so small and annoying! So give him a big hug for me and tell him I miss him and I'm comin home soon!

So I did talk to Pres Shultz about coming home and he is fine with it. Just like you said , so that was Tues and everything just felt right. I have been praying and fasting and it just seems like the right thing for me... Then on Saturday morning I got a phone call from President saying that he thought it would be this simple just change flight and all the travel stuff. then go home but now I'm supposed to talk to you and send this today and you need to reply today so that I can come back tomorrow to see it and then call him with more feedback and my final verdict. So yeah I'm here..... for me like I said I just don't want to come home and fall behind. When I'm busy I am fine. It's a long time to wait for school. Also I've been praying and fasting and it just feels right to me. So yeah I need you to talk about it and get back to me today!!!

Monday we went to Takoradi to play football. It was fun just a really long traveling day. I hate traveling!!!! We won and I was the keeper. I'm getting pretty good!

Tuesday District meeting REMIX!!!! haha Pres Shultz came to our district meeting to see how things are going and I instructed on the Doctrine of Christ. The the AP's gave small instruction then Pres said some things. It was nice after we talked about going home and it was sweet talking to him. He loves me and I love him! He really really likes me haha!!!

Wednesday-Normal day. I'm in my area Do Work SON~!!!

Thursday-I went to do interviews in ABAKRAMPA a small village and did work there!

Friday Normal day!

Saturday went to Cape Coast to play a football match with some school team. The ZL's hooked up for us. It was fun! Then Pres called.

Sunday was a great Sabbath Day. I fasted and it felt good! Visited some members and Got Some FUFU!!!HAHA

Monday-we went down to Cape to play basketball and tear it up. I played so good! I always do when Adams is there! We just play with chemistry! It's sweet!!!

Today-District meeting. We had goodbye testimonies from Elder Bahme and Elder Hancey. They are both sweet guys!

This mission is about to be flipped upside down! 20 missionaries are going home on Monday and 18 are coming in!!!! It's going to be insane! Transfers are Monday . I will let you know about those!

So Yeah I guess I will write you again tomorrow. Peace out! I need details and feedback thanks!

Love you and Miss you!!!

Your favorite son/missionary!
Elder Speechly

Hey Mom!!!

Thanks that really helps me out a lot! It was basically what I know you were gonna say but is needed! I think I am the only one from my group. Everyone else went to a little bit of school before! I would leave the 20th of Dec. So just start looking into getting school started and register and all the jazz!

Other than that my debt card expires Oct. so I don't know what you need to do but just warning you.

Thanks for your support and I will let you know soon on the final verdict! Love you ll and miss you!

Elder Speechly

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Newer Pictures

New area Mankessem. New companion Elder Bond.

New Pictures Finally!!!

Last area Sunyani. Companion Elder Alba.

Aug 8th Email

Hey you guys!!!!!!!(Goonies) Haha

I'm totally stoked you got the pics that's awesome!!!! Sorry if I scared you with that story last week. I just thought I should tell you haha! But don't worry the Lord is protecting us! I promise!

This week was sweet! No interviews and no splits. I got to be in my area teachin My peeps! It was awesome! We just had a blast. Bond and I are getting along great! He was home schooled and is the complete opposite of me., but we just "complete" each other. JK but seriously I thrive on his knowledge of the gospel and just knowledge in general you could say! He thrives off my out going crazy insane sweet epic stories! But we just do work and enjoy our missions!

But this week is going to be the opposite. Today we have a district meeting with the President, instructing small and then also Friday a meeting with the new mission doctor! So that should be crazy! Then some splits and interviews here and there but it's still freaking fun! I love it here! I don't want to be transferred! They are in 3 weeks! So yeah I will talk to Pres. Shulz today about the going home and get it all settled so I will let you know the verdict next week! It's really been eating me up. I just have mixed feelings!!! I still don't really know what I want for my birthday. Just money and a package is sweet for me!

I can't believe you met Callie! I totally wrote her! She will get my letter when she gets home! Haha that's sweet she is a really cool girl. She wrote me a pretty epic letter. It is a crazy small world!

So yeah I'm just still doing work. Love you and thanks for everything! I will hit you next week Bye bye!!!
Love Elder Speechly

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aug 1st Email

Family What's Up!!!!

Just chillin here in good ol MANKESSIM!!! Today was a freakin hot day!!! We just played some American Football and Ultimate Frisbee on the beach up here instead of Cape Coast. The Swedru Zone came so I got to see Jack!!!!He is doing good. I miss him seriously we tore it up in FOSU!!!! But yeah also did some wash in the washing machine that Stats lift haha so no P. I'm not complaining! Now it's time to come to town and send the greatest family in the world an email!

