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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oct 11th

Hey Mom and Dad!!!
The funeral sounds like it went well. I'm sorry I missed it!!! It's ok he is doing the same work as me, just on the other side! It's cool! Man I loved that man, he was so funny!!!!
But dang pops your 55! Your an old man! but it's cool cuz your my old man!!! I love that the pkg got there that's awesome!!! I also got my pkg and just in time! I was almost out of the floss picks. I am addicted to those things!
So some news. In my area, the Area 70 came to our district conference this week. Pres Sitati and the mission Pres. and all the jazz to tell the district some news. Fosu is becoming a STAKE!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. These people have been waiting for this for so long!!!!
We have 10 people with a baptismal date for the 24th. So we will see how many turn up, but for the most part it's gonna be sweet!!!!
Well that about it for this week. Not much happened. Know that I miss you all and Love you all so much!!!

Your son
Elder Speechly

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