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Elder Jeffery Speechly
Ghana, Cape Coast Mission
Cape Coast, Ghana

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 17th

This week was good! We got new tile in our apartment so we had to stay in the apt. a lot during the day while the workers were there. But we have been getting a lot of people ready for baptism. It will be good! Mom when you talk in church tell them all that I know for a fact that this church is the true in every aspect and the more I teach the small small things the more the big deep doctrines make more sense! Thank them for all there support and prayers. Thank all my teachers and leaders. The bishopric and everybody. Tell them that I miss them and love them all and the only ward that competes with them is the branch I've been in for the past year!!!! HAHA!!!

I am going to Cape Coast next week to play b-ball. We are having a big fireside on Sat that we are hoping will be pretty sweet for all the future leaders in FOSU!!!! Bankers, teachers, anyone in the hospital and those places. I could use a notebook and pens. Mostly I want pictures of friends and family. Like old ones! Not new stuff where I'm not in them. Please send like 1000000000 million pics in the next pkg of just random stuff from back in the day. I love looking at the new pics but I like the old ones more! The people here like to see me in the photos.

I will bring my planner next week so I can tell you the names of the baptism candidates and ages. 11 of them are primary age 9-12 and the family is still coming along. It will be one of my favorite baptisms yet!!!!

Love your son
Elder Speechly

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