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Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 3rd Email

We just got back from Swedru. We traveled there to play soccer. Man I almost scored like 3 goals. I'm improving so much! It's awesome!!! We were playing the Elders up there. We had a great week. We are teaching about 30-50 lessons. Teaching is sweet, I like it but my comp does a lot of the talking. Lately I have been talking quite a bit! The spirit is so different here. I talked to Pres Sabey in my interview last week. I said "Is it bad that I can't really feel the spirit?" and he said you just can't really feel the difference because we are always feeling it. Back home we only felt it like once a week at church or so. He said you have it you just don't know it!

Francisca is getting baptized the week after Mother's Day. She is doing great!!!

I can't believe it's already Mothers Day! I'm so stoked! I'm so excited to call. I will call at 12:00 Midnight on Sat (6:00 p.m.) And let you know when I'm calling on Sun. I'm ready to answer all the questions in your letter. It will make more since if I tell you in person.

Sorry the power just went out so we couldn't email. Well we are going home so......Pops I Love You!!! Have a good hopefully fast week and I will talk to you on Sat Night!!!

I bought credit to talk thanks for the extra money. Have a good week! Hopefully a fast one!!I Love you thanks again for everything Mom I Love You!!!
Elder Speechly

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