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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30th Email

This week was very very interesting!!! To start with the people we had for baptism FAILED!!!! For both of them their parents told them that as long as they are living under their roof and under their rules that they can't be baptized. At first this made me really mad! I was for some time but then Pres Sabey called us and said that Elder Sitati from the Seventy was coming to our baptism and Then I got more mad! Saturday when they all came up, it actually was a really good baptism. Elder Hair and Omini totally killed it! They got 3 powerful people to get dunked! So this is what I'm coming to....... After the baptism Elder Sitati came and sat down next to me and just kept asking some questions about the area and stuff. I told him about how upset I was for those 2 peeps we had! He said yeah it's sad but go out there and work harder and get more serious people! It was totally sweeter than that, i don't remember the exact words! But that's the basics!

So we started to work and Sunday was a normal day and them today we went to Kumasi to get our Sub and to eat fufu with our Zone. I got a phone call from President Sabey!!!!!!!! He says I want you to accept a leadership assignment!!!!! I said ok thinking that I would be the new DL because Sunyani is becoming a Zone!!!!! He says I'm going to be the DL.........down in Mankeeseem!!!!! That's back down near Cape Coast!!!!! I'm so shocked still!!!! I don't even know what to do!! But I'm excited! It will be fun. I will be companions withe Elder Bond from Texas!!! He is my MTC mate so I know him well!!! I'm sad but happy just mixed feelings!!!!

I'm out of time. I have to wash my clothes and pack. I have a very long trip!!!!! It's what the Lord wants that matters and I will Heed his call. So peace out Suny Town!!!!

I love you so much and thank you for your love and support. I couldn't do this without you!!!!

Elder Speechly

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