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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aug 8th Email

Hey you guys!!!!!!!(Goonies) Haha

I'm totally stoked you got the pics that's awesome!!!! Sorry if I scared you with that story last week. I just thought I should tell you haha! But don't worry the Lord is protecting us! I promise!

This week was sweet! No interviews and no splits. I got to be in my area teachin My peeps! It was awesome! We just had a blast. Bond and I are getting along great! He was home schooled and is the complete opposite of me., but we just "complete" each other. JK but seriously I thrive on his knowledge of the gospel and just knowledge in general you could say! He thrives off my out going crazy insane sweet epic stories! But we just do work and enjoy our missions!

But this week is going to be the opposite. Today we have a district meeting with the President, instructing small and then also Friday a meeting with the new mission doctor! So that should be crazy! Then some splits and interviews here and there but it's still freaking fun! I love it here! I don't want to be transferred! They are in 3 weeks! So yeah I will talk to Pres. Shulz today about the going home and get it all settled so I will let you know the verdict next week! It's really been eating me up. I just have mixed feelings!!! I still don't really know what I want for my birthday. Just money and a package is sweet for me!

I can't believe you met Callie! I totally wrote her! She will get my letter when she gets home! Haha that's sweet she is a really cool girl. She wrote me a pretty epic letter. It is a crazy small world!

So yeah I'm just still doing work. Love you and thanks for everything! I will hit you next week Bye bye!!!
Love Elder Speechly

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