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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sept 22nd Lights out!!!!

Wow it's been light off for about 4 days! It went off Sunday morning right after my birthday! It has been off until just now!!!!! I'm sorry!!! I got the packages and the letters! They were freaking awesome, the nachos were great!!!! The cake turned out so well it's not even funny!!! We also killed two chickens and made fried rice. We feasted it was amazing!!!! I took pleanty of videos and pics!
But about teaching and those things. We just got a referal from our Zone Leader to go and see this guy Rico! Yes Rico, all I can think of is Hot Rodwhen I say his name haha! But he and his wife, they have two kids and a mom and dad. This family is the family that you dream about teaching!!!! The lessons are super epic! They ask tons of questions!!!! They are interested and even like we all knee down and pray as a family at the end of the lesson. It's like the best feelings I've ever had! Everytime I leave their home I just have this hug smile on my face the rest of the evening! I Love this work seriously! Especially the family parts it's so sweet!!!!!
So Mom and Dad tell everyone thanks for the bday cards and that I love and miss them!!!! Also Mom and Dad you two freaking spoil me and I'm half way around the worl! HAHA But I love it!!! and I love you so much!!!! So thanks!!!! I will talk to you on Monday!
Oh!!!! I almost forgot Tranfers!!!! My Apt stayed the same. Thompson is going to be a Zone Leader in Kumasi!!!! It's sweet for him. But yep me and my guys in good ol Fosu!!!! I love it here seriously the best area in the mish!!!! Anyways ok I love you Mom and Dad!!!!
Your Son Elder Speechly

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