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Elder Jeffery Speechly
Ghana, Cape Coast Mission
Cape Coast, Ghana

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July 19th

Hi how is everyone? Transfers are on Aug 9th. We find out that day and then leave 2 days later. I don't know if one or both of us will be transferred. My Health is good! We are still working real hard our district is going to baptise 45 people on the 1st of Aug. Thompson and I have 13-15 depending on who is prepared!!!! SWEET!!!
It's been really nice the past couple days in Fosu. Today in Cape Coast we went to play football and I got burned it was so hot!!! 100!!!!!! Sorry but it is still worse here with the humidity!
I have gained all my weight back. I weighed myself today. So I'm still the same. The Babies are very cute. It sucks I can't hold them til their almost 2! If you see Mason tell him I love him and miss him. I can't wait to talk to him when he gets out in the field.
Mom seriously I love you so much! I went on splits the other day with an elder from Liberia and he was telling me his story...... He has 6 older sisters and 2 younger sisters. His parents both died 6 months apart from each other like 5 yrs ago. He is the only member in his family. I know that I couldn't be doing this without you. i love you and thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do!!!
Well we gotta go! I love you!!!
Bye Thanks!!!

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