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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aug 1st Email

Family What's Up!!!!

Just chillin here in good ol MANKESSIM!!! Today was a freakin hot day!!! We just played some American Football and Ultimate Frisbee on the beach up here instead of Cape Coast. The Swedru Zone came so I got to see Jack!!!!He is doing good. I miss him seriously we tore it up in FOSU!!!! But yeah also did some wash in the washing machine that Stats lift haha so no P. I'm not complaining! Now it's time to come to town and send the greatest family in the world an email!

So this week still the same old stuff! Haha interviews teaching our family solid and watchin the church movies. Gotta love church movies Hahaha!!!

Sunday was Hectic. So I'm going to tell you a little how my sabbath went haha! So it started off great! Normal day at church, then we closed and went home for some lunch and while we were there I wanted to charge my camera battery, so I was putting the adapter into the socket, my finger was touching the prongs that go into the socket and so I got Sweet 300 volts runnin in my system!!!! Basically put me on my butt. Pretty much tasted death haha!
Ok not death but it did totally put me on my butt and I heard a ringing in my ear. It was the craziest thing ever!!!!

But hold on that's just the beginning of the day! Then we went out and one of our members asked us at church if we could go and give his grandma a blessing. So we said my man no P. We'll be there at 3:00. So we make our way to his house. We get there and we started the journey into hell. Which we didn't know at the time , but you'll understand in a minute..... So fast forward an hour and we are just arriving at the so called "grandma's house" and it's just a normal Ghana house. All concrete and so we go in the room and there is like 12 people there. Mostly older ladies . So we greeted them all. Talked my perfectly fluent FANTE/TWI haha not! Sat down getting ready to start and Micheal (the member) says oh they want you to teach them so I said Wow ok, no problem. Then you can translate and as we were bowing our heads to start to pray, this girl maybe 21 or so, walks in murmuring under her breath and clapping he hands in a circle around me. Bond and I just lift our heads up and looked at each other like, What the FREAK!!!! What is she doing? She had white lacy stuff over her head so I thought she must be Muslim. Then she went into the corner , dark side of the room. She curled up into a ball on the floor! At this time I'm asking Mike what's going on and he says we need to leave! So we head out the door and a man is waiting for us outside. So we greet him and start talking. Come to find out that this man is a pastor and the "House" is a mission home for him and his people, who he is healing. Haha I know funny anyway back to the story. He is just giving us crap for like 10 minutes. Now the whole time he is speaking pretty decent English and just chewing us out for coming here to bless her! So we started to argue and it was getting out of hand so we decided to leave and that's when it changed for the worse. He grabbed my arm as I was walking away. I turned and said my man please take your hands off of me and he said why am I hurting you? Small boy? I said no I am leaving and so Mike and Bond split us up and then for the next part, yes it's not over! A man turns the corner. He is short like way short and he is wearing, an all white suit and a white top hat. Looking Fresh! Haha he is their Prophet. So he comes to ask us what's going on so it starts all over again. Now the craziest thing about this whole story is the girl, the one who in the beginning came in and sat in the corner, she was doing circles around the pastor and prophet while we were arguing. She was just weird the whole time I was looking at her, she was crazy. Words will not do it justice! She was possessed! So I finally asked what she was ding and the men both said don't worry about her and then she fell to the round screaming at the top of her lungs. I totally got freaked out ad jumped back and said what the freak is wrong! They said it was because we were there and so we said forget it we are bouncing before we both kill this guy. As we were walking away the pastor says she is our oracle.... and we ran literally ran haha. We got to Mike's house and we kind of gave it to him for not telling us the whole truth about the whole thing! Yea so it's all good and no P. We are still on it! Crazy I know!

I need some pens and marker pen would be great, a notebook, shower get, and more pics, sunflower seeds dill pickle....spitz and deodorant. Fiji flavor was perfect! I love you! I also need some money so can you put some in so tomorrow after district meeting I can go to the bank lease! I'm dying haha Bond is saving my butt! He is a good guy! I love him!

I love my mission. I miss you and Love you! Thanks for the love and support!
Elder Speechly

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