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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Down a pair of socks!

This weeks email came a little late. I was worried we weren't going to get one. But when it came this is what it said. Hi family! Got the package! I love it! I am eating the candy. (I had sent his Easter Pkg and it got there early) send more pictures! Lots!!! Elder Thompson has the best sandals. You get them from the Missionary Mall. The drain so they don't get mold and nasty. My Flip flops are disgusting!!! Maybe some Mac and Cheese and Jerky more candy too! We just got back from the Cape Coast Castle. It was awesome! Really sad too. (This is the place that they kept the slaves before shipping them to America) I took tons of pictures and I am sending them on a dick so you can develop them. We have been asking the couple that we just baptized to take us to their farm and they finally said yes. We had been walking in the bush for about 30 min when I got that funny feeling....(the bathroom type) I barely made it but I did. Well I had to sacrifice a sock. Then about an hour later I had to sacrifice another one. So I'm down a pair of socks. All for service! It was a wonderful experience!

We are doing well. Tell grammy Hi and Thanks for the newspaper clippings of Coach Russell and Coach E. Tell her I miss her and love her. Tell Grandma thanks for the letter. I feel the spirit all day everyday. I'm getting the lessons down, it's a lot different her you have to teach the adults like their 10 yrs old or younger. It's just not many speak English and they are not very educated.

Well thanks for everything!!! I'm sending a package. The sandals would be great and the real Mac-n-cheese cuz it's the cheesiest!!! I Love You All!!
Love Jeffy

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