So this week still the same old stuff! Haha interviews teaching our family solid and watchin the church movies. Gotta love church movies Hahaha!!!

Sunday was Hectic. So I'm going to tell you a little how my sabbath went haha! So it started off great! Normal day at church, then we closed and went home for some lunch and while we were there I wanted to charge my camera battery, so I was putting the adapter into the socket, my finger was touching the prongs that go into the socket and so I got Sweet 300 volts runnin in my system!!!! Basically put me on my butt. Pretty much tasted death haha!
Ok not death but it did totally put me on my butt and I heard a ringing in my ear. It was the craziest thing ever!!!!

But hold on that's just the beginning of the day! Then we went out and one of our members asked us at church if we could go and give his grandma a blessing. So we said my man no P. We'll be there at 3:00. So we make our way to his house. We get there and we started the journey into hell. Which we didn't know at the time , but you'll understand in a minute..... So fast forward an hour and we are just arriving at the so called "grandma's house" and it's just a normal Ghana house. All concrete and so we go in the room and there is like 12 people there. Mostly older ladies . So we greeted them all. Talked my perfectly fluent FANTE/TWI haha not! Sat down getting ready to start and Micheal (the member) says oh they want you to teach them so I said Wow ok, no problem. Then you can translate and as we were bowing our heads to start to pray, this girl maybe 21 or so, walks in murmuring under her breath and clapping he hands in a circle around me. Bond and I just lift our heads up and looked at each other like, What the FREAK!!!! What is she doing? She had white lacy stuff over her head so I thought she must be Muslim. Then she went into the corner , dark side of the room. She curled up into a ball on the floor! At this time I'm asking Mike what's going on and he says we need to leave! So we head out the door and a man is waiting for us outside. So we greet him and start talking. Come to find out that this man is a pastor and the "House" is a mission home for him and his people, who he is healing. Haha I know funny anyway back to the story. He is just giving us crap for like 10 minutes. Now the whole time he is speaking pretty decent English and just chewing us out for coming here to bless her! So we started to argue and it was getting out of hand so we decided to leave and that's when it changed for the worse. He grabbed my arm as I was walking away. I turned and said my man please take your hands off of me and he said why am I hurting you? Small boy? I said no I am leaving and so Mike and Bond split us up and then for the next part, yes it's not over! A man turns the corner. He is short like way short and he is wearing, an all white suit and a white top hat. Looking Fresh! Haha he is their Prophet. So he comes to ask us what's going on so it starts all over again. Now the craziest thing about this whole story is the girl, the one who in the beginning came in and sat in the corner, she was doing circles around the pastor and prophet while we were arguing. She was just weird the whole time I was looking at her, she was crazy. Words will not do it justice! She was possessed! So I finally asked what she was ding and the men both said don't worry about her and then she fell to the round screaming at the top of her lungs. I totally got freaked out ad jumped back and said what the freak is wrong! They said it was because we were there and so we said forget it we are bouncing before we both kill this guy. As we were walking away the pastor says she is our oracle.... and we ran literally ran haha. We got to Mike's house and we kind of gave it to him for not telling us the whole truth about the whole thing! Yea so it's all good and no P. We are still on it! Crazy I know!

I need some pens and marker pen would be great, a notebook, shower get, and more pics, sunflower seeds dill pickle....spitz and deodorant. Fiji flavor was perfect! I love you! I also need some money so can you put some in so tomorrow after district meeting I can go to the bank lease! I'm dying haha Bond is saving my butt! He is a good guy! I love him!

I love my mission. I miss you and Love you! Thanks for the love and support!
Elder Speechly

July 25th Email

Hey Mom and Dad and sisters and friends and everyone else who reads this!!!!!

This week was sweet as normal haha just still doing the normal interviews and splits. I really enjoy staying busy! It makes the time go by fast. Which somehow mixes my feelings, but still is awesome! The only down side is my area is actually slowing down and is dying Kaka Kakra that means small small haha! So I guess I will tell you that the language is actually coming a lot better now. I hear it super well now and I actually am speaking it great too. Like I don't think you understand I can communicate WELL!!!!! I'm excited about it!!!! I'm excited to come home and have an accent haha!!!!

About my birthday all I can think of is like candy and mashed potatoes! Like the kind I can just make! haha But a ton of them! Candy all gummy and carmel apple suckers! They were the bomb! I miss candy . The candy here sucks! They don't like sweet things here at all! So I will continue to think about things.....Another side note my ATM card expires in October so I don't know what we have to do about it but do something. I guess that's something else for my B Day just money and I will buy stuff here!

