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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 8th Email

3 months from today Elder Jeffery Speechly will be home!!!!

Hey you guys!!!!!

What's up? I'm so stoked for you all! You all got to see Ben and Izrael! I'm so jealous! I miss my boys so much. Those guys are my hero's! They made me who I am today. I love them and miss them! I'm stoked to come home and do work ans school and just everything with them. Vancheirie is engaged! I heard from Thompson.Hahaha I just hope he waits for me to get home but it will probably be at the end of December I'm guessing. You should go haha. I wish I could be there. It's all good. The time is coming but not yet I still have work enough to do!!!! I will know probably Sat about transfers. I will let you know!

We have done a ton of interviews and even this week I have interviews everyday. I don't even think I will be teaching my own investigators. Unless on Sunday at church. Which is sweet! Oh speaking of church we watched the General Conference, but the whole thing was in Fante so it was hard , but I could hear quite a bit. It was sweet, but there was not enough to really understand the talks. It was really deep Fante like the leaders didn't even understand all! But we're on it and I will read it soon!

I hope you have fun in Hawaii! You will go and enjoy!!! Sweet it's good though and you deserve it! I'm sad about Sammy and Erik though! It's sweet because I have a reason to go to Denver! I have never been so it's cool in that way but other than that totally lame! haha I miss Erik and Sammy and freak Brody and Amy and of course my big Sis Apes!!! An d Trenton Mcguire!!!! Haha it's been awhile. I'm excited to hear from you all on Christmas! I miss you all so much! It's all good MI Wo Ho!!!! Haha well I gotta split. I have 4 interviews in Abakrampa! So peace out and remember to keep the faith and to get some!!!!

Love you all bye bye!!!
Elder Speechly

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