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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov 29th Email

Hey Family!!!! How are the Holidays coming? Mine are pretty much not... haha! It's just not really holidays when it's hot as heck and eating fufu with cat instead of my favorite TURKEY AND MASHED POTATOES!!!!! I miss that stuff! But it's cool. I have the rest of my life to have a traditional Thanksgiving. I only have 2 here in Ghana! It's Sweet!!! But I'm not gonna lie I do miss it!!!!

Jack and I are still dominating FOSU!!!! We just finished the mission goal which is to baptize a recent convert referral and then prepare a recent convert to go to the temple and do baptisms for their ancestors!!!! It's freaking sweet I'm so excited! Also the Nyimfa's are planning on going to get sealed in like 6 months or so! I seriously will cry the day that happens! We are teaching a lot of people that speak english and work at the hospital and students. So a lot of future leaders!!! It is going sweet!!!! So yeah that's how it's going here!

It's getting really dry here and it's really cold at night! Not cold enough for a blanket! I will send some pictures this week! I miss the ward so much! I'm going to start the Doctrine and Covenant but I got a hold of the Miracle of Forgiveness. Kind of just punches you in the face! haha

Today we went to play football in Takoradi and met Thompson there!!!! That was a huge Surprise! He was emergency transfered to be zone leader there. It was so sweet! I see Adams all the time, we're still buds! I saw Lawton, the one from Aussie today for the first time in 10 months. He is still crazy!! I love that kid! Thompson and I are still just best friends! We will be tight back home I hope! On Wed I go to Cape Coast for training. I think that will be the last time until Christmas. So please make sure I have extra money in my account for the phone call. Thanks!!!

Well I'm here in Africa! It's sweet!!!
Love your son
Elder Speechly

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