Jack said thanks so much! He is coming to the beach with the Swedru zone to play on the beach this p-day! I'm so excited!!! I miss him! I got my pkgs loved them! I loved Sarah's letter. I wrote her back long time ago so I don't know. I send people letters all the time and sometimes they get lost!

I love all of you and miss you all too! I can't wit to come home to see you all on Christmas and play with the kids! Especially the ones who don't know me! Haha

Elder Speechly

P.S. We are going to teach the recent convert family tonight and we are going to watch Legacy. I'm super stoked haha!!!! Family Night!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 18th Email


Sounds like you went all out with that picture! Haha!!! I guess I didn't realize how cool it really is! I guess it's pretty epic Haha! I don't know why everyone said I look so good! But for that one I won't argue! Ha no P! THANKS!!!

This week was pretty chill just dropped a bunch of lessons. Did a couple od/fd interviews in Cape Coast and Cape is like an hour away so that takes out a big chunk of our day when we go there! But it's fine! I will be going on splits and do interviews on Thursday in Moree which will be fun! I am sick of traveling! It's not that far, it's just that the tro tro's are so terrible! They're not meant for 6 foot 2 inch 190lbs OBRUNIS haha! It's not easy! But it's all part of the experience! RIGHT?! Yeah it is and we have some pretty sweet p-days scheduled out this transfer. For today we just played basketball which was fun! Next week we are killing three pigs and roasting them for a big feast just for no reason haha! Then Swedru that means I get to see my son JACK!!!!! They are coming to the beach where we had the baptism and we will play volleyball and football and just play around at the beach! Then the last p-day this transfer Bhame wanted to play NFL on the beach for his last p-day so we all said no P! We're down! So yeah it's going to be epic!

Other than that no zone conference no nothin special. I haven't seen Pres. since that first day. I want to see them again! Just know we are working hard and doing work!!!! I love you all!!!! Miss ya like crazy! I'm totally bummed I missed the fireworks again but it's all good in the neighborhood. I will just see them in a year! So yeah, I got one of the pkgs and the other I will get tomorrow at District meeting. As for my Birthday haha I totally forgot about it! Until I read your email! I will think and let you know soon!

Love you and Miss you! Get Some!

Love your favorite Missionary/friend/Uncle/Brother/Son/Grandson,
Elder Jeffery Baby Jets Speechly

July 12th Email


What it do???? Haha JK! I'm totally high on life right now! Everything is perfect! First things first! The baptism went absolutely amazing! Funny story actually. Our Branch President called us Friday morning and said that a member called and told him that the ocean was too choppy and we said haha well, we'll see about that. So we went out to the beach and it was way calm! So we said it's totally on like Donkey Kong! Haha!!! So the Zone leaders came up and did our interviews and everything went fine. Then we get out to the beach Saturday morning with all the members and candidates and everyone and the water is crazy!!!!Super high waves and they were breaking really close to the shore! We just laughed and said oh well!!! So we continued and it was sweet! We baptized the whole family and the other companionship had two kids and we had a child of record from the branch also. I dunked them all! It was crazy! I would have to carry out the kids and then just throw them under the water as the wave came and then carry them back out! It was funny! Sweet Pics! This week we just got them prepared and also did a couple more interviews so not much but the baptism was the highlight definitely!!!!

Yesterday was sweet we played basketball and tackle football on the beach. It was totally crazy, cause the water was also really high in Cape so we just would get hit and the water would soften the fall Haha! It was so tight!

But yeah transfer news came and the entire Cape Coast Zone is staying the same! SWEET!!!! We are all super excited! Bad news Thompson and Stats both are going back up to Kumasi. So I won't see either of them till my homecoming! So that sucks but oh well! It's Kush haha!

This week we'll be working a lot with the members so that we can get some more referrals and find some new peeps to teach! So it should be cool! Also I will go on splits this week to do some interviews. So I will probably sleep over and kick it in the Cape Apt. and have some more epic man talk with Bahme haha. That kid is tight! It's crazy he is leaving at the end of this transfer! There are a ton! I will miss them! It's gone so fast! Our time is coming too!!! What the FREAK That's INSANE!!!!

Well I love you and miss you all like crazy!!! So keep the faith and remember to always be HAPPY! and SMILE!!!

Elder Jeffery Baby Jet Speechly

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 5th Email


First off my knee is fine! I think I just bruised the bone of the cap! But I'm fine now! My week was pretty lame because I honestly couldn't walk. One of our neighbors came over and was putting hot water on it and some weird herbs. At the time I thought she was smokin them because she was whack, but it worked apparently because I'm cool!

