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Monday, April 11, 2011

April 3rd Email

Hey Family!!!
How is it? It's pretty freaking cool up here in the SUNYANI Town!!!! Just working hard, playing hard, and eatin hard! That's my new motto! But yeah Elder Alba and I are just getting along fine! I think I am a little crazy for him sometimes though haha!!!! Not that I'm too crazy but you know me!!! I love my bike it's sweet! It's like all out nice mnt bike!

This week was powerful! We had our interviews on Sunday with President Sabey. It is our last one because he leaves. So it was sad! I was in there forever! He basically told us that the entire mission was getting transferred but us up here because he loves the unity in the district and just how hard we work! He said we are the BEST!!!! We discussed about me going home a transfer early and it was some good talk! His conclusion was that I will need to talk to the new Pres more but if he were in my shoes 7+ months is a long time to wait to start school! Education is the next most important thing next to marriage after a mish so...... We will talk about it on Mothers Day.

We are still teaching Meshack and he is just getting more and more powerful and just total boss. I think we wont have Dora ready by then but one day one day! Yesterday in Kumasi we met some white people and they were members and then out of now where they said they were Elder Woodhouse's parents. He was there back visiting withe his family. It was Sweet!!! He was the AP when I came on the mission so I only knew him small but it's cool!

We are working hard and pushing forward. The hardest thing for us up here is time. No one comes to church! I miss you and love you. Sorry I don't have time tonight. We are going to go eat and them some more appointments. I love you and miss you!!! Can't wait to call you in 5 weeks. It's coming bye bye !!!

Your favorite son, brother, friend
Elder Speechly!!!!!!

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