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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jan 24th Email

Hey Fam I'm here!!!!! Transfers just came in and............. I'm staying!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!I Love It! Elder Lehr my best friend is coming to be my Zone Leader!!!!! I'm so happy! I can't stop screaming!!!! 13 months in Fosu!!!! I'm King!!!!! I did set a Record in Fosu! Elder Lehr will live about 15 min away so I will see him all the time. I love that kid! I love my son Elder Jack too! We are just doing work and loving the jungle! Honestly I don't want to leave! I didn't want to miss the baptism. They all didn't come this week so I was actually glad I didn't get transferred so we can get this baptism rolling within the next week or two! It's about 17 I think! It will be epic! I'm excited!

Saturday we had a fireside which went really well actually!!! We're teaching a lot of people that can't speak English so we have a boy with us all day to translate. He is getting ready to go on his mission this upcoming week so it will be hard when he leaves.

I love this place! Fosu is honestly my home, family, friends, home ward,and everything!

That was it! Internet and Africa!!!

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