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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July 25th Email

Hey Mom and Dad and sisters and friends and everyone else who reads this!!!!!

This week was sweet as normal haha just still doing the normal interviews and splits. I really enjoy staying busy! It makes the time go by fast. Which somehow mixes my feelings, but still is awesome! The only down side is my area is actually slowing down and is dying Kaka Kakra that means small small haha! So I guess I will tell you that the language is actually coming a lot better now. I hear it super well now and I actually am speaking it great too. Like I don't think you understand I can communicate WELL!!!!! I'm excited about it!!!! I'm excited to come home and have an accent haha!!!!

About my birthday all I can think of is like candy and mashed potatoes! Like the kind I can just make! haha But a ton of them! Candy all gummy and carmel apple suckers! They were the bomb! I miss candy . The candy here sucks! They don't like sweet things here at all! So I will continue to think about things.....Another side note my ATM card expires in October so I don't know what we have to do about it but do something. I guess that's something else for my B Day just money and I will buy stuff here!

Jack said thanks so much! He is coming to the beach with the Swedru zone to play on the beach this p-day! I'm so excited!!! I miss him! I got my pkgs loved them! I loved Sarah's letter. I wrote her back long time ago so I don't know. I send people letters all the time and sometimes they get lost!

I love all of you and miss you all too! I can't wit to come home to see you all on Christmas and play with the kids! Especially the ones who don't know me! Haha

Elder Speechly

P.S. We are going to teach the recent convert family tonight and we are going to watch Legacy. I'm super stoked haha!!!! Family Night!!!

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