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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jan 31st Email

Hey Family!!! How is the new Baby Girl? She looks adorable! (Jeff's sister Amy had a baby girl Paisli on Jan 25th after 11 wks of bed rest) I'm so mad! That's the 3rd baby I have missed since I have been out! I'm so jealous!

This week had been pretty crazy hectic! Tuesday night the wildest storm hit. I thought the second coming was here! HAHA! So we get a call early Wednesday morning that some pretty bad damage had happened to a lot of our members and their neighbors! So we got ready and went out. The mud huts which are actually pretty nice were just destroyed. So we were crazy busy working and we got another call from our district pres. saying we need to come to the district center. We thought there was damage there but when we rolled up there was a couple Obruni's and a bunch of camera equipment. They said they were filming a movie for the church and taking pics for the Liahona!!! I don't think I will be in any of it but just in case look out for it! Oh yeah then we went right back to work. It's been pretty tiring all week! We've been building and fixing everything!

The baptism will be in the next 2 wks cause we couldn't get them all interviewed this week from all the damage and working on that! Also my family the Nyimpha's, their son left on his mission Friday. It was sweet! He went to the Enugu Nigeria Mission! I will miss that kid! I loved him! He worked with us a lot! He will be a great missionary!

I have been thinking a lot about school and where and what I want to do! I'm still thinking about the transfer, coming home one transfer early. If not 7 months is a long time to sit. I have some time to think still but not much! So yeah that's my week in review!

Love your son
Elder Jeff Speechly

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