We met Pres and Sis Shulz this morning. We had interviews....... I Absolutely love them!!!!! Sis Shulz, came out of no where and just gave me a huge hug!!!!! She said it was from you mom! She is so sweet! It made me feel like you hugged me. I really like her then when I was talking with Pres. he just kept saying how proud my mom and dad were and that I should keep it that way! I said no "P" haha! Then we talked about Bro Mueller and Uncle Craig and all that good stuff! We talked about my mission so far and how many people he has met that have just said that I'm a great example for the church! A sweet story..... One of his first days here he was talking with the member that goes around fixing the missionaries apts. He went to the mission home and somehow my name came up and Prosper said "hey Speech? I love that kid. The first time I met him I had to travel up to FOSU and take like 3 different taxis and every time I said I was going to LDS Missionaries , every driver said "the tall white man who is always happy!" So I'm known for that! haha Pres just said that he was very impressed that he has heard so much about me in the small amount of time being here and it's all been good in bringing up the church! Then he closed by promising me that I will come home and find a gorgeous young woman and marry her in the temple and will continue my education, and find a great job! So I of course just got straight pumped on life like always!!!! I just told him I will continue to remember who I am !!!! And who I will be!!! Thanks Pops I owe you that one! haha well all in all it was sweet!!!

Now this week I have some interviews to do and even we have to get our family ready for Saturday! I'm so stoked! I will be doing the dunking in the ocean at Salt Pond Beach! It will be sweet. I will take plenty of pics..... speaking of pics, I just burned them on a CD so I will send them home now!!!

I just want you to know that I'm striving to be the missionary you all want and think I am!!! I won't let you down! Love You all!!!! Thanks for all your love and support!!!

Love your Son/Brother/Friend/Uncle/Grandson/favorite missionary,
Elder Jeffery "Baby Jets" Speechly

Pictures from Elder Alba

June 29th Email

Hey.......Family What's UP!!!!!!!??????

So yeah I was sick but now I'm fine! I did like 12 more interviews down in Moree and up in Abakrapa. A village that's like right next to FOSU!!!!! I was so sad. I just wanted to stop by real fast , but there was no time! It was all good. We got them all dunked on Saturday!

As for my area we are baptizing a sweet powerful family, a mom and Dad and two boys, and a girl. They make me miss you though, because like most families here are broken, but these guys are unified. They are just doing things right!!!! It will be on the 9th of July. I am dunking them in the OCEAN!!!!! I'm so stoked!!!! It will be so fun! Also another young guy like 23. He is a stud. Most guys his age are jagged and don't care about life. This guy is humble and just a sweet all around guy. His name is Mutah haha. So I call him Utah haha he doesn't really understand, but it's all good. So we are just moving things along in our area while staying busy in others too!!!!

Some sad news now...... Monday was both good and bad, I guess good first. I got to see Thompson, Grant, Stats, and Jack!!! It was awesome! I was so happy!!!!! We enjoyed! Then also the football tourney was epic! The field was the ape Coast stadium where the pro team plays. It was like 300 cedis the rent or something ridiculous. But the nicest grass!!!!!

Sad news now Pres and Sis Sabey are going :( but it's cool. I'm excited to meet the new ones! Also sad we lost the game. I played keeper and tore it up. Only let one goal in the entire 4 games. It just happened to be the one goal that beat us in the Final!!!!!:( In that last goal I dove for the ball and totally messed up my knee!!!! I don't want you to worry., so that's all I'm saying til next time. Sorry!!!! Anyways I haven't had time to email til today! Sorry to keep you waiting.

In my apt there is 4. Me, Bond, and a Samoan and a Nigerian! Oh my gosh!!!! I almost forgot!!!!! Sunday we found out that we completed the goal!!!! Which is a complete miracle!!!!!!! So then Elder Togagae went out and bought a pig. Like a big real pig and we cooked it Polly Style in the ground and everything! It was so good!!!!! I took some sweet pics so yeah!!! I am sending pics soon! I promise I just have to wait till my card fills then I burn it and send it!So it's coming! Sorry if I'm all over the place. I'm a little high from the meds! haha don't worry. Sis Sabey has my back but soon to be Sis Shulz! The first night they are here they will come visit me for my knee. So that's one way to get your hug Mom!!!

Just know that I'm fine and still working my heart out! I love you all and I'm keeping the Speechly name proud!!!!

