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Friday, June 17, 2011

June 13th Email

What's Up Family?????

Hope everything is cool! It sounds like it was a fun sweet week! That's awesome! For me it was just HECTIC!!!!! So first Tuesday was my first District meeting and I have the biggest district in the mission 14 missionaries!!! So it's a big sized meeting. I just did like a get to know you type thing for all the new Elders in the district including me. There were 8 haha. More than half are new here in Cape! But it went well. We just got unified!!!! That is going to be my goal as the new district leader. To be unified!!! To be one!!!!

So then it came to Wednesday and I had to travel all the way back down to teach a woman in Moreee who is preparing to go to the temple and be sealed to her husband!!!! Now that is how I'm going to finish the goal, because I started this goal in Fosu then went up to Suny Town and had a different goal and now I'm back down south. So now I have to finish the old goal!!!! Haha so I was super stressed on that but now everything is fine. She is going so I will complete the goal!

Thursday was kind of a blur. We taught a lot of people and just did the work! It's just like being trained all over again. Going to a new area and your comp has been there a little bit before you so he can take you everywhere. It's so nice!!!! It takes a lot of stress away because I have so much to do!

This coming week I have to do a lot of Baptismal interviews for the district. That will be sweet!!!! I'll get to meet all the newest people in the church! I'm excited!!! I have a funny story. At church yesterday I was chasing these little girls after church because they took my phone right out of my pocket. It had been raining so the ground was wet so I couldn't sprint after them. I was just walking fast and then the little turds went outside . The church here in Mankessim is an old 2 story school building. It's sweet but it's still a branch so it's not like super nice or anything. So anyway as I was chasing after them I totally slipped on the concrete. Basically moss like green slippery where rain just settles on the ground. I totally fell head over heels and flat on my butt!!!! I have a huge black and blue bruise on my butt and it also has a huge cut right down the middle of the bruise! haha It sounds bad but it is funny. The best part is that the entire branch was out on the 2nd floor balcony and they all saw the whole thing. Haha so they were laughing and they were worried. A real cool thing about this story is for some strange reason my trousers and my shirt didn't get dirty at all!!! It kind of reminds me of the time I wrecked the Green Lantern! (the Honda scooter)!!! You like that nick name huh? But really I remember that like it was yesterday. It was Ethan's Birthday and I had my last interview with Pres. Myers and I got hit by that freakin girl right on 22nd St. Totally flipped over the car and landed on my back dressed up in all my Priesthood and still no dirt or anything!!! It's powerful. I was lucky and that wreck reminds me of the Jet Ski wreck but we won't talk about that one haha!!!!But it was a sweet day at church other than that!!!

Today we came down to Cape to play some Basketball at the court down here. There is a sweet one right off the beach, It's so sick!!!!! I totally tore it up with my Zone leader Elder Bahme he is from Provo/Orem area. He and Thompson had a lot of the same friends! Then we went down to the beach and played football. It was so fun!!! We had some good hits! I loved it!!! Just getting tacked straight in to the ocean!!! It was awesome . It's nice to be back down by the ocean!

Now I'm in a cafe in Cape and about to go back up to Mankeesem to play some small pitch football with the little kids that hang around our apt. I love them! The people here seriously make this place like home! I could use some shaving blades and maybe more deodorant! that's about it!!!! I think I'm set!

I'm really sad to see the Sabey's go because we were so close. But I'm also very happy to see new people and to get to know the Shultz! Everybody says that when the Sabey's go the mission will change in more than one way.......They leave in July, then a huge group 28 Elders leave in August then about 21 in Thompsons group in Oct., then Stats group about 14 Elders then about 4 in Dec. I don't know we will see how it goes.

I'm out of time but want to say I freaking love you all and pray for you every second of every day! Thanks for your support and Love! Pics are coming soon by the end of this week I promise!

Love you all!!! Bye Bye!!!

Love your Elder/Son/Uncle/Friend/brother/Baller
Jeffery Baby Jets Speechly
(that's my new nick name haha I love it!!!!

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