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Friday, July 30, 2010

July 12th

Hi Mom I'm on!!!! Are you around? (We usually get to email back and forth on Monday's. We are usually on at the same time! Technology is great!!!) I can't pull up the pictures of the baby! I haven't seen her yet! (Sammy Jeff's sister had a baby the day before. Violet Liberty Oberg) Tell them Hi and Mo Woyadaye that means congrats! I love them! My headache had gone away I told you not to worry! I am taking this nose inhaler thing so it's a good. I got the 2 pkg. The fanta shirt is sweet! They were awesome! I got a pkg from Megan too and it was epic!!! I got a picture! She is a chunk haha What's up goonies haha jk she is darling! I want to hold her, oh well!

The work is great. We are going to have a baptism the first of Aug with like 11 people! It will be our best one so far probably. One of them Rose, she was totally on the road to getting baptised and then she travelled and we hadn't seen her for like 2 months. Then last week she came back and was just asking us a ton of questions about baptism so we knew. Then I had the urge to ask if she wanted to be among the ones in August and she said of course! It was awesome!!!

I doing fine where I'm at. Just still study and learning lots! I miss laughing at you. I tell Thompson stories all the time! HAHA I have made a ton of friends. Even African friends seriously one from our apt. wants to come and go to Weber State and live with us! Mo I'm getting off tell Sammy I love her and wish I could have been there for her but yeah it's all good! I Love you all. Tell Erik(a) that I love him and Miss him! I miss the whole family!!! Bye Bye Thanks for the pkg I really appreciate them!!!! I'm keeping you proud I Promise!!!
Elder Jeff Speechly

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