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Monday, April 18, 2011

April 11th Email

Hey Famdizzle!!!!

How is it? Haha I know I sound weird but I bet I will sound even more weird on Mothers Day!!! I am so excited! I just hope I get to call from here! I Love it here and hope to stay here a long time! We are just working so hard. It's like I don't want to go back to somewhere like Fosu where the work is easy. Haha I mean lets just say different!

Tell Apes Happy Freaking Birthday!!!! You old woman. Haha JK But you know whats funny? Everyone I show the pictures to say that she is the most beautiful, sorry Sammy and Amy. It's just the truth and they ask if Trent is my real brother. haha they don't understand why you would marry someone that looks just like me haha!!!! It's funny!

This week we asked 3 more people to be baptised in a couple weeks. They are just as powerful! It's so amazing when Pres Sabey was telling us how these people would be I didn't believe that it would be like this! We have been watching the Joseph Smith movies with them to help them see the story more clear and at the end of the movie they will be crying and just basically asking to be baptised! It's some crazy legit stuff!!! I Love it up here in Suny town!!!

We played basketball today again it was fun! But I'm just so out of shape! It's crazy me and Alba are going to start running every morning. We'll see how long that lasts haha!!! But we want to try it! Also we are on a all fruit diet!!!!

Hey could I get some new sheets? The white ones are so nasty! Just like a darker color would be great! Also some more Chap Ice (chap stick you know my Fave) I really have been craving Ritz Bits with cheese if you sent those I would cry! I think that's all I can think of.

Just know that I'm working my hardest to keep you proud and to keep being the missionary you all want me to be!!!! I tell myself that every morning! We are doing the best we can! I hoped you liked the pictures! I guess we will talk next week and then it will be Mothers Day even sooner! I'm excited!!!

Love You and Miss you All!!!
Your Favorite Brother/Uncle/Friend/Son/Missionary
Elder Speechly

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