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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We heard again!!!

Today we got this email. "Hey Dad!!! We are just in Cape Coast for a mission zone conference and we just listened to Elder Dickson of the Seventy which was really neat! write back as soon as possible so we can chat. (We both emailed back and forth about 4 tiimes. It was fun cuz we got to ask a lot of questions.) His power is back on and they have propane but still no water. He says they bathe with buckets. I'm sending pictures as soon as I can. There are 6 missionaries in his apt. They all have a great time together. 2 from Accra 1 from Ivory Coast and the other from Centerville, Elder Stats. Ok we are leaving so talk to you Monday! I Love all of you and my sisters and my brothers!!!BYE!!!
It was great to know that they have some of their luxuries back!!!

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Sammy said...

woo hoo! what a great surprise that was fun to hear from him and for you guys to get to write back and forth, happy to hear they have power and propane!