Elder Speechly

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21st Email

Hey!!!!!! Happy Fathers Day to Dad, Trent,Brody and Erik!!!! Sorry I didn't email yesterday. I had Malaria AGAIN!!!!!!! Sunday was the worst day! It wasn't a super bad one just still the old Malaria truck hit me again! haha I feel really bad this isn't going to be a long one, because I still feel somehow dizzy and super weak!

I went on splits this week with Elder Bahme my Zone Leader. I went down and slept over at his apt. for two nights. It was freaking awesome. We just had man talk all night and then I did 10 interviews my first day! It was fun! I really enjoyed getting to know all the candidates. Then on Saturday I started feeling weak, not sick just tired but still went out and worked my butt off!!! I think that is why I got sick again! Sis Sabey says when we feel it coming on to take it easy. But it's all good I'm better!

Ouch Pops!!!! You gotta slow down! your getting too old for that kinda stuff Hahahahaha JK I'm totally messing with you! Your such a stud and my HERO!!!! I Love You Pops! Thanks for everything! I wish we could call home for Fathers Day too but it's all good!

This week is going to be EPIC!!!! Monday 27th we will have or final Zone Conference with the Sabey's from 9-11. Then we will eat and at 12 we will have a giant football Tournament with all six Southern Zones! It is going to be so sweet! I will see Thompson, Stats, and Jack my 3 of my favorites!!! I am so stoked!!! Hopefully I'm healthy. I think I will be!

Sorry my email is crappy but I think you understand!!!! Love you all!!!! I promise I will send an epic email next week!!!!

Peace out
Elder Baby Jets!!!

About the Baby Jets. Like you know me I'm always just dancin randomly and stuff. So all the members and Elders (Ghanaians) just anyone and everyone calls me that! Haha It's the nick name for the Ghana Striker Asamoah Gyan he plays for Sunderland. So dad look him up!!!! He is sweet! So yeah that's me!!!! Haha

Friday, June 17, 2011

June 13th Email

What's Up Family?????

Hope everything is cool! It sounds like it was a fun sweet week! That's awesome! For me it was just HECTIC!!!!! So first Tuesday was my first District meeting and I have the biggest district in the mission 14 missionaries!!! So it's a big sized meeting. I just did like a get to know you type thing for all the new Elders in the district including me. There were 8 haha. More than half are new here in Cape! But it went well. We just got unified!!!! That is going to be my goal as the new district leader. To be unified!!! To be one!!!!

So then it came to Wednesday and I had to travel all the way back down to teach a woman in Moreee who is preparing to go to the temple and be sealed to her husband!!!! Now that is how I'm going to finish the goal, because I started this goal in Fosu then went up to Suny Town and had a different goal and now I'm back down south. So now I have to finish the old goal!!!! Haha so I was super stressed on that but now everything is fine. She is going so I will complete the goal!

Thursday was kind of a blur. We taught a lot of people and just did the work! It's just like being trained all over again. Going to a new area and your comp has been there a little bit before you so he can take you everywhere. It's so nice!!!! It takes a lot of stress away because I have so much to do!

This coming week I have to do a lot of Baptismal interviews for the district. That will be sweet!!!! I'll get to meet all the newest people in the church! I'm excited!!! I have a funny story. At church yesterday I was chasing these little girls after church because they took my phone right out of my pocket. It had been raining so the ground was wet so I couldn't sprint after them. I was just walking fast and then the little turds went outside . The church here in Mankessim is an old 2 story school building. It's sweet but it's still a branch so it's not like super nice or anything. So anyway as I was chasing after them I totally slipped on the concrete. Basically moss like green slippery where rain just settles on the ground. I totally fell head over heels and flat on my butt!!!! I have a huge black and blue bruise on my butt and it also has a huge cut right down the middle of the bruise! haha It sounds bad but it is funny. The best part is that the entire branch was out on the 2nd floor balcony and they all saw the whole thing. Haha so they were laughing and they were worried. A real cool thing about this story is for some strange reason my trousers and my shirt didn't get dirty at all!!! It kind of reminds me of the time I wrecked the Green Lantern! (the Honda scooter)!!! You like that nick name huh? But really I remember that like it was yesterday. It was Ethan's Birthday and I had my last interview with Pres. Myers and I got hit by that freakin girl right on 22nd St. Totally flipped over the car and landed on my back dressed up in all my Priesthood and still no dirt or anything!!! It's powerful. I was lucky and that wreck reminds me of the Jet Ski wreck but we won't talk about that one haha!!!!But it was a sweet day at church other than that!!!

