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Sunday, May 2, 2010

April 26th Email

I'm doing well! This week was kinda crappy. Like teaching wise, no one was home, no one came to church! It just wasn't a good week that way!!! But today we were making our way to play football or soccer ha ha and it started raining like seriously the hardest rain I have ever seen. We just played in the rain for like three hours. It was insanely fun!!!
Definitely a day I will never forget!!! I love Ghana!!!
Today in the rain it was just so peaceful and amazing it couldn't have happened anywhere else. I don't know how to explain it.

Apom etesen ha ha that means how is your health? TWI Gotta love it!

I will call a midnight the night before and tell you when I'm calling. (My time cuz then it's Mothers Day) I don't know if Francisca is going to be baptized on Mothers Day anymore. She didn't come to church Sunday so we might have to kick it back one week unless she proves us wrong.

We asked him if he wanted us to send his favorite cereal and powdered milk but he said no thanks. It's ok I'm living off of eggs right now and I love them and FUFU. It's so freaking GOOD!!!

I got your letter when I got the pkg but not Dad's letter yet. That's because we haven't got our mail for a week so I'm sure it will be in there the next time. My talk got moved to tomorrow so we'll see how it goes. I'm sure I'll do fine.

We go to the farm about once a week to work. I love it! It is so sick!!! There was a snake that jumped out of a tree last week it was so crazy! I just started my second second transfer 3 wks ago so 3 more weeks. I think I will be with Elder Thompson for 3 more transfers. Hopefully!!! That's what Elder Lewis said our AP. He is my hero! I love the kid!!!

You should be getting my pkg soon. It's dark and so we need to head back. Talk to you next week. Thanks for everything. Have a good week.
Elder Jeffy Speechly! The best son you ever had! Haha the only one!!!

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