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Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 5th Email


First off my knee is fine! I think I just bruised the bone of the cap! But I'm fine now! My week was pretty lame because I honestly couldn't walk. One of our neighbors came over and was putting hot water on it and some weird herbs. At the time I thought she was smokin them because she was whack, but it worked apparently because I'm cool!

We met Pres and Sis Shulz this morning. We had interviews....... I Absolutely love them!!!!! Sis Shulz, came out of no where and just gave me a huge hug!!!!! She said it was from you mom! She is so sweet! It made me feel like you hugged me. I really like her then when I was talking with Pres. he just kept saying how proud my mom and dad were and that I should keep it that way! I said no "P" haha! Then we talked about Bro Mueller and Uncle Craig and all that good stuff! We talked about my mission so far and how many people he has met that have just said that I'm a great example for the church! A sweet story..... One of his first days here he was talking with the member that goes around fixing the missionaries apts. He went to the mission home and somehow my name came up and Prosper said "hey Speech? I love that kid. The first time I met him I had to travel up to FOSU and take like 3 different taxis and every time I said I was going to LDS Missionaries , every driver said "the tall white man who is always happy!" So I'm known for that! haha Pres just said that he was very impressed that he has heard so much about me in the small amount of time being here and it's all been good in bringing up the church! Then he closed by promising me that I will come home and find a gorgeous young woman and marry her in the temple and will continue my education, and find a great job! So I of course just got straight pumped on life like always!!!! I just told him I will continue to remember who I am !!!! And who I will be!!! Thanks Pops I owe you that one! haha well all in all it was sweet!!!

Now this week I have some interviews to do and even we have to get our family ready for Saturday! I'm so stoked! I will be doing the dunking in the ocean at Salt Pond Beach! It will be sweet. I will take plenty of pics..... speaking of pics, I just burned them on a CD so I will send them home now!!!

I just want you to know that I'm striving to be the missionary you all want and think I am!!! I won't let you down! Love You all!!!! Thanks for all your love and support!!!

Love your Son/Brother/Friend/Uncle/Grandson/favorite missionary,
Elder Jeffery "Baby Jets" Speechly

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