Today we came down to Cape to play some Basketball at the court down here. There is a sweet one right off the beach, It's so sick!!!!! I totally tore it up with my Zone leader Elder Bahme he is from Provo/Orem area. He and Thompson had a lot of the same friends! Then we went down to the beach and played football. It was so fun!!! We had some good hits! I loved it!!! Just getting tacked straight in to the ocean!!! It was awesome . It's nice to be back down by the ocean!

Now I'm in a cafe in Cape and about to go back up to Mankeesem to play some small pitch football with the little kids that hang around our apt. I love them! The people here seriously make this place like home! I could use some shaving blades and maybe more deodorant! that's about it!!!! I think I'm set!

I'm really sad to see the Sabey's go because we were so close. But I'm also very happy to see new people and to get to know the Shultz! Everybody says that when the Sabey's go the mission will change in more than one way.......They leave in July, then a huge group 28 Elders leave in August then about 21 in Thompsons group in Oct., then Stats group about 14 Elders then about 4 in Dec. I don't know we will see how it goes.

I'm out of time but want to say I freaking love you all and pray for you every second of every day! Thanks for your support and Love! Pics are coming soon by the end of this week I promise!

Love you all!!! Bye Bye!!!

Love your Elder/Son/Uncle/Friend/brother/Baller
Jeffery Baby Jets Speechly
(that's my new nick name haha I love it!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 6th Email

Hey Famdizzle!!!!
So I'm here back down south! Haha That's what we call it here . Kumasi and Suny Town are the North and eveybody else is the South! So Yeah here I am! Wednesday I got on a STC that traveled from Sunyani to Kumasi and then jumped onto another in Kumasi down to Cape Coast! It took about 9 hours of driving give or take 10 minutes. It sucked not even gonna lie haha! But it was fun. I got to travel with some of my good friends up here. I got to drive right through Fosu. I wanted to get out and just visit everyone but I didn't have time. I was so mad!!! I arrived in Cape Coast and got in the AP's truck and we went to the station and got into another trotro. One of the Elders and I have the same luggage so he took one of my bags and I took one of his. We were switched for like 2 days but it's cool.....I got it all back!!!!!

Then getting to know everyone was way fun!!!! Here it is a lot like Fosu but No trees! It's near the coast so it's just flat and no shade! Really HOT!!!!! I love it!!! Sunday was awesome! These people make me feel at home and I have only been here 5 days! They all treat me like I have been here for 13 months like Fosu!!!! The people are awesome! We have a little group of kids that just hangs around outside our compound. We just sit and play games with them all night! I love them!!!!

The Fante......I was really scared and confused when I got down here when people would talk. But I can already hear everything. They can understand me when I speak so that's good and I just have to get used to them . They speak a lot faster and drop a lot of things at the end of words and speak really nasally! Yeah I'm super excited. I haven't had District Meeting yet. That's tomorrow. We will see how it goes!!!

Thanks for the love and support! I will talk to you all next week!!! Thanks again!!!
Love you!!!!!

Elder Speechly a.k.a. Baby Jets

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30th Email

This week was very very interesting!!! To start with the people we had for baptism FAILED!!!! For both of them their parents told them that as long as they are living under their roof and under their rules that they can't be baptized. At first this made me really mad! I was for some time but then Pres Sabey called us and said that Elder Sitati from the Seventy was coming to our baptism and Then I got more mad! Saturday when they all came up, it actually was a really good baptism. Elder Hair and Omini totally killed it! They got 3 powerful people to get dunked! So this is what I'm coming to....... After the baptism Elder Sitati came and sat down next to me and just kept asking some questions about the area and stuff. I told him about how upset I was for those 2 peeps we had! He said yeah it's sad but go out there and work harder and get more serious people! It was totally sweeter than that, i don't remember the exact words! But that's the basics!

So we started to work and Sunday was a normal day and them today we went to Kumasi to get our Sub and to eat fufu with our Zone. I got a phone call from President Sabey!!!!!!!! He says I want you to accept a leadership assignment!!!!! I said ok thinking that I would be the new DL because Sunyani is becoming a Zone!!!!! He says I'm going to be the DL.........down in Mankeeseem!!!!! That's back down near Cape Coast!!!!! I'm so shocked still!!!! I don't even know what to do!! But I'm excited! It will be fun. I will be companions withe Elder Bond from Texas!!! He is my MTC mate so I know him well!!! I'm sad but happy just mixed feelings!!!!

I'm out of time. I have to wash my clothes and pack. I have a very long trip!!!!! It's what the Lord wants that matters and I will Heed his call. So peace out Suny Town!!!!

I love you so much and thank you for your love and support. I couldn't do this without you!!!!

