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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan 3rd

Hey Fam!!!!
So I think this week was the funnest week on the mission so far! Saturday Night was the best day on on the mission so far!!! We have had programs every night this week. The primary program they acted out the birth of Jesus and the usual Christmas stuff, but it wasn't very usual here ha ha I am in Africa! It was the same except for it was in Twii and baby Jesus was Black!!!! Ha Ha Then there was like testimonies and all those were awesome. Some people told their conversion stories. They were powerful!!!! Saturday night was the best of all News Year Eve parties. We showed up at the chapel at like 5 and just helped set up chairs and stuff. Then the food came and we just chomped so much rice, fufu, chicken, anything you wanted!!!! It was sweeto!!! Then the music started ha ha. We all just danced and just had the time of our lives!

Back to Wednesday. Before all the fun broke out! we had one of the most powerful lessons I've had on the mission! So there was this guy we contacted with the AP's when we were on splits and we thought he was total jerk! and not serious at all. We set a return appointment, and went to see him. We got there and all he said was sit down and interpret this scripture for me.... But I had no idea what it meant and neither did Jack. Something told me to ask why? What led up to this? He said I had a dream that this scripture was held up on signs and the news and all over the world! (this happened 3 yrs ago) It was still bothering him! He said if a man was called of God truly he would be able to explain it. So for the past 3 years He's been asking pastors, preachers, etc just anyone to do it! So I said OK let me look at it again. So I read it and the Spirit was so strong it was speaking for me that's why I can't remember the verse. It wasn't me that was saying it! I mean it wasn't like I was possessed but it was the most powerful thing I have felt. I just proved to this man who we were and what we were there for! The man cried and knew right away it was the truth. He told us to come back to his house this upcoming week! He was traveling for the holidays! Sweet story huh? I hope you like it!!!!

I love you and miss you!
Love Elder Speechly

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