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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 6th Email

Hey Famdizzle!!!!
So I'm here back down south! Haha That's what we call it here . Kumasi and Suny Town are the North and eveybody else is the South! So Yeah here I am! Wednesday I got on a STC that traveled from Sunyani to Kumasi and then jumped onto another in Kumasi down to Cape Coast! It took about 9 hours of driving give or take 10 minutes. It sucked not even gonna lie haha! But it was fun. I got to travel with some of my good friends up here. I got to drive right through Fosu. I wanted to get out and just visit everyone but I didn't have time. I was so mad!!! I arrived in Cape Coast and got in the AP's truck and we went to the station and got into another trotro. One of the Elders and I have the same luggage so he took one of my bags and I took one of his. We were switched for like 2 days but it's cool.....I got it all back!!!!!

Then getting to know everyone was way fun!!!! Here it is a lot like Fosu but No trees! It's near the coast so it's just flat and no shade! Really HOT!!!!! I love it!!! Sunday was awesome! These people make me feel at home and I have only been here 5 days! They all treat me like I have been here for 13 months like Fosu!!!! The people are awesome! We have a little group of kids that just hangs around outside our compound. We just sit and play games with them all night! I love them!!!!

The Fante......I was really scared and confused when I got down here when people would talk. But I can already hear everything. They can understand me when I speak so that's good and I just have to get used to them . They speak a lot faster and drop a lot of things at the end of words and speak really nasally! Yeah I'm super excited. I haven't had District Meeting yet. That's tomorrow. We will see how it goes!!!

Thanks for the love and support! I will talk to you all next week!!! Thanks again!!!
Love you!!!!!

Elder Speechly a.k.a. Baby Jets

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