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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 18th Email

Hey Familia!!!

Haha I just wanted to sound like all my boys speakin Spanish and l haha jk! Twii is way better!!!! Anyway it's been a chill week. We did a lot of teaching and church was sweet, but our baptism didn't go so hot! Our guy Meshack never showed up. All the other units worked out fine so we're going to give it to him on Tues!

Lights have been off for 2 days! They are fixing it up here for the first time in like a month and a half. It sucked but I was used to it haha no P!!! Can you please send my farewell talk? If you can find it. The net is bad and so is the computer sorry! Staying busy and workin my butt off!!!! I love you and can't wait to talk to you in 3 wks!!!!

April I have a couple stories.... The first counselor in the branch presidency, in my last branch in Fosu, his entire family was members. They were very strong and they were very poor. When I say poor I mean POOR!!!! He started off by selling water sachets on his head. Which by the way only 5-12 yr olds have that job. he was only making 1 cidi a week that's like 50 cents a week. He still paid his tithing and while doing so , he started getting better and better jobs. Like a carpenter, and then now he is a farmer and making pretty good money doing that, but he is still the best tithing payer in the branch!

Next in Fosu my last branch had been ready to become a war/stake for a long time but the only thing they needed to do was to pay their tithing. That was a literal requirement. So they got on it and the week I left they became a stake!!!! (Mostly because I was there hahajk)

And finally there is a group of people who are members in a small village just far enough away from Kumasi that the church can't support them and be there yet. But they are the highest tithe payers in all of West Africa! I am not making that up! They truly are, my Mission Pres told up about it!!!! They are what I call keeping the commandment legit people!!! Hopefully those are good stories for your lesson!!! That's all I have!

Mom remember to send my farewell talk and also have pops keep sending sweet sport articles in the mail. I love reading all those! Thanks Again!!
I Love You !!!!

Your favorite son/brother/friend/son/missionary
Elder Speechly

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