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Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec 6th Email

Hey Family!!!!! So this week was pretty normal. Just proselyting and working and loving the mish!!!! Thursday we heard about an accident in Praso. The same river we went to that p-day awhile back. There were some members just playing around and took a group of Obruni's that passed through to take pictures and stuff. One of the girls jumped in and the currant took her away. A boy that is our friend jumped in to save her but he couldn't reach her in time and he had to get out or he would have drowned to! They found her body in rocks a few kilometers down the river! Ah it was horrible, I felt terrible!!!!

I'm still training but I love it here and we're working hard! It's a lot harder because I have to choose what happens everyday and where we go and who we see. It's fun because we are best friends!!!We are teaching a lot of students right now. One of my favorites is a lab worker at the hospital. He is very smart!
Last week in Cape when we had the training meeting, they taught us about the doctrine of Christ. Which is a new way of teaching the investigator on the first visit! Do you remember the promise pattern? Well it's now evolved to this, It's sweet! We try to tell the people in the first visit that we are here to help them be baptized! So the first time we see some one we tell them that!Seriously it's so sweet to learn about honestly! I never thought I'd say these things but its true!!!

I bought the credit for the phone call for Christmas! I am so excited I can't wait! This week I will mail off cards and pictures. It was hard to print them but I finally did it! It's super hot and dusty. Nights are beautiful! Clearest skies!!! I can see Galaxies and Galaxies!!!!

I love you and I miss you too!!!

Love Your son
Elder Speechly

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