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Elder Jeffery Speechly
Ghana, Cape Coast Mission
Cape Coast, Ghana

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aug 23rd

I'm way tired today! We played football (soccer) all day today!!!! We worked hard all week! I had my 20th baptism yesterday! It's really sweet!!! It really show how our work here pays off. We are moving forward! Saturday we had the West Africa Service Project where all the members in West Africa do a service project! As if that didn't explain itself already Ha Ha !!! Anyway we dug trenches and cut grass with machete's and had a great time and worked very hard! Today we played football and lost in the championship game in a penalty shoot out! Yeah that's somehow what's going on here in Fosu!!!
I need a 4G flash drive mine got a virus it had a lot of pictures and other stuff on it. It is really convenient. My comp and I want CTR rings. It would be real cool if we could have the same one! He said he would pay for it!
My comp is way cool! He is awesome, we have man talk and stuff now that he has warmed up to me! I even have him talking like me!!!HaHa I will send pics this week and a letter!
Ok I am going home to sleep Bye Bye I Love you!
Your son Elder Jeffery Speechly

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Sarah and Trent said...

I love the pose all the time. What a handsome missionary!!