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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov 8th Email

So about my new son!!! His name is Elder Jack, from Zimbabwe! He's 20 yrs old! He is a pretty tall kid, actually is a stud like he's a very nice looking kid! He is a child of record, and his entire family are members which is pretty cool! We clicked the minute he arrived!!! We love each other! I am teaching him Twii wow a white guy teaching a black guy twii! He speaks that clicking language so I will have to have him teach me that! We are starting fresh in a new area that I haven't been around a lot! So we are contacting which is cool too! He will be the best! He loves Kobe Bryant and the NBA! He loves Mc Donalds because there is one there. He loves Obama haha so hes pretty much a American. Oh and Lil Wayne and all those rappers!

We watched General Conference finally which was awesome! I know this town inside and out and backwards! (Jeff has been in the same town and apt for 9 Months. He will probably hit the yr mark in Assin Fosu) We are doing great things! For Christmas I just want some new white shirts cause mine are not so white anymore! Also I weighed myself and I am down to 185! Ha ha I'm losing it!

I love you dad! Thanks for the love and support. I will hold the Speechly name up high and honor it! I love you Mom!

Your Son Elder Speechly

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