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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25th Email

Hey Fam

Hey Happy Easter!!! Ours was kinda mixed feelings....... We started off the day at church with only the 4 of us Elders.It was a little discouraging.....I think so! But on the better side I felt the spirit more in that meeting yesterday than in the past 15 months! It was crazy!!!! Myself and Elder Alba have been having a rough time with our investigators. They are so strong and have some of the most powerful testimonies of Joseph Smith and of the Book of Mormon. But they just won't leave their church! So it's just hard!!! We had to drop 7 people, all of them had baptismal dates and Meshack is one of those 7. It's breaking my heart! It's not easy up here at all!!!!!We get so close, then the Devil is just toying with us! He knows we are bringing the truth to those people! It's just not easy!!! We are supposed to baptize a family (husband and wife) by June 26th. None of us 10 Elders here in Suny town have a family we're even teaching! It sucks but we are fasting like crazy and praying! Ya know it's all good! We are going to punch the devil in his stupid face! Haha

I need money for the phone call and for food haha! So yeah I will call on Sat night and tell ou what time I'll call on Sunday! I love you! Just want you all to know even though all these things are hurting us and the devil is literally up here working on all of the people here in Sunytown, it's just like in D&C 120-121 "It shall be for our good and give us experience"

I love you all and miss you so much!!!

Elder Speechly

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