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Elder Jeffery Speechly
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Cape Coast, Ghana

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19th Email

We just got back from Cape Coast. We went to burn pictures on a disc. Then we played soccer so we just got back to our village and the cafe. (internet cafe) I got the package and it was glorious!!! My English is getting terrible because of the TWI!!!!Today was just Elder Thompson and me. We ran into Elder Adams there it was nice to see him! We are doing a lot of work teaching future leaders because Foso needs to be turned into a Stake. It is hard to find people to read and speak English. We are going to baptize Francesca on Mothers Day. She told me today that she didn't want to get baptized before we started teaching her and now she was so excited to get baptized and couldn't wait. I know I came here for a reason. I Love It!!!My area is freaking sick!!!!

Everything was in the package it was sweet! Thanks Mom I loved it! Can you send more cheese packets cuz we can get noodles and I loved the shock tarts! Can you send dads old scriptures? I just want another pair to study with? Also some after shave lotion, AAA batteries, and more tapes to record on. Thanks that would be great!

We are both learning TWI. Thompson knows it a little more TWI than I do but we are both forced to speak it. I love getting pictures. Keep sending those.

He wrote Sammy: What's up sis? How's the babes? I told Thompson the story about the tower of Terror last summer and he was laughing! I'm great Sunday's are hard cuz that's the best day at home. It's fun and tell Erik I freaking love him! And you too! enyetkra (that means not good at all TWI) haha I Love TWI!!!

I have to speak in district meeting tomorrow. Not sure what I'm speaking on. Well I love you all!!!

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