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Monday, November 7, 2011

Nov 1st Email

Hey what's up best coolest family in the world?

Sounds like a bad week. It kind of was here. Just real slow and not much going on. We didn't have any splits or interviews this week so it's like we had a lot of catching up to do. It's hard to do a lot when one week it will be crazy hectic and have like a half a day of proselyting in my area the whole week and the next we will be in our area the entire week. It's hard cuz you don't want a huge pool of investigators, but at the same time you need a few for those slow weeks!

It all good! We are working with 4 investigators getting them ready for baptism within the next two weeks. That will be sweet and exciting! We had Apt. checks/interviews and they went really real. Pres asked a lot about my comp like if he thinks he is ready to train and stuff. So I'm pretty sure he is going to train. He also hinted that I would be going and finishing somewhere I have already served. Haha Lucky for me that can only be one of two places Fosu or Sunny Town. I don't know which but whatever happens happens. I guess I'm stoked but sad that I will have to leave here. i think this place is by far the best areas I have had! The members are just so powerful!

It's crazy Ben and Izzy are coming home this week. It's tight but I'm missing them more now haha! It's all good! 14 weeks haha

I will finish strong sprinting and on top! I will send pictures this week I promise. I will have to burn them so I will first have to find a guy here that can do that. I got the material so I will send it with Stats! I will go see him in the mission home before he goes home! I think you will like it. I hope you do! I love it haha! But I have been here and around it for along freaking time!

Ok well I gotta go! Sorry not too much to talk about. It's just the same here in too! Love you and just surprise me in the package! Love you all and thanks for the love and support!!! Peace!!!

Elder J Speech!

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