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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov 22nd Email

I'm doing great! Just still enjoy'in good ol FOSU!!! We had some of the best FUFU last night. One of our investigators made it! It was seriously the BEST! We know how to make it and it's freaking good!!! But the members make it so good. Maybe it's because they have been making it for 100 yrs or more haha!!!

We have bikes but we don't use them very often because they break Haha! We mostly walk of take a cab. My shoes are slowly getting worn but I still have the whole other pair. I will bust them out when these have had it!!!! But honestly cat is pretty good! I ate sheep this week which was really really good! We just chilled today. We all had to wash and cook so we just chilled! But next week we are going to Takoradie!

We are still just contacting. We are having a hard time getting people to return appointments. But we are working! We are on It!!!!!!! I am more thankful for you! That's the truth! I need some addresses so I can send Christmas cards!

That's all I guess the Internet went off or the power!

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