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Elder Jeffery Speechly
Ghana, Cape Coast Mission
Cape Coast, Ghana

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Monday's email was late. Then we found out why. He emailed us and said I have Malaria! Oh No!!!! He said he didn't know how long he could sit and email. He was burning up and freezing even though it was hotter than garbage. This is the worst sickness in the world. He woke up early with the runs and thought it was just another Ghana Day. But then it hit him like a brick wall. Fever, headache, throwing up and down! He was getting meds at 7:00 from the Mission Pres. Hopefully he caught it fast and he won't end up in the hospital. I guess we just get to worry until next week. Remember him in your prayers.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Down a pair of socks!

This weeks email came a little late. I was worried we weren't going to get one. But when it came this is what it said. Hi family! Got the package! I love it! I am eating the candy. (I had sent his Easter Pkg and it got there early) send more pictures! Lots!!! Elder Thompson has the best sandals. You get them from the Missionary Mall. The drain so they don't get mold and nasty. My Flip flops are disgusting!!! Maybe some Mac and Cheese and Jerky more candy too! We just got back from the Cape Coast Castle. It was awesome! Really sad too. (This is the place that they kept the slaves before shipping them to America) I took tons of pictures and I am sending them on a dick so you can develop them. We have been asking the couple that we just baptized to take us to their farm and they finally said yes. We had been walking in the bush for about 30 min when I got that funny feeling....(the bathroom type) I barely made it but I did. Well I had to sacrifice a sock. Then about an hour later I had to sacrifice another one. So I'm down a pair of socks. All for service! It was a wonderful experience!

We are doing well. Tell grammy Hi and Thanks for the newspaper clippings of Coach Russell and Coach E. Tell her I miss her and love her. Tell Grandma thanks for the letter. I feel the spirit all day everyday. I'm getting the lessons down, it's a lot different her you have to teach the adults like their 10 yrs old or younger. It's just not many speak English and they are not very educated.

Well thanks for everything!!! I'm sending a package. The sandals would be great and the real Mac-n-cheese cuz it's the cheesiest!!! I Love You All!!
Love Jeffy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We heard again!!!

Today we got this email. "Hey Dad!!! We are just in Cape Coast for a mission zone conference and we just listened to Elder Dickson of the Seventy which was really neat! write back as soon as possible so we can chat. (We both emailed back and forth about 4 tiimes. It was fun cuz we got to ask a lot of questions.) His power is back on and they have propane but still no water. He says they bathe with buckets. I'm sending pictures as soon as I can. There are 6 missionaries in his apt. They all have a great time together. 2 from Accra 1 from Ivory Coast and the other from Centerville, Elder Stats. Ok we are leaving so talk to you Monday! I Love all of you and my sisters and my brothers!!!BYE!!!
It was great to know that they have some of their luxuries back!!!

Life in Ghana without power and water!

This weeks email was alittle scary. "We have been without power for the past 2 wks and propane and water for one too. We have been fetching it out of a well but now our well is dry! HaHa that's fine we're ballers and it doesn't phase us. Actually we are kind of struggleing but it should get back to normal this week. There are a lot of lizards and they all do push ups!!! Lots of chickens and goats all over the place. The baptism was amazing! I didn't get to baptize them because Pres. Sabey was there because Elder Thompson and I are the first to complete the goal of baptizing a family so he wanted a member to do it. But we have another baptism set for Easter Sunday. Two young boys like 18 and 19 brothers. They are so tight. I Love these boys! It was really fun just seeing John and Comfort Maensah get dunked yesterday as my first baptism. It was so neat just to know that I was apart of their new life and starting such a great thing in their life. Don't worry about us seriously! I Love You all and your in my prayers as well!!!! Miss You!!! Talk to you next week.
Love Jeff

Monday, March 8, 2010

Email Monday

I love Monday's! We got a new email (acctually several) from Jeff. He sounds so GOOD. He says they taught 50 lessons this week. They are seriously tearing it up. He gets up at 6:00 every morning and they make oats, which are his favorite. Then they read or do whatever for personal time. Then Comp study and then they leave the apt about 9 or 10 depends on appointments. They are out all day. They stop and buy bread and water or sprite or Fanta and eat on the move. They get back to the appt. by six because they can't teach after dark. The power goes off every night. The sun is killing them. He can only wear his gray or charcol pants because they sweat so much you can see rings all over his black pants. He is really tan already. He doesn't dare put his USB cord in the computer there so he will send home his picture card soon so we have some pictures of him. He has several Soccer Jerseys. They are super cheap. They contact a lot on the street because there isn't really doors on the houses. But they have a lot of appointments. He speaks TWI!!!!! He speaks it all the time. He says they don't understand his english because of his Utah accent. He says it's hard but it is a fun language. He says they lied when they said it is english speaking. It's mostly TWI. We were on the computer at the same time and had a few other short emails. He is happy and healthy!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Emails

So Sun night I didn't sleep very well. It was like Christmas. I thought we would be getting a email from Jeff. At 7:00 a.m. I checked email and it was there! He used his gmail account because he was having a hard time setting up his new one through the church. He got my package and said he loved it and all the other missionaries took everything! HaHa glad I sent a lot. He said it had been a crazy week. He and Elder Thompson (from Orem) taught 30 lessons in 4 days!!!! He says he is so tight he loves him. He is teaching me so much. We have a baptism set for the 14th of March. A family the Mensah's. Their daughter is the cutest little girl besides Ruby that ever walked this earth! He's doing lots of work and loving it. I Love yo all write back cuz I get to check email tomorrow. Love Elder Speechly!!!

Then we noticed another email. Hey this is my ldsmail email we figured it out like seriously right after I sent the other one. Respond to this one tomorrow. I am going to Cape Coast and will email again. Love ya

Tues Email I got up and ran to the computer Brent said he already checked and there wasn't one. When I was a work one came through. He said; "It's really HOT!!! Very Humid I have lost 10 lbs. and still losing like crazy. The food is really actually good! FUFU is still growing on me I just can't get past the gag reflex HAHA oh well.....Elder Thompson and I are so close I love him he is amazing!!! We are having so much fun together. We stay up till like 12 every night talking man talk. HaHa it's really fun.
We are in a Village called ASSIN FOSU. It's about a 1 1/2 hrs from Cape COast. It's pretty ghetto but really cool. We have nice things in our apt. and we live really well for being in Africa!!! They say OBRUNI like crazy! (That means White person)We just got out of zone conference and the new goal is to baptise a husband and wife and family by July 4 which will be completed on 14th March. Ha I am so stoked!!!! It's really amazing!!! I'm so busy everyday I only think about home when I get into bed. Send more picks for my teeth. We eat pretty well rice and stew everyday and oals for breakfast! The fruit is amazing! I love Fanta and the water sachet!!!! They really do save my life. It's a straight village and were doin work! I Love you all an miss you too! Your all in my prayers!!!