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Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug 16th Email

Well this week has been good! My new comp is cool. We started the week by sending off Thompson which was sad, but fun! Then my comp came and we got to know each other. He is from Ghana. A little village just about an hour away. It's called Akim Oda. I like him, he will teach me TWII which is good. The area is doubled so we are working twice as hard so that's been a treat. I think I have a new record of falling asleep praying. I think 4 days in a row!!!!! I just have been exhausted!
We went to Praso today and checked out the river. We hopped along rocks and stuff it was a blast!!! If your sending a pkg this week I need Cheese packets. They really save my life! I fasted yesterday and I broke my fast with mac n cheese! It's really my favorite!!! Oh we also went to a members wedding. That was cool to see how they do that here! Also some duct tape and deodorant.
Yeah the pictures were sweet! You will love the next ones too they will be way sweet too!!!
The baptisms on Sunday the 22nd will be sweet! It's down to 4. I'm excited! Zone Conference is tomorrow which is cool. I always love Zone Conference!
I have been eating a lot of Eba it's made from gari and I am actually addicted to it! Also Banku, it's also very good. You eat them with stew!
Well we gotta go! We have to sleep cuz we have to travel tomorrow! I will be good and safe! I love you and thank you for everything! I miss you like crazy!!!
Love you and miss you! Next week!
Elder Speechly

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