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Monday, March 8, 2010

Email Monday

I love Monday's! We got a new email (acctually several) from Jeff. He sounds so GOOD. He says they taught 50 lessons this week. They are seriously tearing it up. He gets up at 6:00 every morning and they make oats, which are his favorite. Then they read or do whatever for personal time. Then Comp study and then they leave the apt about 9 or 10 depends on appointments. They are out all day. They stop and buy bread and water or sprite or Fanta and eat on the move. They get back to the appt. by six because they can't teach after dark. The power goes off every night. The sun is killing them. He can only wear his gray or charcol pants because they sweat so much you can see rings all over his black pants. He is really tan already. He doesn't dare put his USB cord in the computer there so he will send home his picture card soon so we have some pictures of him. He has several Soccer Jerseys. They are super cheap. They contact a lot on the street because there isn't really doors on the houses. But they have a lot of appointments. He speaks TWI!!!!! He speaks it all the time. He says they don't understand his english because of his Utah accent. He says it's hard but it is a fun language. He says they lied when they said it is english speaking. It's mostly TWI. We were on the computer at the same time and had a few other short emails. He is happy and healthy!!!!

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