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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25th Email

Hey Fam

Hey Happy Easter!!! Ours was kinda mixed feelings....... We started off the day at church with only the 4 of us Elders.It was a little discouraging.....I think so! But on the better side I felt the spirit more in that meeting yesterday than in the past 15 months! It was crazy!!!! Myself and Elder Alba have been having a rough time with our investigators. They are so strong and have some of the most powerful testimonies of Joseph Smith and of the Book of Mormon. But they just won't leave their church! So it's just hard!!! We had to drop 7 people, all of them had baptismal dates and Meshack is one of those 7. It's breaking my heart! It's not easy up here at all!!!!!We get so close, then the Devil is just toying with us! He knows we are bringing the truth to those people! It's just not easy!!! We are supposed to baptize a family (husband and wife) by June 26th. None of us 10 Elders here in Suny town have a family we're even teaching! It sucks but we are fasting like crazy and praying! Ya know it's all good! We are going to punch the devil in his stupid face! Haha

I need money for the phone call and for food haha! So yeah I will call on Sat night and tell ou what time I'll call on Sunday! I love you! Just want you all to know even though all these things are hurting us and the devil is literally up here working on all of the people here in Sunytown, it's just like in D&C 120-121 "It shall be for our good and give us experience"

I love you all and miss you so much!!!

Elder Speechly

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 18th Email

Hey Familia!!!

Haha I just wanted to sound like all my boys speakin Spanish and l haha jk! Twii is way better!!!! Anyway it's been a chill week. We did a lot of teaching and church was sweet, but our baptism didn't go so hot! Our guy Meshack never showed up. All the other units worked out fine so we're going to give it to him on Tues!

Lights have been off for 2 days! They are fixing it up here for the first time in like a month and a half. It sucked but I was used to it haha no P!!! Can you please send my farewell talk? If you can find it. The net is bad and so is the computer sorry! Staying busy and workin my butt off!!!! I love you and can't wait to talk to you in 3 wks!!!!

April I have a couple stories.... The first counselor in the branch presidency, in my last branch in Fosu, his entire family was members. They were very strong and they were very poor. When I say poor I mean POOR!!!! He started off by selling water sachets on his head. Which by the way only 5-12 yr olds have that job. he was only making 1 cidi a week that's like 50 cents a week. He still paid his tithing and while doing so , he started getting better and better jobs. Like a carpenter, and then now he is a farmer and making pretty good money doing that, but he is still the best tithing payer in the branch!

Next in Fosu my last branch had been ready to become a war/stake for a long time but the only thing they needed to do was to pay their tithing. That was a literal requirement. So they got on it and the week I left they became a stake!!!! (Mostly because I was there hahajk)

And finally there is a group of people who are members in a small village just far enough away from Kumasi that the church can't support them and be there yet. But they are the highest tithe payers in all of West Africa! I am not making that up! They truly are, my Mission Pres told up about it!!!! They are what I call keeping the commandment legit people!!! Hopefully those are good stories for your lesson!!! That's all I have!

Mom remember to send my farewell talk and also have pops keep sending sweet sport articles in the mail. I love reading all those! Thanks Again!!
I Love You !!!!

Your favorite son/brother/friend/son/missionary
Elder Speechly

Monday, April 18, 2011


April 11th Email

Hey Famdizzle!!!!

How is it? Haha I know I sound weird but I bet I will sound even more weird on Mothers Day!!! I am so excited! I just hope I get to call from here! I Love it here and hope to stay here a long time! We are just working so hard. It's like I don't want to go back to somewhere like Fosu where the work is easy. Haha I mean lets just say different!

Tell Apes Happy Freaking Birthday!!!! You old woman. Haha JK But you know whats funny? Everyone I show the pictures to say that she is the most beautiful, sorry Sammy and Amy. It's just the truth and they ask if Trent is my real brother. haha they don't understand why you would marry someone that looks just like me haha!!!! It's funny!

This week we asked 3 more people to be baptised in a couple weeks. They are just as powerful! It's so amazing when Pres Sabey was telling us how these people would be I didn't believe that it would be like this! We have been watching the Joseph Smith movies with them to help them see the story more clear and at the end of the movie they will be crying and just basically asking to be baptised! It's some crazy legit stuff!!! I Love it up here in Suny town!!!

We played basketball today again it was fun! But I'm just so out of shape! It's crazy me and Alba are going to start running every morning. We'll see how long that lasts haha!!! But we want to try it! Also we are on a all fruit diet!!!!

Hey could I get some new sheets? The white ones are so nasty! Just like a darker color would be great! Also some more Chap Ice (chap stick you know my Fave) I really have been craving Ritz Bits with cheese if you sent those I would cry! I think that's all I can think of.

Just know that I'm working my hardest to keep you proud and to keep being the missionary you all want me to be!!!! I tell myself that every morning! We are doing the best we can! I hoped you liked the pictures! I guess we will talk next week and then it will be Mothers Day even sooner! I'm excited!!!

Love You and Miss you All!!!
Your Favorite Brother/Uncle/Friend/Son/Missionary
Elder Speechly

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Old Pictures

April 3rd Email

Hey Family!!!
How is it? It's pretty freaking cool up here in the SUNYANI Town!!!! Just working hard, playing hard, and eatin hard! That's my new motto! But yeah Elder Alba and I are just getting along fine! I think I am a little crazy for him sometimes though haha!!!! Not that I'm too crazy but you know me!!! I love my bike it's sweet! It's like all out nice mnt bike!

This week was powerful! We had our interviews on Sunday with President Sabey. It is our last one because he leaves. So it was sad! I was in there forever! He basically told us that the entire mission was getting transferred but us up here because he loves the unity in the district and just how hard we work! He said we are the BEST!!!! We discussed about me going home a transfer early and it was some good talk! His conclusion was that I will need to talk to the new Pres more but if he were in my shoes 7+ months is a long time to wait to start school! Education is the next most important thing next to marriage after a mish so...... We will talk about it on Mothers Day.

We are still teaching Meshack and he is just getting more and more powerful and just total boss. I think we wont have Dora ready by then but one day one day! Yesterday in Kumasi we met some white people and they were members and then out of now where they said they were Elder Woodhouse's parents. He was there back visiting withe his family. It was Sweet!!! He was the AP when I came on the mission so I only knew him small but it's cool!

We are working hard and pushing forward. The hardest thing for us up here is time. No one comes to church! I miss you and love you. Sorry I don't have time tonight. We are going to go eat and them some more appointments. I love you and miss you!!! Can't wait to call you in 5 weeks. It's coming bye bye !!!

Your favorite son, brother, friend
Elder Speechly!!!!!!