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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21st Email

Hey!!!!!! Happy Fathers Day to Dad, Trent,Brody and Erik!!!! Sorry I didn't email yesterday. I had Malaria AGAIN!!!!!!! Sunday was the worst day! It wasn't a super bad one just still the old Malaria truck hit me again! haha I feel really bad this isn't going to be a long one, because I still feel somehow dizzy and super weak!

I went on splits this week with Elder Bahme my Zone Leader. I went down and slept over at his apt. for two nights. It was freaking awesome. We just had man talk all night and then I did 10 interviews my first day! It was fun! I really enjoyed getting to know all the candidates. Then on Saturday I started feeling weak, not sick just tired but still went out and worked my butt off!!! I think that is why I got sick again! Sis Sabey says when we feel it coming on to take it easy. But it's all good I'm better!

Ouch Pops!!!! You gotta slow down! your getting too old for that kinda stuff Hahahahaha JK I'm totally messing with you! Your such a stud and my HERO!!!! I Love You Pops! Thanks for everything! I wish we could call home for Fathers Day too but it's all good!

This week is going to be EPIC!!!! Monday 27th we will have or final Zone Conference with the Sabey's from 9-11. Then we will eat and at 12 we will have a giant football Tournament with all six Southern Zones! It is going to be so sweet! I will see Thompson, Stats, and Jack my 3 of my favorites!!! I am so stoked!!! Hopefully I'm healthy. I think I will be!

Sorry my email is crappy but I think you understand!!!! Love you all!!!! I promise I will send an epic email next week!!!!

Peace out
Elder Baby Jets!!!

About the Baby Jets. Like you know me I'm always just dancin randomly and stuff. So all the members and Elders (Ghanaians) just anyone and everyone calls me that! Haha It's the nick name for the Ghana Striker Asamoah Gyan he plays for Sunderland. So dad look him up!!!! He is sweet! So yeah that's me!!!! Haha

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