Elder Speechly

May 22nd Email

Hey Speechly's Whats Up!?!?!?!?!?

Haha just the same here in old GH! Sunny Town!!! We are just working hard trying our hardest to get this family goal finished! But we're on it!!!! No P!!! Grams party sounds totally awesome! I miss those little family get togethers!!!

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday and that was really fun! We learned some sweet doctrines from Pres Sabey! We just enjoyed! Also Elder Jack (my son) called me and said that he want me to ask if you could send him some G's? I told him no problem! He said he would pay but I know you would like to do it for a gift! Plus maybe you could put some treats in too! Just send it to the same address but to him. It would be really nice! I know he would freak out! So I hope you can do it!

We are just teaching our peeps and two people are still on for the baptism this Saturday! It should be sweet! I'm so excited! It should be a great week! Other than that just the same old same old. It's sweet and I'm lovin It!!!! Also this comin Monday is transfers so we will see what happens in Sunyani!!!

I will talk to you in a week! I love you and Keep the faith!!

Your Bro/Son/Uncle
Elder Speechly

May 15th Email

Hey Mom

I'm sorry I didn't email last week. I did read your emails though. This week has gone by really slow!!! It feels like forever since I have emailed!!! Well we got a phone call from Pres Sabey which always freaks you out even though I knew nothing was wrong! He said he wanted the AP's to come up and do splits with us, So we said no problem. Adams came up with us on Sunday. He came to church with us and then went around and met our families, our best investigators! Meshack has commited to being baptized on the 28th! Also another girl named Loryn. We have been teaching her and her sister for sometime. They are so interested! Her sister is just still praying, so I'm sure she will baptized soon. The girl Akua that gave us the sweet taxi story and one other guy named Evans!!!! They are all sweet and powerful peeps! We had an awesome time!!! I enjoyed it!!!

Today we played some sweet games of basketball! I totally threw it down like Dwayne Wade today pop's you'd be proud! I'm getting a lot better and jumping a lot higher. I love it up here I really do. It's just been a rough 3-4 months!!!! It's fum but no one said it was easy though. So no P!!!!!

Tell Gram I love her more than she will ever know and thanks for every little thing she does for me!!!! Also the rest of the family I loved talking to you all. Thanks for the advice and questions and just everything! I love you all and pray for you all!!! Peace out til next week!!!!

Love Elder Speechly

Mothers Day Phone Call

It was great to talk to Jeff!!! He sounded so happy and his accent is so cool! He really sounds the same and still says funny things that he has picked up. When he doesn't hear you he'll say "you say?" and for a little he says "small small" He was really cute with his nieces and nephews. They are 3 months -7yrs old. They don't really know what to say to Jeff but we talk about him a lot and they ask when he is coming home! He is a great Uncle and 3 new babies have been born since he left. They always bless that Jeff won't bump into any tigers and wonder what animals he sees. That's what Africa is to them. They can't wait for Christmas cuz that means it's close that he will be home.

He spoke in TWII and bore his testimony to us. He says he doesn't think his personality has changed but he has grown so much and learned so much about the Gospel! He loves his mission and all the Elders so much! He teased that when it comes to knowing the scriptures he is James E Talmage!!!! Haha Not really he said but he feels pretty good about them and is going to study the Doctrine and Covenants a lot this last year!

He misses home but wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world! It was a great phone call and only one more phone call to go! Wow now it's going fast!!!!

May 2nd Email

Hey FAM!!!!

I'm freaking stoked to talk to you this Saturday and Sunday!!!! Like seriously I can't wait! I bought credit already and just so ready!!!! I'm excited to hear from the kidss the most, sorry everyone!!!! We have had a better week this past week. I don't really have much to say! I want to save it for the phone call! Sorry! But it's cool we'll talk a lot on Sunday! I have a lot to talk about so it will be sweet! I love you all and miss you all!!!! I want you to know that even though it has been really really really hard up here I wouldn't change it for the world!!!! I love this mission! I love the people! I love this place Sunny Town even though it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I will continue to keep the family proud!!! I promise!!!

