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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life in Ghana without power and water!

This weeks email was alittle scary. "We have been without power for the past 2 wks and propane and water for one too. We have been fetching it out of a well but now our well is dry! HaHa that's fine we're ballers and it doesn't phase us. Actually we are kind of struggleing but it should get back to normal this week. There are a lot of lizards and they all do push ups!!! Lots of chickens and goats all over the place. The baptism was amazing! I didn't get to baptize them because Pres. Sabey was there because Elder Thompson and I are the first to complete the goal of baptizing a family so he wanted a member to do it. But we have another baptism set for Easter Sunday. Two young boys like 18 and 19 brothers. They are so tight. I Love these boys! It was really fun just seeing John and Comfort Maensah get dunked yesterday as my first baptism. It was so neat just to know that I was apart of their new life and starting such a great thing in their life. Don't worry about us seriously! I Love You all and your in my prayers as well!!!! Miss You!!! Talk to you next week.
Love Jeff

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