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Monday, August 16, 2010

More fun pictures!

Aug 16th Email

Well this week has been good! My new comp is cool. We started the week by sending off Thompson which was sad, but fun! Then my comp came and we got to know each other. He is from Ghana. A little village just about an hour away. It's called Akim Oda. I like him, he will teach me TWII which is good. The area is doubled so we are working twice as hard so that's been a treat. I think I have a new record of falling asleep praying. I think 4 days in a row!!!!! I just have been exhausted!
We went to Praso today and checked out the river. We hopped along rocks and stuff it was a blast!!! If your sending a pkg this week I need Cheese packets. They really save my life! I fasted yesterday and I broke my fast with mac n cheese! It's really my favorite!!! Oh we also went to a members wedding. That was cool to see how they do that here! Also some duct tape and deodorant.
Yeah the pictures were sweet! You will love the next ones too they will be way sweet too!!!
The baptisms on Sunday the 22nd will be sweet! It's down to 4. I'm excited! Zone Conference is tomorrow which is cool. I always love Zone Conference!
I have been eating a lot of Eba it's made from gari and I am actually addicted to it! Also Banku, it's also very good. You eat them with stew!
Well we gotta go! We have to sleep cuz we have to travel tomorrow! I will be good and safe! I love you and thank you for everything! I miss you like crazy!!!
Love you and miss you! Next week!
Elder Speechly

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aug 9th Transfers

Ok so first Transfer news.... Elder Thompson is going to be District Leader in Kumasi. It is really cool cuz he has convenient stores, banks, and those things!!! Now to me! I am staying in the village FOSU!!!! I am getting Elder Grant/Obeng he is a Ghanaian. He is coming to be district leader. He is 6 months ahead of me! I hear he is a really cool guy! I am so excited but it's still kind of a shock. We just got the call about an hour ago HaHa! Oh and our Apt is going from 6 elders to 4 elders. So my area picks up the elders area that are leaving. It will be rough!!!!
The baptism's are on the 22nd and Thompson is bummed! He wanted to hit a year here. I think I will stay for a bit longer but who knows! I'm just excited to see how everything turns out. But my area is really huge now Dad like two villages and we have to travel to one of them like in a tro tro haha. So it will be an adventure!!!! I'm excited!!!! I am the only whitey!
We had a great week and just worked really hard almost like we knew the transfer was coming! I'm all better! That's the thing about Malaria. It comes in like a bat out of Hell haha and then leaves just as fast!!!! So yeah I'm good! It's going to be hard to say goodbye to Thompson!!! Also Elder Carton left today and I miss him already!!! I think you and Dad should go up to his homecoming!!! Washington St. I guess that is too far! He is just one of my best friends in this mission!!!
We ate a hamburger today with Adams! We found legit hamburgers! I took pics so I will send them soon! But we are peace'n out Pops so just know I love and thank you everyday! I couldn't have asked for a better father! I love you thanks Dad! Peace out talk to you next week! Yeah I love you too Mom I will tell you how my comp is next week!!!
Love your son, Elder Speechly


I have Malaria again! It is real BAD!!!Friday afternoon I started feeling it coming on but wasn't sure. Then Saturday morning it hit me like a brick wall!!!! So for Thompson's Birthday we were inside while I was dying! I started the meds yesterday (Sun) I'm slowly recovering but it sucks!!! I missed the baptism yesterday. We only baptised 5 of the 12 because we wanted to split it into 2. But I still missed it and the coolest part of it was that our recent convert, my boy keyboard did the baptizing!!!
So yeah I'm really excited to be a Uncle Again!!!! Amy told me first HaHaHaHa!!!!!!! It's my job to spread the word! I really am doing better today but the headache was the worst part. It was the worst thing you could possibly stand! UGH! Oh well it's on the downside now!
Today we went to Hans Cottage, the place with the crocodiles it was SWEET!!!! I'm sending home pictures tomorrow with a Jersey for Trents Bday. It is a hotel/par/resturaunt. But they were huge! We got to walk around them, touch them, and I got some sweet pics!
Next week are transfers. Right now Elder Anucha (Nigeria) who is a really cool guy, he is with Elder Leko(Uganda), and Elder Kwapong (Ghana) he is training Elder Fowole (Nigeria)Are in the Apt. with Elder Thompson and I. It is a pretty sweet apt. I love it! I love the Africans!!!!
My shirts are doing good all my clothes are doing great! The weather is gonna start getting really hot in October!!!! I'm scared! Jk it don't phase J Speech haha !!!
Don't worry about me I am doing better and I will be fine I promise! I love you!!!
Elder Speechly your son!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July 26th Email

Hey Mom and Pops! I missed the fam this week! This week was pretty normal. But sweet! We are having a huge baptism this Sunday! 12 people! So we are preparing then for that! Thompson being the District Leader has to go on splits so I have been taking a lot of different Elders into my area. Which is sweet cuz it shows me I know my area well enough! We went to farm with the Mensahs again which was insane! We worked so hard in the middle of the jungle like really it was the hardest work I've ever done! I scored in football that was SWEET!!!

Some of the kids are siblings that we are baptising. Here are some of their names and ages.Rose 17, Micheal 26, Abraham 10, Debra 9, Emanuel 12, Joyce 10, Rose 11, Evans 9, Cicillia 16, Thomas 21, Vivian 14, Kevin 10.

Elder Anucha from Nigeria really does want to stay with us and go to Weber! We ate a hamburger today with Elder Adams. We found legit hamburgers! They were sweet! I took a picture so I will send it soon. I couldn't have served a mission 10 yrs ago. I know that technology is on my side! But we are about to go so thanks mom I love you so much and miss you so so much too! But right now I can't miss this here in GHANA. I love it! Tell everyone I love them! Bye Bye Pops just know that I love and thank you everyday! I couldn't have asked for a better father! I love you thanks dad! Peace out talk to you next week!
Love your son Elder Speechly

July 19th

Hi how is everyone? Transfers are on Aug 9th. We find out that day and then leave 2 days later. I don't know if one or both of us will be transferred. My Health is good! We are still working real hard our district is going to baptise 45 people on the 1st of Aug. Thompson and I have 13-15 depending on who is prepared!!!! SWEET!!!
It's been really nice the past couple days in Fosu. Today in Cape Coast we went to play football and I got burned it was so hot!!! 100!!!!!! Sorry but it is still worse here with the humidity!
I have gained all my weight back. I weighed myself today. So I'm still the same. The Babies are very cute. It sucks I can't hold them til their almost 2! If you see Mason tell him I love him and miss him. I can't wait to talk to him when he gets out in the field.
Mom seriously I love you so much! I went on splits the other day with an elder from Liberia and he was telling me his story...... He has 6 older sisters and 2 younger sisters. His parents both died 6 months apart from each other like 5 yrs ago. He is the only member in his family. I know that I couldn't be doing this without you. i love you and thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do!!!
Well we gotta go! I love you!!!
Bye Thanks!!!