Talk to you Saturday!!!
Elder Speechly

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25th Email

Hey Fam

Hey Happy Easter!!! Ours was kinda mixed feelings....... We started off the day at church with only the 4 of us Elders.It was a little discouraging.....I think so! But on the better side I felt the spirit more in that meeting yesterday than in the past 15 months! It was crazy!!!! Myself and Elder Alba have been having a rough time with our investigators. They are so strong and have some of the most powerful testimonies of Joseph Smith and of the Book of Mormon. But they just won't leave their church! So it's just hard!!! We had to drop 7 people, all of them had baptismal dates and Meshack is one of those 7. It's breaking my heart! It's not easy up here at all!!!!!We get so close, then the Devil is just toying with us! He knows we are bringing the truth to those people! It's just not easy!!! We are supposed to baptize a family (husband and wife) by June 26th. None of us 10 Elders here in Suny town have a family we're even teaching! It sucks but we are fasting like crazy and praying! Ya know it's all good! We are going to punch the devil in his stupid face! Haha

I need money for the phone call and for food haha! So yeah I will call on Sat night and tell ou what time I'll call on Sunday! I love you! Just want you all to know even though all these things are hurting us and the devil is literally up here working on all of the people here in Sunytown, it's just like in D&C 120-121 "It shall be for our good and give us experience"

I love you all and miss you so much!!!

Elder Speechly

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 18th Email

Hey Familia!!!

Haha I just wanted to sound like all my boys speakin Spanish and l haha jk! Twii is way better!!!! Anyway it's been a chill week. We did a lot of teaching and church was sweet, but our baptism didn't go so hot! Our guy Meshack never showed up. All the other units worked out fine so we're going to give it to him on Tues!

Lights have been off for 2 days! They are fixing it up here for the first time in like a month and a half. It sucked but I was used to it haha no P!!! Can you please send my farewell talk? If you can find it. The net is bad and so is the computer sorry! Staying busy and workin my butt off!!!! I love you and can't wait to talk to you in 3 wks!!!!

April I have a couple stories.... The first counselor in the branch presidency, in my last branch in Fosu, his entire family was members. They were very strong and they were very poor. When I say poor I mean POOR!!!! He started off by selling water sachets on his head. Which by the way only 5-12 yr olds have that job. he was only making 1 cidi a week that's like 50 cents a week. He still paid his tithing and while doing so , he started getting better and better jobs. Like a carpenter, and then now he is a farmer and making pretty good money doing that, but he is still the best tithing payer in the branch!

Next in Fosu my last branch had been ready to become a war/stake for a long time but the only thing they needed to do was to pay their tithing. That was a literal requirement. So they got on it and the week I left they became a stake!!!! (Mostly because I was there hahajk)

And finally there is a group of people who are members in a small village just far enough away from Kumasi that the church can't support them and be there yet. But they are the highest tithe payers in all of West Africa! I am not making that up! They truly are, my Mission Pres told up about it!!!! They are what I call keeping the commandment legit people!!! Hopefully those are good stories for your lesson!!! That's all I have!

Mom remember to send my farewell talk and also have pops keep sending sweet sport articles in the mail. I love reading all those! Thanks Again!!
I Love You !!!!

Your favorite son/brother/friend/son/missionary
Elder Speechly

Monday, April 18, 2011


April 11th Email

Hey Famdizzle!!!!

How is it? Haha I know I sound weird but I bet I will sound even more weird on Mothers Day!!! I am so excited! I just hope I get to call from here! I Love it here and hope to stay here a long time! We are just working so hard. It's like I don't want to go back to somewhere like Fosu where the work is easy. Haha I mean lets just say different!

Tell Apes Happy Freaking Birthday!!!! You old woman. Haha JK But you know whats funny? Everyone I show the pictures to say that she is the most beautiful, sorry Sammy and Amy. It's just the truth and they ask if Trent is my real brother. haha they don't understand why you would marry someone that looks just like me haha!!!! It's funny!

This week we asked 3 more people to be baptised in a couple weeks. They are just as powerful! It's so amazing when Pres Sabey was telling us how these people would be I didn't believe that it would be like this! We have been watching the Joseph Smith movies with them to help them see the story more clear and at the end of the movie they will be crying and just basically asking to be baptised! It's some crazy legit stuff!!! I Love it up here in Suny town!!!

We played basketball today again it was fun! But I'm just so out of shape! It's crazy me and Alba are going to start running every morning. We'll see how long that lasts haha!!! But we want to try it! Also we are on a all fruit diet!!!!

Hey could I get some new sheets? The white ones are so nasty! Just like a darker color would be great! Also some more Chap Ice (chap stick you know my Fave) I really have been craving Ritz Bits with cheese if you sent those I would cry! I think that's all I can think of.

Just know that I'm working my hardest to keep you proud and to keep being the missionary you all want me to be!!!! I tell myself that every morning! We are doing the best we can! I hoped you liked the pictures! I guess we will talk next week and then it will be Mothers Day even sooner! I'm excited!!!

Love You and Miss you All!!!
Your Favorite Brother/Uncle/Friend/Son/Missionary
Elder Speechly

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